Remembering Rajiv Gandhi 20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991

As Indians should we be sorry about insulting the memory of Rajiv Gandhi on yet another of his murder anniversaries?

The answers could shock every patriotic Indian.

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Should the Congress Party that ruled India that is Bharat for over 70 years apologise to former India PM Rajiv Gandhi for posthumously stabbing him in the back?

Was Rajiv ‘sacrificed’ to help the Congress win the 1991 parliamentary elections that clearly triggered his widow morphing into exalted status of the ‘uncrowned empress of India’ from 1992 to 1999 and ‘unconstitutional authority’ between 2004 to 2014? Is that why Sonia had a ‘cosy’ relationship with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam – a party whose rule in TN was sacked in 1975 at the behest of the Congress [1] and was the raison d’être for pulling down the Gujral coalition at the centre? [2]

Should the Indian National Congress look over its shoulder to discern the suspicious nature of the meeting between Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rajiv assassin Nalini Sri Haran a.k.a. Murugan in 2008?

Should the current National Democratic Alliance regime take a close look at the role of Rajiv’s Widow Sonia Gandhi a.k.a. born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino in the ex-PM’s murder?

Is someone covering up her suspected double agent roles through her links to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and former Soviet Union’s infamous KGB and its later-day incarnations?

Is there much more to Karti Chidambaram’s flight to London to escape imminent arrest and questioning in the matter pertaining to multiple shady deals of amassing wealth beyond his known sources of income?

Are such secrets linked to Harvard don and senior advocate P Chidambaram? 

On this day – May 21 2017, around 8.a.m., in the morning, this website: could be clearly seen. It then disappeared and this line appeared in its place: “This website/URL has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecommunications of India.”  If this can happen on a Sunday, on Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary, obviously, someone close to P Chidambaram can pull strings within the ministry of telecommunications. Who could that be?

Meanwhile, this writer has picked up the gauntlet and is exposing the nice lawyer even more! Let us see if he can block that too!

At this point in time, the plausible answers to all these questions are in the affirmative.


Operative portions from a Times of India report dated June 26 2014:

“The Emergency in Tamil Nadu can be classified into two phases — before and after the dismissal of the DMK government on January 31, 1976,” said former Madras high court judge K Chandru.

“The President’s rule in the state was draconian. DMK leaders were thrashed in prison,” said Chandru, who was a member of the Justice Ismail Commission, which probed alleged prison excesses during the Emergency.

Senior DMK leaders Murasoli Maran, then MP Chitti Babu, M K Stalin, Arcot Veerasamy and several party volunteers were imprisoned and allegedly beaten up. DMK leaders say while Veerasamy lost his hearing, Maran never recovered from a back injury and Chitti Babu, who bore the brunt of the attack, died in Chennai prison in 1976.


Operative portions from the relevant Wikipedia dossier:

On 30 January 1991, the DMK government which had come to power after winning the 1989 was dismissed by the Indian Prime minister Chandrasekhar using Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. President’s rule was imposed on Tamil Nadu from 31 January. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state and the DMK’s alleged closeness to the LTTE. The union law minister Subramanian Swamy, cited (among others) the assassination of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) office bearers in Chennai on 19 June 1990 by the LTTE as the proof of collusion between the DMK government and the LTTE. The Samajwadi Janata Party government of Chandrasekhar at the centre was dependent on the outside support of Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress, which in turn was an ally of the ADMK in Tamil Nadu. The dismissal followed pressure on the Chandrasekhar government by the Congress and ADMK to dismiss the DMK government. The Chandrasekhar government fell on March 1991 after the Congress withdrew its outside support. Fresh elections for both the Indian parliament and Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly were scheduled for June 1991.

Jaya murder cover-up defecation aided by Dr Swamy hits the fan?

By Lazy Fly

Are foreign hands helping the cover-up of Jaya murder and guiding the political drama in Tamil Nadu with far more far-reaching consequences than the ruckus in the state legislative assembly?

Whose money is funding and fuelling the vain game of Sasikala Natarajan who seems to be operating with impunity from Parapana Agrahara Prison in Bangalore?

Should one read more into the allegations against Dr Subramanian Swamy? What caused him to suddenly jettison his charges against Sasikala? What has caused his new found admiration of Sasikala as a “God fearing person” comparing favourably when juxtaposed to the equally bad DMK?

Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the imbroglio.

I spotted MG, the inimitable political fixer in the verandah of Delhi’s Gymkhana Club – that abuts the Prime Minister’s residence in Lutyens’ Delhi, a.k.a India’s national capital region [NCR].

Either he had hired the cottage as a member of some other club or was using the place through the good offices of a contact, I reckoned.

A BMW i8 with Haryana number plates drove in. It disgorged a male Caucasian dressed in a Giorgio Armani suit. Its chauffeur parked a little away.

His facial features indicated a Slav extraction.

I was waiting for a contact to show up in the vicinity. The blighter had perhaps stood me up.

Privjet,” the fixer greeted his visitor.

The stone-faced Russian with chiselled features simply nodded.

Sensing a story, I decided to butt in.

The ‘fixer’ is a spitting image of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s flunkey, Makhan Lal Fotedar.

The political lobbyist is known as MG which is an acronym of Maha Guru and/or Minimum Guarantee.

“The longer form of MG changes depending on the time, occasion, location and significance of each of my operations,” the man loves to tell those foolish enough to listen.

“One thing is always certain. MG does not stand for Mahatma Gandhi because I love my liquor and flaunt my cocktails,” is a constant line muttered occasionally during his con—corny-conversations.

“You insufferable journos have the habit of butting into each of my important meetings. However, Lazar Hrebeljanović Spiridon Umarov is a friend. Many call him SU – which actually stands for Soviet Union. There is a reason. His connections run the length and breadth of what had been a magnificent conglomerate of socialist republics. His relatives can be found in Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Siberia. But, I refer to him as Laser. He is as sharp as the optically amplified light beam that has virtually innumerable uses in modern science,” MG said as an opening gambit. I plonked my backside on one of the cane chairs.

Often, found citing own aphorisms terming and them as the Holy Minds’ Voices, he is also referred to with the sobriquet – HMV.

MG’s predictions are of the Nostradamus variety. They are puzzling and can be indicated as prophesies of any eventuality.

Thanks to his somewhat archaic language, he also is derisively called Long Playing Old Record [LPOR], cassette tape [CT] video-cassette-disc [VCD]. His actions have earned him other epithets. Some of them are political predicament predictor [PPP], fixer-of the deadly instigation [FDI], Doddering Lying Fixer [DLF] and first-class rascally abomination [FCRA].

“What is the Soviet Union doing in Delhi, at the beginning of spring? And more importantly, what are you doing here? I thought you would be in Chennai. After all, getting a totally unpopular government to succeed in winning the vote of confidence in Tamil Nadu’s legislative assembly amidst pandemonium couldn’t have happened sans your fixing. Reports said it was meant to cover up the alleged murder of Jayalalithaa,” I said.

“Chennai is full of foolish politicians and dunderhead media-hacks who pompously call themselves journalists. They are either on the take or cannot see beyond their blistered, blasted, blasphemous, bulbous, bilious, bloated, buffoonish snouts,” FCRA observed.

“You are talking about my profession and I must protest,” I wailed.

“You are a lump of clay, like that chap O Panneerselvam or OPS who ought to be referred to as an apposite of the song oops. He thinks that DMK’s hare-brained heir apparent and Leader of Opposition MK Stalin will help him become Chief Minister again through a no-confidence motion against Speaker Dhanapal,” PPP spat.

“Now you are talking rubbish. By possibly getting Dhanapal thrown out, Stalin can get OPS in and then expose the entire AIADMK as a dud, go for elections and then win hands down. Isn’t that obvious to you?” I thought I had scored the bull’s eye.

“OPS will never win anozer elixon. But, he can zpoil efreyzink for zat fat man pusillanimous,” the Russian interpolated.

“You mean E Palanisamy [EPS], the current CM,” I reacted.

“Iz zee zame zink. Zis man iz zee taking orderz from zat woman in Bangalore prison …sassy zee cola. Zat iz waat I kaal pusillanimous,” the Russian interjected.

“This is triple Greek and Double-Dutch to me. Can you explain, MG?”

LPOR cackled as he began.

“All OPS has to do to challenge EPS is to get all the MLAs with him to resign en masse and claim to go to the people. In the ensuing by-elections to 11 seats, perhaps, some of them may win, but none from the EPS faction will even manage to retain their deposit. That will trigger a lot of MLAs on EPS side to switch sides. Stalin will have to support OPS for the time being – in case he is short of a majority or perhaps abstain from voting. Whatever Stalin does, in the longer run, OPS would turn the tables on EPS. The earnings per share of whatever political capital EPS possesses will be in negative figures. That way, he could even retain the AIADMK identity! Instead of playing this simple trick and turning the tables on EPS and DMK, the political gigolo that OPS is, is playing parlour games in the assembly expecting the CM’s post to land on his table on a platter! That is why I call him a lump of clay,” FDI opined.

“I understand this, but, what did the Russian exactly mean?” I asked the question with a sound pregnant with confusion.

“Pusillanimous stands for a man who lacks courage and/or resoluteness. Sassy stands for a woman possessing an ungodly amount of cool. And Cola… that is what takes the cake. Cola stands for carbonated sweet beverages with phosphoric acid that cause various illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, and kidney stones. That is what Sasikala Natarajan actually has turned out to be for the AIADMK and the memory of Jayalalithaa! That, little boyo Lazy, is basic English!” CT guffawed.

The nickel dropped.

Meanwhile, the Russian took out a hip flask and handed it over to DLF.

“Iz chilled, Guru! I put zee ize inzide when I leafe zee hotel”. The Russian said it with a broad smile.

HMV poured into a whiskey glass. It had a light blue colour.

“This is my favourite pepper-vodka cocktail – brand-named Electric Light. It mainly comprises Svedka Blue Raspberry lightened with coconut water, a special blue sports drink that is yet to be discovered by the drug examiners who are invigilators in chess Olympiads, a dash of silver tequila, peach schnapps, blue Curacao and some sour mix. The ingredients – jointly augment thinking power.”

“So what is the Russian connection to what goes on in Tamil Nadu – as your Slav friend seems to know quite a bit about the south Indian state,” I asked.

“The answer will give you a shock. Many in India now know that Sonia Gandhi began life as an agent of the KGB and Pakistan’s ISI. Jayalalithaa hated Sonia and made no bones about it. Today, the person appearing for Sasikala Natarajan is senior Supreme Court advocate KTS Tulsi. Trusted by Sonia, he has defended Robert Vadra, Punjab terrorist DPS Bhullar and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha during the United Progressive Alliance rule. Obviously, Sonia wants to get even with Jayalalithaa posthumously. By getting the former TN CM convicted after death, Sonia has won this round against Jaya. Through the machinations of Sasikala, the AIADMK is almost destroyed. On her part, Sasikala used to be moll of none other than Karunanidhi. And very successfully, a systematic canard is being spread that Sasikala has Modi’s blessings. During the Jallikkattu agitation, pro LTTE slogans were shouted – obviously due to the machinations of the Rasputin called Natarajan who is in constant touch with the banned Tiger terrorists. The new friendship between Putin and China has led to FSB – the new avatar of KGB to poke its nose into the immediate southern neighbourhood of India through the Lankan port of Hambantota and a lot worse. And then there is another Congress mainstay – P Chidambaram who has repeatedly lied about the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Dr Swamy tweeted last year that Sasikala was holding Jaya prisoner– the same way Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was – by Aurangzeb. Now, he has changed his tune completely and hails the same Sasikala. You see, Swamy also has a score to settle with Jayalalithaa. After all, she had systematically destroyed all chances the man had to develop a political base in Tamil Nadu. For the time being he is a Rajya Sabha member. Once something happens to the post or the ex-Harvard professor rubs Modi too badly on the wrong shoulder, he would be in a unique political position called limbo. Perhaps, realising the position he is in, suddenly, the man has attacked Karti Chidambaram’s stash abroad to divert attention from one basic fact that Swami, Apollo promoter Pratap Reddy, fake God-man Chandraswami and Karti’s wife Srinidhi Chidambaram are on the same page! Even Dr Swamy’s attack on the Maran Brothers is a feint as Apollo Hospitals are part of the Aircel-Maxis scandal. In a nutshell, boyo, every dirty finger is in this pie. And all the fingers have one symbolic hand source … Sonia Gandhi.”

I was fidgeting madly as the Minimum Guarantee made his long speech – all of which was and is controversial. However, I tried one last shot.

“So apart from the old hat tale about Sonia’s connections with the KGB dating back to 60’s, where is the Russian link now?”

It was the Russian’s turn to get in again.

“Does my name Umarov mean anyzink to you?”


“One of my distant relatife haz zee name Omarova … she iz zee wife of cricket game match fixer and washed up actor Vindu Dara Zingh. Zingh linked to N Zrinivasan zon-in-law Gurunath, who iz cloze to Maran Broz. Zingh and wife Omarova holiday rekularlee in Siberia! Zee case against Singh is kaput and jingalala for long time. Zee ban against Chennai Zuper Kink iz remofing zis year. Cricket auction action now goink on in Bangalore. Sassy Cola also is Bangalore prison. You understand full link out now!”

My head reeled from the info.

At that time, my contact showed up in the horizon. Muttering an excuse, primarily to escape the controversies, I beat a hasty retreat.

By becoming AIADMK boss, has Sasikala bitten more than she can chew?

Sasikala Natarajan has been “elected” as the General Secretary of Tamil Nadu’s ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. That she is on probation till a proper election takes place in April 2017 is a little aside … which may turn out to be important later!

Will Jayalalithaa’s ex-aide ape Congress President Sonia Gandhi claim to ‘sacrifice the trappings of power’ and yet wield it till she is allowed to do so?

The next natural move will be to make her the state’s Chief Minister.

Will the combination of all these events prove to be the nemesis of Dravidian brand of politics in TN?

The indications are ominous.

By Lazy Fly

Following the so-called election of Sasikala as the ruling AIADMK General Secretary giving her virtual control over the party, the state’s political conundrum has become murkier. One of India’s greatest self-professed political fixers – provided some surprising answers. 

Sporting a half-sleeved long silk Kurta and pyjamas – attire that look better on Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the  political manipulator par excellence known as MG was spotted at the Chennai Press Club. A spitting image of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s flunkey, Makhan Lal Fotedar the political lobbyist calls himself MG. “It stands for Maha Guru and also sits comfortably as Minimum Guarantee, he informs those who are foolish enough to listen to him. Often, he cites own aphorisms and terms them as the Holy Minds’ Voices, earning him the sobriquet – HMV. His predictions are of the Nostradamus variety … puzzling … yet can be cited as indicative of any eventuality. So, he is referred to as the now outdated Long Playing Old Record [LPOR], cassette tape [CT] video-cassette-disc [VCD], political predicament predictor [PPP], fixer-of the deadly instigation [FDI] and first-class rascally abomination [FCRA].

“We meet after a long time, boyo,” PPP said, sipping a liquid from a whiskey glass that seemed thicker than usual. The drink had a slight yellow tinge. Bedecked with a lot of powdered ice it had a sort of tiara comprising a piece of lemon-peel and brandied cherries.

The backyard of the joint [it has no bar licence and hence consumption of hard liquor in that place is technically illegal] abuts a smaller hall whose frontage has a cement-concrete quadrangle overlooking a webbed shuttlecock court. Chennai’s mild winter evening was yet to really set in. Hence, bites of mosquitoes emanating from the gutter called Buckingham Canal located virtually next door were yet to begin their torture. Despite all this, it is a prestigious address. It stands cheek by jowl alongside the State Guest House and legislators’ quarters within a government estate named after a late CM – Omandur Ramaswamy Reddiyar.

“Someone close to Natarajan, husband of Tamil Nadu’s most powerful political stepmother – Sasikala – wanted to pick my brains. I will be advising him as to how Natarajan should guide his wife to stay afloat in the political swamp of TN,” FDI quipped as his opening gambit.

Chennai’s walls are full of posters hailing the recently dead Chief Minister Jayalalithaa with a suggestive image of Sasikala as her heir. The latter, called Chinnammaa [or maternal aunt – whose other meaning is step mother], has a bigger mug visible on the posters.  Undoubtedly, the ex-female paramedic and former seller of video cassettes has the support of almost all the 137 legislators of the party. All of them have now “elected” her as the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s [AIADMK] General Secretary “unanimously”. The next step will be her being made the CM. The inevitable contest from the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency where by-elections will have to be held following the death of Jayalalithaa will be the extension of the current political development. Rather strangely, Chief Minister O Panneerselvam [OPS] said that the resolution moved in a marriage hall located some 18 km northwest of the Poes Garden residence of the late Jaya where Sasikala is presumed to be a squatter – was accepted by Sasikala, “unanimously”.

But, the face of Sasikala is uniformly defaced or torn in almost all the wall -posters leading one to think that the party faithful hate Sasikala. This means, while the legislators could be on the side of Sasikala, AIADMK cadres and the people at large in TN are opposed to this move.

“Are you going to suggest that Natarajan should get his wife to be the party’s CM after her election as the outfit’s GS?”

I asked the obvious question.

During Jayalalithaa’s funeral, Sasikala stood by the side of the body, rode the cortege and performed a lead role in burying her long-time boss. Prime Minister Modi was seen blessing her. Such was the power generated by Sasikala’s presence that all the ministers including the current CM [now nicknamed Oops] looked like props from a flop movie. Virtually, everyone who is somebody in the AIADMK is begging her to take up the important assignments and thus save Tamil Nadu. As Jaya was dead, it was a real funeral. The other one will be a political funeral implying the death of the AIADMK,” VCD observed.

“The husband of another person also named Sasikala was beaten black and blue, in the AIADMK office premises simply because the man wanted to file a nomination to the post – he could have never won. Are these straws in an evil wind?” I asked in a crestfallen tone.

“Isn’t the whole thing obvious to you?”

The Maha Guru infuriatingly beat around the bush.

“Consider me a little slow and tell me the verdict,” I snapped.

“Look at the scenario, before hearing the verdict. Virtually everyone eats out of Sasikala’s hand and grovels before her. Till the other day, a huge contingent of cops – numbering around 250 – guarded the Poes Garden residence – of the earlier CM Jaya – where Sasikala seems to be ensconced for good. Doesn’t that convey the clear message?”

The LPOR came up with another query that led to nowhere.

“Well, the DMK crown prince MK Stalin pointed out the gaffe – of the cops and the police force has been replaced by a private army. It seems she has beaten a hasty retreat at least on that front,” I said.

“Just suppose she was conveying a message to all and sundry that she was ‘democratically minded’ and that she ordered the withdrawal of the cops in uniform the moment an objection surfaced. Without saying in so many words, tacitly, Sasikala has indicated that she is in possession of a will or some document that renders her stay in the residence of the late CM “officially sanctioned.” Now that she has been elected the party’s all powerful GS, isn’t the indication obvious to you?” The FCRA asked a pointed query.

I was confused.

“So, will she be the queen of Tamil Nadu in Jaya’s place and be the CM?”

I rephrased my earlier question with trepidation.

“Why should she take the plunge? She seems to be controlling the state as an unconstitutional power and seems to be more powerful than OPS who cannot win his seat again from any constituency in TN! For that matter, Sasikala too has zero charisma and can’t win from any constituency on her own, unless the elections are rigged. Can’t you see that she is playing the same game as Sonia Gandhi did during the 2 United Progressive Alliance [UPA] regimes? [See:] Natarajan is a street smart man! Sasikala stands to gain the people’s sympathy and don the mantle of a sacrificing person by refusing an official position – and yet be the real power-wielder from behind the throne. It is the best of both the worlds. If Sasikala does decide to take the plunge, sooner or later the regime will would fall as the decisions of Jaya’s former aide will be seen as the AIDS affecting the AIADMK by many. This could lead to some legislators during a no-confidence motion – if it is ever moved on the issue of the mysteries surrounding Jaya’s death. That would bring the edifice down because a Division Bench of the Madras High Court has demanded some serious answers surrounding the earlier CM’s “sudden death”. If Sasikala is forced to cede to such a request, more skeletons will tumble out. If she doesn’t, the court could order exhumation of the body. Suppose something serious is found missing in it? It would be a terrible scandal! Those who have pinned their hopes on making more money through Sasikala and/or her flunkey Oops being at the helm of affairs will lose faith, which could also spell doom for the AIADMK government. It is a lose-lose proposition all the way with little leeway to yell oops,” the ‘minimum guarantee’ spat the words out.

“You mean to say she will refuse the trappings of power, pretend to have made sacrifices and yet hold the trappings of power in the inside of her palms by continuing with OPS?” I asked the question in a voice that dripped with incredulity.

“You journalists can’t see beyond your silly noses. If earlier reports are to be believed, Karunanidhi – actually controls her. Other reports said that the DMK has a list of 42 legislators who were and probably are willing to cross the floor in case a no-confidence motion is set in motion. The DMK has enough numbers on its own – nearly 90 – and more than 37 – the magic figure of a third of the AIADMK floor strength to register a split. When Karunanidhi has the strength to be CM himself, why would he allow his moll to be CM?”

“Are you saying that the DMK will topple the government to stop Sasikala?”

I asked in sheer disbelief.

“Why should Karunanidhi do that, for God’s sake? He controls Sasikala, in turn Sasikala controls OPS, and OPS would want to enjoy the trappings of power just as Dr Manmohan Singh did during UPA I & II. It is a comfortable arrangement that suits all the three. That is just the beginning. The situation would suit the Bharatiya Janata Party at the centre as it could get things done in TN without having anyone in the state or cadre strength worth the name. Since Karunanidhi could be exercising control, the set-up would suit the Congress too. Karunanidhi can keep everyone in the party guessing about the anointment of Stalin as his heir and/or future working President and thus retain control of the party on the one hand and avoid antagonising his other children – like Alagiri and Kanimozhi. In the background, Sasikala’s husband Natarajan too would enjoy power without any authority whatsoever! It reeks of comfort to everyone. But, Sasikala cannot remain in that position of what Sonia did in Delhi for too long. Sonia is the widow of former PM Rajiv Gandhi and Sasikala is married to someone whose arrest had been ordered by Jayalalithaa’s cops. Simply put, if a tossed coin lands on heads, Sasikala loses big. If it shows tails, she loses bigger. If it stands on its rim, the suspense in the state will trigger a chaos and cause a mid-term poll and Sasikala will lose the biggest. But, in such a scenario, neither the AIADMK not the DMK can hope to cobble majorities on their own as Karunanidhi cannot do much electioneering. The present status quo ante only suits the speechless wonder OPS for whom dumbness is the comfortable, snug, smug motto,” the FCRA guffawed.

This averment had a wee bit of logic. However, I was not ready to give up.

“The BJP shot itself in the mouth by getting the income tax department to raid former Chief Secretary Ram Mohan Rao. The entire opposition in TN seems to be supporting the man alleged of huge corruption. Rao himself told the press that he fears for his life at the hands of agent provocateurs from the centre. Besides, other opposition parties allege a constitutional crisis seconding the quotes of Rao,” I said in an injured tone to register my protest.

“Look at the scenario. To throw a scare into OPS, Sasikala could have passed on the details of Rao’s secret treasurer – Sekar Reddy – to the IT authorities. The raid unearthed links with Rao and in turn exposed one Parasmal Lodha in Calcutta. After the raid on Reddy, OPS fell in line and beseeched Sasikala to don the important mantles. But, since then, Rao said that the raid could not have happened had Jaya been alive. That is a direct threat issued to Sasikala and OPS! But, there is one minor unanswered question. What about the dozens of crores of rupees seized from the residence of Rao and those of his near and dear? He has not denied the seizure or has alleged that the money was planted. Simply put, he has compounded his blunder. Suppose Sasikala and/or OPS decide to make Rao the fall guy, and he exposes more names, the defecation will hit the fan and the stink will be nauseating,” the Guru laughed at his own joke.

“This is fantastic. But, such a scenario would suit none – not the ruling AIADMK, not the opposition DMK and certainly not the BJP whose presence in TN is close to zilch,” I said rather weakly.

“That is what everyone would want. Sasikala and Natarajan would want to keep the Damocles Sword hanging over every head to squeeze as much as they can. Whenever the regime is toppled, Sasikala and Natarajan who have no children of their own – can go abroad for some treatment of some feigned illness and never return – thus retaining all the riches – acquired during Jaya’s hospitalisation as suspected, by hook or by crook. Sasikala too knows that she cannot win any election anywhere in TN. So would be the case with OPS and others. During the mid-term polls the DMK would be placed somewhat better and win more seats. As she is Karunanidhi’s moll, one would expect her to ingratiate herself with her former boss. But, Karunanidhi may want to be the interim CM during the suspenseful interregnum by pulling down Sasikala’s regime if she becomes CM. That would give the DMK an edge. Better still, Karunanidhi may advise the governor to dissolve the assembly and seek a fresh mandate. But, no party would win a majority … and it would have to be a coalition regime. In such a scenario, the BJP will dictate terms. To avoid embarrassment, Karunanidhi will go slow on the corruption charges to keep his own flock intact – some of whom may be those who desert Sasikala! The likes of Rao could then prove to be flies in many ointments. BJP may think of other raids in case political enemies in TN decide to cancel each other out in a game of mutually assured destruction. In the end, the Augean Stables of TN will continue to remain eternally dirty. This much can be discerned from the comfy fates of Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi and for that matter the joker called Zakir Naik – all of whom are having a ball abroad! For all that threats against Robert Vadra by the BJP, has any realistic action been taken against Sonia’s son-in-law? The television channels were full of stories about the villainy of former Air Force boss – who was arrested and then released make the Central Bureau of Investigation look like a bunch of ninnies in the Agusta Westland affair. Promises of action will kept eternally as promises – and never fulfilled. Whenever someone raises a question, very conveniently, just as the BJP blames UPA for everything – perhaps with some justification – the realigned parties in TN could term the whole thing as a sly game of the “communal BJP” to destroy the so-called Dravidian culture! In the end, everyone would lose!”

The Guru smiled mischievously.

“All this is speculation. You keep forgetting something. There is this wonderful man called Subramanian Swamy who hopes to be CM of TN, if not the PM of India. He would stop at nothing!”

I thought I had scored the bull’s eye.

It resulted in CT’s derision.

“Little pen-pusher Pinocchio, you are wet behind your ears. Sasikala was introduced to Jaya by former IAS officer Chandralekha, one of the mainstays in the party founded by Swamy and his alter ego in TN! The go between was Natarajan! You should read other material to understand the maze called TN! Besides, Dr Swamy is a close friend of Dr Pratap Reddy of Apollo hospital where Jaya spent her last 75 days. Reddy’s daughter has links snaking into the biz empire of Karunanidhi’s grandnephews – the Maran siblings – facing prosecution in the Aircel-Maxis case and also the illegal telephone exchange. Apollo offices were raided by the CBI in the past when UPA was in power! Swamy took Jaya to court in the disproportionate assets case in 1996, which was later ‘adopted’ by the DMK. Jaya is dead, but Sasikala is yet to be exonerated in that. The DMK has its own cup of woe held by Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi in the matter concerning 2G Spectrum auctions. The Congress led UPA took action that send A Raja, the minister and Kanimozhi to prison. But the same Congress voted to send Kanimozhi to the Rajya Sabha! In politics, everyone has fingers in every dirty pie. You media hacks will never understand these these concentric rings and their ringleaders,” the fixer said and took a long gulp from his drink.

It was time to change the subject, as the whole thing had become too controversial.

“Before I forget, tell me about your exotic cocktail – that looks rather strange,” I said.

“This has a strange significance to the situation in TN. The drink is called Perfect Amaretto Sour. Its ingredients are: 1.50 ounces of the almond flavoured Italian liqueur that comes from Saronno, Italy. It has a dash of nice bourbon produced in Bardstown, Kentucky, USA called Noah’s Mill. TN politics like the Ark who was created and floated by the Biblical character Noah, has every type of political creature of the modern era in its leaky boat. The drink also contains .50 ounce of beaten egg white and an ounce of lemon juice that lends the light yellow hue. Before you ask the next question, I will give you two details that will trigger a hue and cry. Amaretto, in Italian means “a little bitter”. And Saronno is a town located a bit northwest of the Italian town of Vicenza – the original home of Congress boss Sonia Gandhi!”

Before I could yell ‘Egad’, the Guru’s phone glowed and showed an SMS.. It was obviously important. He left the Press Club and the glass behind without a word for his meeting.

I gingerly took a drop of the cocktail to discern its taste. It was indeed very sour.


Aakrosh Diwas? Aw…Crushed Divas!

Why is almost everyone in India’s opposition ranks continuing to row murky financial waters and thus keep the sinking, stinking anti-demonetisation canoe afloat?

The opposition cartel claims to have united under the Aakrosh Diwas umbrella to lend succour to some 85% of the suffering 1.25 billion Indians of Bharat.

For want of a better term, one could term this rainbow alliance an opposition ark [the word means boat]. Led by the Congress, its inmates comprise Trinamool Congress [TMC], the left, All India Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party, Janata Dal-United [JDU], Rashtriya Janata Dal [RJD] and the Nationalist Congress Party [NCP]. It skimming canoe or catamaran is seemingly remote-piloted by 10-Janpath-Joan. [Please remember I have no intention of besmirching St Joan’s reputation.] The boat’s current inmates are jettisoning the vessel.

Beings that had inhabited the mythical ark piloted by Noah in Abrahamic religious mythology chose to stay in the floating ship and were not forced into rowing rigours. The modern one in India has most of its inmates saying ‘NO-Uh’! as there is an unholy row over rowing duties. Such rigours are only meant to render the hopeless career of the float-owner’s offspring  – clown prince Rahul Gandhi – a fillip..

Indications that the Aakrosh Diwas will turn out into a damp squib:

Mamata Bannerjee is one of the spearheads of the anti-demonetisation movement-led November 28 nationwide strike. But, the West Bengal Trinamool Congress [TMC] regime’s fiat has effectively turned into the ‘bandh-rump’ into a broken rubber-band.

Operative portions from an IANS report:

Battle-lines were drawn in West Bengal with the Left parties and the ruling Trinamool Congress [TMC] taking opposite stands while canvassing on the streets in support of the ensuing 12-hour general strike on Monday in protest against demonetisation.

The state’s ruling Trinamool Congress said it would stoutly protest any attempt to disrupt normal life and sent out a strong circular asking all its employees to report for work during the day, threatening to treat any absence without sufficient reason as “dies non” (not a day of service) in his career.

Trinamool accused the Left of helping the BJP by calling the strike. “This strike will only increase the people’s suffering. The Left is trying to help the BJP on the issue,” said Trinamool all India General Secretary Subrata Bakshi.

The real reasons for the demonetisation are obvious.

Left spearhead Communist Party of India-Marxist state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra expressed his happiness over the ruling party not supporting the strike. “We are very happy with this. Those who made money from Saradha chit fund scam and those who were seen taking money in the Narada News sting videos are roaming openly in the state, and occupying plum posts.”

Mamata’s using the platform for a national image to challenge Modi is frowned upon by the rest of the opposition, opines Huffington Post. Excerpts:

The anti-demonetisation agitation has been Didi’s most prominent foray into the national political scene after TMC performed miserably in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

And, while Didi seeks prominence in the national capital, TMC is campaigning in Tripura for the next Assembly elections, with party leader Mukul Roy is the likely chief ministerial face.

Roy has not been shy in speaking about Didi’s ambitions as he campaigned in Agartala last week. Claiming that the Congress, the BJP and the Left parties will meet defeat in Tripura he said that TMC will form a government there.

The Indian Express quoted him as saying, “The people are fuming over the performance of Modi led government and will teach a lesson to it in the next general elections… Laluji (RJD) and Nitishji (JD-U) may manage to secure 20 to 25 seats, while BJD is likely to win 18 to 20 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections. DMK or AIDMK will secure 39 to 40 seats while Netaji (SP) or Mayawatiji (BSP) may win 25 to 30 seats. It means Trinamool Congress will emerge as the largest party after the 2019 general elections.”

Mamata’s recent manoeuvres have not gone unnoticed. The Congress and CPI-M have criticised the West Bengal chief minister for trying to gain political mileage out of demonetisation.

“She is trying to fish in troubled waters,” Leader of Opposition and senior Congress leader Abdul Mannan told PTI. “She should stop shedding crocodile tears for those who are affected by the demonetisation. If she is so bothered about the common man, then why is she not taking any steps to get back the money of those people who have been looted in chit fund scams”.

Janata Dal United leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar opted out of the Congress-led bandwagon that proposes to bring India to a grinding halt.

His simple reasoning: “The demonetisation measure will benefit the nation in the long run. Hence we cannot be part of a group that demands the complete roll-back of the measure.”

Perhaps Nitish has taken note of some bitter truths:


The move was triggered by external inimical forces pumping fake currency into India to bankrupt Bharat;


Mumbai saw a huge turnout for a silly, shady arms-dealer-sponsored ‘cold-play’ concert despite serious cash shortage;

[3] So far – the nationwide ‘riot-like situation theory’ propounded by the Apex Court oracle utterance heard during an earlier hearing in the demonetisation matter proved less potent than the proverbial storm in a tea-cup;

[4] Shiv Sena cited the SC quote to whip up regional sentiments and its leaders even went along with TMC-AAP while handing over a memorandum to the President. It was a pathetic move to up the seat-adjustment ante during the ensuing Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections. Since Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh speaking to Uddhav Thackeray, the regional outfit has piped down.

Modi has plenty of enemies to worry about within his own party.

Then there is Sharad Pawar of the NCP. He backed the demonetisation on November 13.

Excerpts from an India Today report:

NCP chief Sharad Pawar today hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Sharing the dais with the PM at the inauguration of the International Conference on Sugarcane Value Chain in Pune, Pawar said the decision reflects the Prime Minister’s “intent to serve” the nation.

A week later, Pawar said the exact opposite, said the Indian Express. Excerpts:

A week after sharing stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and showering praises on him, NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday attacked the NDA government.

Modi government was harassing people on the pretext of demonetisation, Pawar said.

People will respond to it by voting against the BJP, he said at a rally in a Mumbai suburb during the run-up to the crucial BMC elections due early next year.

The failure of anti-demonetisation protests has many dirty asides – hitherto unnoticed by the media.

The original question asked at the beginning:

Why is almost everyone in the opposition trying to keep the anti-demonetisation stir canoe afloat?

Answer: The Congress leadership needs to accord its clown prince Rahul Gandhi one last chance to refurbish his image before the ensuing assembly elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

To achieve this, he visited ATMs claiming to attempt to ‘understand the angst of the suffering public’

The photo-op sessions did not produce results.

He has a challenger to the throne in the form of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who, the media thinks would lead the Congress in the UP elections.

Priyanka has acquired grey streaks in her hair like her grandma – the late Indira Gandhi. Her body language and diction too are reminiscent of Nehru’s daughter. The clamour to restore the Congress to its old glory through Robert Vadra’s wife has begun.

Whether the move would produce favourable results at the hustings a few months later in the form of assembly seats at this point in time would be pure conjecture.

But, if Priyanka gets a bigger billing in UP than elder sibling Rahul, the clown prince’s career goes – for want of a better word – kaput.

The answer to the query posed at the beginning is obvious. Sonia is giving her son a final chance to come good.

Obviously, the rest of the opposition cartel has seen through the trick.

And therefore, one can easily guess, why everyone in the Aakrosh Diwas cartel is having a series of serious second thoughts.

Also read:

Are Indian Opposition’s Honourable Men and Women Out To Kill Bharat’s Neo Caesar – Modi?

Aren’t the opposition parties and paid media knaves’ knives attempting to maim India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi finding tacit support from within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party?

Does the single fulcrum uniting the anti Modi movement led by marginal leaders of the otherwise fractured opposition to protest his trashing high denomination currency notes have no sinful and/or ulterior motive other than helping the suffering middle-class?

Are all the opposition parties saying in unison that they too are for against black money, mouthing the truth?

Have peoples’ seemingly incessant hardships reached the threshold of an uncontrollable nationwide chaos as being stated by the opposition?

The answers to all the above queries are – anyone can discern – could only be in the form of the two letter word NO. Yet, PM Modi is going overboard to ‘convince’ the masses through Whatsapp interactions.

Why should Modi do this when a clear disconnect between the people and the parliament has been established by the combined acts of the discredited opposition? Anyone in India can see and hear that no worthwhile business has been transacted during the ongoing winter session of parliament! 

Yet, spokespersons of the BJP are – mixing fact, facetiousness, sarcasm, innuendo and irony pointing out the following ‘acts’ of the opposition to alleviate the sufferings of the masses in support of their star-vote-catcher:

  • Besides stymieing parliament’s functioning, the opposition has proposed a roll back of the demonetisation, extension of the time frame to exchange old notes and augmented supply of currency notes in distribution points.
  • To achieve these honourable ends, the opposition pursued the following ‘proactive’ steps:
  1. Parliament’s functioning was stymied with demands that have so far changed some 6 times. This includes Modi’s replying to questions by being present in the house, despite its not being incumbent upon the PM.
  2. The likes of Rahul Gandhi mingled with the public queues outside ATMs, apparently, to understand the masses’ angst.
  3. Chief Ministers of Delhi and West Bengal –Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Bannerjee respectively demanded to know details of the new currency notes’ distribution from the national capital region [NCR] offices of the Reserve Bank. In this endeavour, they blocked the traffic within a 1 km radius of Parliament.
  4. The left parties raised questions in Parliament – and have even announced intentions to be on the same page as their political foe – the ruling Trinamool Congress [TMC] in the major north-east state of Bharat. They narrated a count of those who dropped dead while standing in queues outside ATMs.
  5. The combined opposition even disturbed the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu who read out a statement regarding a mishap that had claimed over 150 lives. That was a loud and insensitive insult of the innocent dead souls.
  6. Those aggrieved by the money cleansing move of Modi filed petitions in various High Courts and a special petition was filed in the Supreme Court. In its wisdom, the Apex Court asked the government to speed up measures before riots happened. That sentence was enough for the opposition to point to the ‘impending riot situation on a nationwide scale.’
  7. “Cash delivery trucks were looted in Kashmir and in Pune,” was the only news item sign of the ‘riot like’ situation. But then, such heists happen all the time.

In a word – the threat of a countrywide unrest has proved to be an empty one.

Anyone with basic knowledge of governance could dismiss these above deeds producing zilch to lessen the sufferings with less than the proverbial guffaw.

Various aspects of the demonetisation step were exposed in my earlier blogs. Their links:

The ruling BJP is repeating ad nauseam that the opposition is likely to lose its heavy cash stash due to the demonetisation move.

If that is the only reason, the matter can be handled easily by the second rung leadership of the BJP.

Yet, Modi is pitch-forking himself into the fray.

Possible reasons:

Conservative estimates place normalisation some 3 months later.

Modi is fighting with his back to the wall against fire from his own flanks. And it isn’t the Shiv Sena of Maharashtra. The snipers are from within the BJP itself.

Shakespeare said thus in Julius Caesar:

The evil that men do lives after them

The good is oft interred with their bones.

Modi had been warned long ago – even before he took oath of office – to be precise – on May 16 and 17 2014 to be wary of those around him:

The links:

With criminal intent, Google killed all my blogs by cancelling my Gmail account. Therefore, some of the links within the above blogs will narrate the legend ‘blog not found’.

Operative excerpts:

Frustrated ambitious men and women will do anything to gain political power.

Who and why would someone want to eliminate Modi?

There are many within the Bharatiya Janata Party itself who would not stop at anything to get Modi out of the way. Such men and women could be instigated by one woman – Edvige Antonia Albina Maino – also known as Sonia Gandhi.

My above blog was published on December 18, 2010.

Within 3 weeks, Sonia’s controller in Pakistan – Salman Taseer– the very man who could physically blurt out the truth– who was then in a gubernatorial post – was murdered in cold blood – by his own bodyguard Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. Murders of Taseer and Indira Gandhi in 2010 and in 1984 respectively had one common denominator – Sonia Gandhi.

Taseer had introduced the Au Pair girl Sonia to Rajiv in the sixties – in a restaurant in the United Kingdom. Then Sonia was trying to learn to speak English to get employed as a waitress.

All those who could have exposed Sonia about her role in the Bofors payoffs have ended up dead.

The first to be killed on February 28 1986 was Swedish Prime Minister Sven Olof Joachim Palme. He is bound to have known the Bofors secrets. The Palme murder is still an unsolved mystery. His so-called killer was charged with murder, but released. The assassin – Carl Gustaf Christer Pettersson – died under mysterious circumstances recently when he was ready to spill all the beans.

The second Swede to lose his life was Palme’s political disciple Bernt Wilmar Carlsson, who perished in the Pan Am jet bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21 1988. Carlsson was scheduled to succeed Palme in the party. The Swede was doing important jobs for the United Nations to stop war mongers in their tracks in Africa.

The men who were accused of the guilt for over a decade by the West – two alleged Libyan terrorists – believed to be close to Tripoli villain Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi–were freed. The dictator was later trampled to death.

Bofors’ MD Martin Ardbo, and the middlemen Win Chadha and Ottavio Quattrocchi – who ought to have known who paid what and to whom – died of natural causes.

Rajiv Gandhi himself– who probably knew who benefited or had been the beneficiary himself– was murdered in 1991.

The Congress is still in denial about the details of not only Rajiv’s murder but also the elimination of the terrorist who ordered the cold blooded murder – V Prabhakaran.

Further details can be found in these blogs:

There are simple explanations to these.

The elections since 2014 have proved that the successors of the Nehru Gandhi clan – Sonia and Rahul Gandhi – are no longer the vote-catchers they once were. Hence, Congress party’s clown prince is putting up a brave front, with feeble one-liners against Modi. However, reports indicating that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra could lead the campaign in UP betray the sorry state of the mother-son duo’s waning clout.

In a few months, the state of Uttar Pradesh will go to polls.

Till the other day, it did seem that former CM Mayawati had the opportunity of coming to power in UP.

The party with chances better than the rest of the pack – post the demonetisation – in UP – is the BJP. The dead giveaway of this possibility is Mayawati’s relentless attack on Modi’s regime post November 8 2016. The ongoing fratricidal feud within UP’s ruling Samajwadi Party could ensure its defeat at the hustings.

The demonetisation sob stories are off the national media’s radars now.

If the thinning of the queues outside banks and ATMs have succeeded in turning the opposition parties’ party into a damp squib, the border incident wherein Pakistan soldiers left Indian brave-heart’s body mutilated on November 22 2016 have poured water on the proposed anti-demonetisation stir of the opposition – that could prove to be colder than Kashmir valley’s bitter winter’s ice on the Dal Lake.

Modi’s popularity began climbing after the first ‘surgical strike’ leaving 4 Pak army camps across the borders in tatters.

Then came the second one – called the ‘surgical strike’ against shady wealth. It turned the opposition’s paper treasury caches into sheaves of worthless paper.

Finally short-sighted Pakistan has left itself open to the sucker punch by its misadventure across the border which could lead to the third surgical strike that could inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.

Yet, Modi cannot afford to remain complacent.

Modi doesn’t need enemies from beyond the BJP. He has a well-endowed one in the form of Arun Jaitley.

Undoubtedly, the PM is India’s neo Julius Caesar.

Modi had been warned long ago – even before he took oath of office – to be precise – on May 16 and 17 2014 to be wary of those around him.

India has a fairly long list of potential Caesars.

The first two: Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Lal Bahadur Shastri would rank the next. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi – though not exactly in the Caesar mould – are certainly the nation’s martyrs..

The current Nehru-Gandhi clan is trying to profit from each of these murders.

Shakespeare said thus in Julius Caesar:

The evil that men do lives after them

The good is oft interred with their bones.

உளவுகாத்தகிளி – 6

உலகில் உளவுப் பணி வேகமாக மாறி வருகிறது.

சினிமாக்களில் காண்பது போன்ற காதுகளில் பூ சுற்றும் பணி என்றோ மலையேறி விட்டது.

பயங்கரவாதம் ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் வேடங்களையும், அதன் வேகத்தையும் மாற்றுகிறது.

அமைதியை நிலை நாட்டும் முறைகளும், இதன் பொருட்டு மாறுகின்றன.

அதை விளக்க எனது தொடர் கதை இது.

இது தமிழ்லில் எழுதப்பட்டிருந்தாலும், பன்னாட்டுத் தரத்தில் – ஆங்கில நாவல்களுக்கு நிகராக உள்ளது என இதைப் படித்த நண்பர்கள் சொல்கிறார்கள்.

இது வரை இத்தொடரின் 5 அத்தியாயங்கள் பிரசுரமாகி விட்டன.

அதை இந்த லிங்கைத் தட்டிப் படிக்கலாம்.

அத்தியாயம் – 6

பிப்ரவரி 12 2009

எல்லா தொலைப்பேசி உரையாடல்களும் 84 முதல் பதிவு செய்யப்படுகின்றன என்ற தகவல் பலருக்குத் தெரியாது. எனக்கு அந்தத் தகவலை அமரரும் முன்னாள் டி ஜி பியும் ஆன மோஹந்தாஸ் ஸார் இரு மாமாங்கங்களுக்கு முன்பே சொல்லி இருந்தார்.

“பேச வந்தவன் பேசட்டுமே,” என்று நினைத்து மௌனம் சாதித்தேன்.

“நாளைக்கி காலைலோ 8-30 மணிக்கு உங்களே ரெணிகுண்டா ஸ்டேஷன்லோ 2-வது ப்ளாட்ஃபாரம்லோ மீட் ஒரு ஆள் பண்ண்ணும். கரெக்ட் டைம்லோ வா!”

ஃபோன் இணைப்பு துண்டிக்கப்பட்டது.

நான் திடீரெனக் “காணாமல் போவது” எனது அலுவலகத்தில் எல்லோருக்கும் பழக்கமான விஷயம்.

பயணங்கள் மேற்கொள்ளும்போது, எங்கள் அலுவலகத்தில், யாரும், யாரிடமும் எதையும் சொல்லிவிட்டுப் போவதில்லை. அது எங்களுடைய செயல்பாட்டின் முறை. தெரியாத விஷயங்களை யாராலும் காட்டிக்கொடுக்க முடியாது என்ற சித்தாந்தத்தின் அடிப்படையில் உருவானது தான் அது.

குறிப்பிட்ட ஆள் ஸீட்டில் இல்லாத நேரத்தில், பொதுவாக, தறை லைனுக்கு ஃபோன் கால்கள் வராமல் இருக்க, செல்வதற்கு முன் அதை எங்களது மொபைல் ஃபோனுக்கு வரும்படி ட்ரான்ஸ்ஃபர் செய்துவிட்டுச் சென்று விடுவோம்.

சிக்கலான வேலை என்றால், ஃபோனுக்கு“ஸைலன்ட் மோட்” என்ற ஃபார்முலா. பணி முடிந்த பின்னர் விட்டுப்போன, மிஸ்ட் கால்கள் அனைத்துக்கும் பதில் சொல்லுவோம். ஒரு வேளை, அலுவலக விஷயங்கள் தலைபோகிற அவசர நிலையில் இருந்தால், எங்களது கீழ் இடுப்பை அணைத்தபடி “சிலிர்க்கும் சுபாவமுள்ள” பேஜர் தகவலை அளித்து விடும்.

எனது தறை லைனில் வரும் கால்களை மொபைலுக்கு மாற்ற ஃபோனைத் தயார் செய்யும் உத்திரவு பொத்தாங்களைத் தட்டி, அலுவலகத்திலிருந்து வெளியே வந்தேன்.

மூன்று சக்கிர வாகனத்தில் விமான நிலையத்தை நோக்கிப் பயணித்தேன். இது போன்ற நேரங்களில் மாறு வேடம் அவசியம்.

விஷயம் புரியாத சினிமா எழுத்தாளர்களும் டைரக்டர்களும் பொய் தாடி, பொய் மீசை, விக் என்றெல்லாம் டகில் விடுவார்கள். நிஜம் வேறு மாதிரியானது.

சைதாப்பேட்டையைத் தாண்டி, கிண்டி அருகில் ஆட்டோவை நிறுத்தினேன். ட்ரைவரிடம் காப்பி சாப்பிட்டு வருவதாகக் கூறி – சங்கீதா ரெஸ்டாரண்டிற்குள் நுழைந்தேன். “ஏதோ ஞாபகம் வந்தது போல அருகிலுள்ள ஒரு எஸ் டி டி பூத்திலிருந்து ஒரே ஒரு ஃபோன். “மா லேந்து திருப்பதியில ஒரு ஆளைப் பார்க்கப்போறேன்,” என்று கூறி ஃபோனை வைத்து, காப்பியைப் பருகி விமான நிலையம் சென்றேன். அந்த ஃபோனை யாரும் அட்டெண்ட் செய்யவில்லை. ஆனால் ஒவ்வொரு காலுக்குப் பிறகும், எனது ஏதேனும் ஒரு தோழன் அதன் பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டிருந்த குரலைக் கேட்டு, ஆவன செய்வான்/செய்வாள். “ஒரு ஆள்” என்றவுடன், தெரியாத – எதிரி என்று பொருள். உள் அர்த்தம், “மாறுவேடம் தேவை”.

அப்போது, மணி சுமார் 4.

திருப்பதிக்கு நேரடி ஃப்ளைட் எதுவும் அப்போது இல்லை. ஆனால் ஹைதராபாத் சென்றால் அங்கிருந்து உண்டு என்பதைத் தெரிந்து கொண்டேன். இது போன்ற சம்பவங்களுக்கென அளிக்கப்பட்டிருந்த ப்ளாஸ்டிக் கடன் அட்டையில் டிக்கட்களை வாங்கினேன். ஹிக்கின்பாதம்ஸ் புத்தகக் கடையில், பிரபல ஆங்கில நாவலாசிரியர் ஃப்ரெடரிக் ஃபார்ஸித் எழுதிய சுய சரிதைப் புத்தகத்தை வாங்கினேன்.  அதில் தான் உளவாளியாகவும் தனது நாட்டுக்கு சேவை செய்த சில சூட்சுமங்களை விவரித்திருக்கிறார் அவர், என எங்கோ படித்த நினைவு. அப்போது அருகில் ஒருவர் என்னிடம் மிகவும் சாதரணமாக ஒரு சிறு லெதர் ஜோல்னாப் பையை நீட்டினார். எதுவும் பேசாமல் வாங்கிக் கொண்டேன். புத்தகத்திற்கான பணத்தைக் கொடுத்து நடையைக்கட்டி, பாதுகாப்பு சோதனைப் பகுதிக்குள் புகுந்தேன். இது யாருமே கவனிக்காத செயல். என் கைக்கு வந்த பையில் சந்தேகப்படும்படி எதுவும் இருக்கல்லை.

ரேணிகுண்டா பகுதியில் தான் திருப்பதி விமான நிலையம் உள்ளது. அங்கு ஹைதராபாத் வழியாக, சுற்றி, போய்ச் சேரும்போது மாலை மணி 7-30. ஹாயாக நடந்து வெளியே வந்தேன். வழியில் சுத்தமாக ஜன நடமாட்டமற்ற ஒரு பகுதியில் கொண்டுவந்திருந்த தோல் பையைத் திறந்தேன். அதில் ஒரு ஒற்றை வேஷ்டி. கோடுகள் போட்ட ஒரு கால்-குழாய் ரக முட்டு வரை மறைக்கும் அண்டர்வேர். ஒரு சற்றே கிழிந்த பனியன். காமராஜர் அணிவது போன்ற ஒரு அரைக்கை ‘அசட்டு மஞ்சள்’ கலரில் ஷர்ட். அத்துடன் ஒரு துணி ஜோல்னாப் பை.

விமான நிலையத்திற்கும் ரயிலடிக்கும் உள்ள இடைவெளி சுமார் 2 கி மி. பெரும்பாலும் ஜன நடமாடில்லாத பகுதி. ஒரு பாழடைந்த மண்டபத்தின் மறைவில், எந்தச் சிக்கலும் இல்லாமல் உடை மாற்றிக் கொண்டேன். எனது ஒரிஜினல் துணிகளும் லெதர் பையும் துணி ஜோல்னாப் பைக்குள் சென்றன. முட்டி வரை நீண்ட அன்டர்வேரின் கால் பங்கு தெரியும்படி வேட்டியை மடித்துக் கட்டி, பனியனை மாட்டி, ஜிப்பா போல் தென்படும் ஷர்டினுள் உடலைப் புகுத்தினேன். ஜோல்னாப் பைக்குள் மொபைல் ஒளிந்தது. பர்ஸிலிருந்து 5 ரூ.500 நோட்டுக்களை எடுத்து சட்டைப்பைக்குள் சொருகிக்கொண்டேன். ரயிலடியை நோக்கி நடக்க ஆரம்பித்தேன்.

வழியில் வெற்றிலை, சீவல், சுண்ணாம்பு, ஆகியவற்றுடன் ஒரு பீடிக்கட்டையும் வத்திப்பொட்டியையும் வாங்கினேன். வெற்றிலையை மடித்து வாயில் இட்டு மெல்ல ஆரம்பித்து எந்த அவசரமும் இன்றி ரேணிகுண்டா சந்திப்பை நோக்கிப் பொடி நடை.. ஜிலுஜிலுவென்ற காற்றில் அருகிலுள்ள புழுதி முகத்திலும் உடைகளிலும் ஒட்டி அழுக்காக்கியது. வாயில் மென்று குதப்பிய வெற்றிலையின் உபயத்தில் அது சிவந்தது. அதனால் எனக்கு ஒரு நாட்டுப்புறத்தான் லுக் வந்தது. பற்ற வைத்த பீடி அதற்கு மெருகூட்டியது. நடையை மாற்றி, அதில் ஒரு வித கேனத்தனமான சப்பாணித் தனத்தை நுழைத்தேன். ரயிலடியை நெருங்கும்போது, என் தாய் பார்த்திருந்தால் கூட என்னை அடையாளம் கண்டிருக்க மாட்டாள்.

ரயிலடியில் அடுத்த நாள் நண்பகலில் செல்லவிருந்த ஏதோ ஒரு ரயிலுக்கு ஒரு 2-ஆம் வகுப்பு ஸ்லீப்பர் டிக்கட் வாங்கினேன். அதையே காரணம் காட்டி வெயிட்டிங் ரூமில் டேரா போட்டேன். அங்குள்ள சிப்பந்திக்கு ஒரு நூறு ரூபாய் நோட்டை லஞ்சமாகக் கொடுத்தேன்.  “இது திருட்டு தம்முக்கோசம்,” என்றேன். இளித்தான். “க்வாட்டர் காவலண்டே செப்பண்டி,” என்று தண்ணியடிக்கும் ஆஃபரையும் அளித்தான். “நேனு ஷுகர் பேஷண்டு,” என்று ஒரு பொய்யைக் கூறி செட்டில் ஆவதற்குள் அங்குள்ள அழுக்கடைந்த சுவர்களில் ஒட்டப்பட்டிருந்த ஏதோ ஒரு போஸ்டர் போன்ற இரண்டு கால் பிராணியாகிவிட்டேன். அந்த அளவுக்குக் கச்சிதமான கொல்டி நாட்டுப்புரத்தான் வேடம்.

ரயிலடியில் இருந்த ஒரு பப்ளிக் பூத்திலிருந்து எனது டெல்லி தலைமை ஆஃபீஸுக்கு ஒரே ஒரு ஃபோன். அதை யாரும் எடுக்கவில்லை.அது நான் இருக்கும் இடத்தைக் குறிக்கும் ஒரு ஸிக்னல். அடுத்த 20-ஆவது நிமிடத்தில் தக்கபடி மாறுவேடத்தில் படைகள் வந்தன. மாறுவேடம் என்ற சொல் கன்ஃபியூஸ் பண்ணும். போலி ரயில்வே ப்ரொடக்ஷன் ஃபோர்ஸ் அங்கியில் சிலர். ரேப்பிட் ஆக்சன் ஃபோர்ஸ் அங்கியில் சிலர். மொத்தம் 12 பேர். ரயிலடிக்கு உள்ளேயும், வெளியேயும். தயார் நிலையில் ஒரு இரும்புக் கவச வண்டி., எவனுக்கும் சந்தேகமே வராத வண்ணம் நின்றது. இப்போது பல ரயிலடிகளில் இது போன்ற வண்டிகள் நிற்பது எல்லோருக்கும் பழக்கமாகி விட்டது. இந்தியாவிலேயே மிகவும் சோம்பேரியான கும்பல் என ஒன்று உண்டென்றால், அது ஆர் பி எஃப் என்ற ரயில்வே பாதுகாப்புப்படை. ரேணிகுண்டாவில் 3 நபர்கள்மட்டுமே அஃபீஷியலாக இருந்தார்கள். மூவரும் காவல் துறை அறையில் ரம்மி ஆடுவதில் மும்முரமாக இருந்தார்கள். அவர்களைப் பொறுத்த மட்டில் ரெயில்வே எப்போதோ ஃபெயில்வே ஆகி விட்டிருந்தது. யார் எக்கேடுகெட்டாலும் அவர்களுக்குக் கவலை இல்லை.

ரயில் நிலயத்தில் டீ சாப்பிடும் பாசாங்குகளின்போது தேட வேண்டிய அல்லது கவனிக்க வேண்டிய ஆள் எப்படி இருக்கலாம் என எனது தோழர்களிடம் டிஸ்கஸ் பண்ணினேன். என்னைக் காண வரும் நபர் யாராக இருக்கலாம் என்ற கணக்கை எனது பாஸ்கள் ஏற்கனவே கணக்கிட்டிருந்தனர். மிகவும் அலர்ட்டாக, ரயில் நிலையத்தை சல்லடைபோட ஆரம்பித்தோம். விசேஷப் பயிற்சி இல்லாத அமெச்சூர் உளவாளிகளை எளிதில் கண்டுபிடித்து விடலாம். அருகிலுள்ள ஏதேனும் கண்ணாடியில் உற்று தலையைச் சீவிக்கொள்வது போல நடித்து, பின் தொடர்வோரைக் கண்டுபிடிக்க முயல்வார்கள். சந்தேகம் வந்த நபர்களிடம் பேச்சுக் கொடுக்க எத்தனிப்பார்கள். கூட்டாளிகளுக்கு காதைச் சொறிந்தோ, மூக்கை உருவியோ சைகைகள் செய்வார்கள். கொஞ்சம் புத்திசாலித்தனம் அதிகமுள்ளவர்கள் கண்களால் சைகைகள் ஸிக்னல் கொடுப்பார்கள்.

இது போன்ற எந்தச் சம்பவமும், இரவு முழுதும் அங்கு நடக்கவில்லை.

அது எங்களைப் பொறுத்தவரை சிவராத்திரி ஆயிற்று. கண் விழித்தோம்.

இதெல்லாம் எங்களுக்குப் பழக்கமான விஷயங்கள். 72 மணி நேரம் மிகவும் உஷார் நிலையில் விழித்திருக்க, எங்களுக்குப் பயிற்சி அளிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

திருப்பதியில் சாமி தரிசனத்திற்காக வரும் மக்கள் வெள்ளம் காரணத்தால் எப்போதுமே ரேணிகுண்டா ரயில் நிலையத்தில் ஜன நடமாட்டம் அதிகமாகவே இருக்கும்.

புனித யாத்ரிகள் மடிய நாம் காரணமாக இருக்கக் கூடாதே என்று ஏழு மலையானை வேண்டிக் கொண்டேன்.


India’s CBI Blots Its Copybook Once More

India’s federal top-cop ‘firm’ – the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI], covered itself in shame when a local judge pronounced 2 persons accused of rape and murder ‘not guilty’. This was reportedly made possible mainly due local cops covering-up their shameful shoddiness and the central cops’ hanky-panky methods of investigation, it is said.

The grotesque event took place in India’s picturesque, sun-baked tourist Shangri-la – Goa, reports said. The court trial, a Delhi wag commented, was ‘burlesque raised to the power of infinity.’

The two suspects – Samson D’Souza and Placido Carvalho were found not guilty of ‘culpable homicide’ and ‘sexual assault’. They were also cleared of charges pertaining to causing injury and/or death through supplying drugs and destruction of evidence.

The sordid story in great detail has been presented by the right-wing newspaper The Telegraph of London.

Such shenanigans for the CBI are nothing new.

CBI sleuths have ‘succeeded’ in covering-up serious, very high profile cases – that include political murders and scandals whose financial value runs into £1 trillion!

One of the biggest beneficiaries of CBI’s lackadaisical largesse is none other than the suspect double agent working against India and heading the Indian National Congress – and India’s Lady Macbeth – Sonia Gandhi!

“In the United Kingdom, the acronym CBI stands for Confederation of British Industry. In India officially CBI stands for its federal police. But, in reality, the feral outfit’s 3 letters ought to be enlarged as ‘corrupt bureaucracy incorporated’. Nothing else can be closer to the truth,” remarked a Delhi wag.

The above include the sinking of – INS Sindhurakshak a naval submarine – in the harbour in Mumbai – India’s financial capital 3 years ago. The act is said to be linked to India’s most wanted criminal – Dawood Ibrahim – currently believed to be in Pakistan.

Ibrahim’s aides virtually run the busiest port in that part of the nation – despite authorities being in possession all the vital evidence. One such authority is Narendra Damodardas Modi – the Prime Minister of India!

In recent times, a Swathi, 24-year woman – working in an outsourcing firm in the southern metropolis – Chennai – was slaughtered in broad daylight. Her alleged killer was found dead in a prison cell in a ‘suspicious’ manner – rendering the trial trail shamelessly ‘short-circuited’.  

Two of the major beneficiaries of shoddy work by the CBIVijay Mallya and Lalit Modi are residents in Britain!

“Money earned through questionable means buys freedom in India. And such freedom is enjoyed abroad. One such safe haven is – ironically – Great Britain,” the capital wag added.