Remembering Rajiv Gandhi 20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991

As Indians should we be sorry about insulting the memory of Rajiv Gandhi on yet another of his murder anniversaries?

The answers could shock every patriotic Indian.

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Should the Congress Party that ruled India that is Bharat for over 70 years apologise to former India PM Rajiv Gandhi for posthumously stabbing him in the back?

Was Rajiv ‘sacrificed’ to help the Congress win the 1991 parliamentary elections that clearly triggered his widow morphing into exalted status of the ‘uncrowned empress of India’ from 1992 to 1999 and ‘unconstitutional authority’ between 2004 to 2014? Is that why Sonia had a ‘cosy’ relationship with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam – a party whose rule in TN was sacked in 1975 at the behest of the Congress [1] and was the raison d’être for pulling down the Gujral coalition at the centre? [2]

Should the Indian National Congress look over its shoulder to discern the suspicious nature of the meeting between Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rajiv assassin Nalini Sri Haran a.k.a. Murugan in 2008?

Should the current National Democratic Alliance regime take a close look at the role of Rajiv’s Widow Sonia Gandhi a.k.a. born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino in the ex-PM’s murder?

Is someone covering up her suspected double agent roles through her links to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and former Soviet Union’s infamous KGB and its later-day incarnations?

Is there much more to Karti Chidambaram’s flight to London to escape imminent arrest and questioning in the matter pertaining to multiple shady deals of amassing wealth beyond his known sources of income?

Are such secrets linked to Harvard don and senior advocate P Chidambaram? 

On this day – May 21 2017, around 8.a.m., in the morning, this website: could be clearly seen. It then disappeared and this line appeared in its place: “This website/URL has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecommunications of India.”  If this can happen on a Sunday, on Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary, obviously, someone close to P Chidambaram can pull strings within the ministry of telecommunications. Who could that be?

Meanwhile, this writer has picked up the gauntlet and is exposing the nice lawyer even more! Let us see if he can block that too!

At this point in time, the plausible answers to all these questions are in the affirmative.


Operative portions from a Times of India report dated June 26 2014:

“The Emergency in Tamil Nadu can be classified into two phases — before and after the dismissal of the DMK government on January 31, 1976,” said former Madras high court judge K Chandru.

“The President’s rule in the state was draconian. DMK leaders were thrashed in prison,” said Chandru, who was a member of the Justice Ismail Commission, which probed alleged prison excesses during the Emergency.

Senior DMK leaders Murasoli Maran, then MP Chitti Babu, M K Stalin, Arcot Veerasamy and several party volunteers were imprisoned and allegedly beaten up. DMK leaders say while Veerasamy lost his hearing, Maran never recovered from a back injury and Chitti Babu, who bore the brunt of the attack, died in Chennai prison in 1976.


Operative portions from the relevant Wikipedia dossier:

On 30 January 1991, the DMK government which had come to power after winning the 1989 was dismissed by the Indian Prime minister Chandrasekhar using Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. President’s rule was imposed on Tamil Nadu from 31 January. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state and the DMK’s alleged closeness to the LTTE. The union law minister Subramanian Swamy, cited (among others) the assassination of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) office bearers in Chennai on 19 June 1990 by the LTTE as the proof of collusion between the DMK government and the LTTE. The Samajwadi Janata Party government of Chandrasekhar at the centre was dependent on the outside support of Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress, which in turn was an ally of the ADMK in Tamil Nadu. The dismissal followed pressure on the Chandrasekhar government by the Congress and ADMK to dismiss the DMK government. The Chandrasekhar government fell on March 1991 after the Congress withdrew its outside support. Fresh elections for both the Indian parliament and Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly were scheduled for June 1991.

An Olive Branch For Gurmeher Kaur?

A young girl student of Delhi University from Chandigarh – daughter of Kargil martyr Captain ‘Harry’ Mandeep Singh – has been prominently featured on television screens and newspapers’ front pages saying she was threatened of rape and murder by right wing political outfits [read ABVP, RSS, et al].

If and when Gurmeher Kaur provides truthful and straight answers to the following queries, all of India must support her wholeheartedly:

Must read:

  1. How did you receive the rape/death threats? Were they sent by SMS, phone call [on landline/mobile] and/or by post and/or whispered into ear while walking and/or through cat-calling from the street below your residence?
  2. Could you please specify time and date of the issuance of the above threat?
  3. How did you know that the threats were issued by right wing political activists [ABVP, RSS, BJP, etc]?
  4. Since you are sure that such threats were indeed issued by the ABVP and allied organisations, did you prefer a police complaint? As you have termed those expressing a contrarian opinion as vile trolls, could you specify how do you propose to take legal action against them instead of using/abusing/misusing the media?
  5. If you have indeed preferred a police complaint, could you kindly specify the police station?
  6. If the answer to #5 is in the affirmative, kindly specify as to when you registered your complaint. Did you ask for the registration of a First Information Report [FIR]? Did police officials ask for supporting evidence for the serious charges of rape and murder threats by known/unknown persons made against you?
  7. Do you believe that India is being hoisted on the legal and constitutional petards by inimical forces?

  8. As you seem to be sure of the political identities of those who issued threats, can you pick up the perpetrators in a line-up?
  9. Have you initiated any precaution for safeguarding your honour post issuance of such vile threats?
  10. If the answer to #9 is yes, can you specify the steps initiated, please?

India doesn’t care about Davos?

Despite keen global interest in the after effects of India’s massive demonetisation, Bharat is under-represented at the world’s top decision makers’ talk-fest at Davos, Switzerland where the annual World Economic Forum [WEF] is underway. A virtual “B” grade team has been sent officially.

A tongue-in-cheek look at the phenomenon:

By Lazy Fly*

I was surprised upon spotting India’s greatest political fixer Maha Guru at the poolside of the 5-star Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park the other day.

“I thought you would be at Davos, doing deals while skiing in the Alps,” I said, noticing the man was without any cocktail drink – his usual trademark.

“Why would I go to Davos, when I can make the deals from here at a very minor fraction of the price?” The query was asked in a sort of squeaky voice – something different from his regular, baritone.

The ‘fixer’ has a spitting image of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s flunkey, Makhan Lal Fotedar.

The political lobbyist is known as MG which is an acronym of Maha Guru and/or Minimum Guarantee. “The importance of the name changes its forms depending on the time, occasion, location and operation,” the man loves to tell those foolish enough to listen. Often, found citing own aphorisms terming them as the Holy Minds’ Voices, he also referred to with the sobriquet –HMV.

His predictions are of the Nostradamus variety. They are puzzling and can be indicated as prophesies of any eventuality. Thanks to his somewhat archaic language, he also is derisively called Long Playing Old Record [LPOR], cassette tape [CT] video-cassette-disc [VCD]. His actions have earned him other epithets. Some of them are political predicament predictor [PPP], fixer-of the deadly instigation [FDI] and first-class rascally abomination [FCRA].

“You have a sore throat or something? You sound different,” I said.

“I am only imitating that wonderful poison lady Sasikala, who has managed to do everything to destroy this state – well almost. But, I am not overdoing it, wiping tears every 17 seconds as she did during her inaugural speech,” FCRA said in his regular voice.

“I thought your friends can finance any venture. Besides, entry is free at Davos, I hear,” I remarked.

“Yes, it is free to members who pay the annual WEF membership fee of US$ 585,000 [approximately INR 4 crores]! Entry is free in this hotel too. But try ordering a cup of coffee and you will know the truth! But, that is nothing when compared to the costs at Davos. Besides, my friends have better uses for a tidy sum like Rs.4 crores,” LPOR observed.

“VVIP Attendees include United Kingdom’s ‘liberal conservative’ Prime Minister Theresa May, China’s political boss Xi Jinping and US hedge fund headman, Anthony Scaramucci. The last mentioned person is the chief financial advisor to Donald Trump, scheduled to be sworn in on January 20 2017. Surely, India can swing a few deals at Davos,” I said.

“The ladies and gentlemen at Davos are far cleverer than the jokers we usually send from here like that racketeer lawyer Chidambaram. Persons investing in the British Pound didn’t expect Theresa to move mountains or soften the Brexit blow. Hence they moved their investment out of that piece of hard currency causing a minor slump in its sterling value, according to implications in a BBC report,” came the retort.

I tried another tack.

“China’s Xi is expected to make conciliatory noises towards Trump taking a cue from the idea propounded by WEF founder Klaus Martin Schwab. The important advice to world leaders: from Schwab: “Overcome the present mood of divisiveness and negativism.” Xi indicated he has a smooth communication channel with Trump and team. The Chinese president has expressed willingness to meet members of the US president-elect’s team whilst in Davos,” I pointed out.

Trump hates China, revealed a report filed by Guardian’s correspondent Ben Jacobs a year ago. But, Trump actually can do nothing much against China because he owes the dragon nation a lot of money. The credible New York Times has exposed that most of Trump’s bravado speeches are hot air as did the CNN. Trump loves the media the way a snake would love a mongoose. Now do not get long in the tooth and ask me who is the snake and who the mongoose is,” CT argued and began laughing.

I did not think of that crack as much of a joke.

“Let us get serious, MG. The primary concerns at Davos would be Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD], Brexit, collapse of Euro as a currency, further break-up of the European Union [EU] – to mention just a few. After the monumental demonetisation and the absence of any worthwhile protest against it in India, it would surely attract a lot of attention,” I intervened.

“You are wet behind your ears. Notwithstanding the brouhaha over the 2 month old demonetization drama, India is very low in the list of priorities at Davos. The official delegation, one can safely say, is a ‘low level’ category. The attendees are Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari and Nirmala Sitharaman, Niti Aayog’s Arvind Panagariya, DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek and Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Have you ever seen Gadkari making any intelligent financial statement? The only reason he is still surviving in politics is because at the instance of the RSS, auditor-journalist Gurumurthy gave him a clean chit a few years ago,” VCD spat his words.

“You are obviously referring to the NDTV report which obliquely made fun of both Gadkari and Gurumurthy. But since then, NDTV has been relentlessly assailed by Gurumurthy and those close to him,” I said.

“You journos are jokers. Former Union Minister Arun Shourie had termed business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani a thief and a smuggler in the 80’s. Let me quote facts here. put out a story exposing Shourie. The operative sentences read thus: Shourie claimed he first learnt about Dhirubhai through the articles of his former colleague S Gurumurthy, Chennai-based chartered accountant and convenor of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch. The SJM, an organisation espousing the cause of economic nationalism, is affiliated to the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh, the ideological parent of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Shourie claimed the point of most of the articles written by Gurumurthy during 1986 and 1987 — many of which he had co-authored – “was that Reliance had done something in excess of what it had been permitted to do: that it had set up capacities in excess of what had been licensed, that it was producing in excess of those capacities. [1] Today, Arun Shourie, the senior journalist, who once enjoyed trappings of power as a junior minister in the earlier incarnation of the NDA under Vajpayee, slams Modi as a dictator. The same Shourie went out of his way to support Modi and his reported ‘Presidential form of government’ during the 2014 parliamentary elections. The politicians are shameless, all of us know. But, are journalists really justified in blaming politicians when they themselves are eating their own words? Having worked for World Bank in the past, Shourie is an economist. Gurumurthy is yet to attack the likes of Ambani, but, praises the BJP, which does business with Ambanis in an unhindered fashion.” The fixer’s speech was punctuated by guffaws.

This was a clear digression. I dragged it back to Davos.

“Here were talking of Davos and you shoved Dhirubhai into it,” I snapped.

“OK. From India’s immediate neighbourhood, apart from China, other attendees are Pakistan President Nawaz Sharif, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Former Pakistani Army Chief Raheel Sharif is another attendee. His costs are being met by Saudi Arabia. Raheel heads an international force to tackle ‘Islamic terrorism’ funded by the House of Saud and 36 other Islamic nations most of which clandestinely support ISIS! Double standards are a global phenomenon, boyo!” The Guru’s tone was highly derisive.

“But Davos is important, isn’t it?”

“Depends on which side you are on. There is the financial buccaneer billionaire George Soros. Following Donald Trump’s election, billionaire investors George Soros lost close to a billion dollars. Soros had supported then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the campaign. At that time, he had said the methods of ISIS and Trump were different, but the effect – one to threaten the world into submission – was the same. Trump-friendly hedge fund owners earned a windfall on their stock portfolios. Billionaire Carl Icahn made upwards of $700 million on November 9, while John Paulson reaped over $463 million on the same day, said the Fortune. But, the so-called smart man who had caused a run on the British Pound in the early 90’s, clocked a massive loss. The billionaire investor wrote an opinion piece, saying that “open societies are in crisis” Allow me to quote him verbatim: “Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of closed societies,” he wrote for Project-Syndicate, “from fascist dictatorships to ‘mafia’ states—are on the rise.” “Because elected leaders failed to meet voters’ legitimate expectations and aspirations, electorates have become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism. I find the current moment in history very painful” because is a “would-be dictator” and a “con artist”. It is a clear case griping due to the legendary sour-grapes-trait. Shourie didn’t get to be FM, so he is angry. Soros is in sorrow because his protégé Hillary didn’t get to be President. In his interview, Shourie cited the late journalist Cho Ramaswamy’s views on VP Singh, one of Shourie’s heroes of the 80’s. The exact quotes from Shourie: I supported V.P. Singh despite the warnings of Chandrasekhar, who told Cho Ramaswamy that ‘you tell your friend that he is supporting Singh but he’s a very dangerous man, he believes in nothing’. But at that time, we had so many cases against us in the Express so I told Cho there is a proverb that when your house is on fire you cannot wait for Ganges water. Cho said to me, are you sure it’s not petrol? I would rather like to believe that he is somewhat jealous of the attention Cho got while being alive and also posthumously. Talking of petrol, one remembers that the Islamic brand of terrorism is all about petrodollars,” the deal-maker spoke in a bitter voice.

“Are you saying Davos is mere a talking rendezvous in salubrious Swiss surroundings, in a town that has a little more than 11,000 registered residents and nothing more?”

At that precise moment the waiter arrived with a strange looking cup with a liquid that seemed to have floating white pebbles.

“Stop looking like someone who just saw the abominable snowman called Yeti, Lazy. This is Yulmu, a kind of Korean tea, which is good for health in every way. Yulmu has high protein content, is healthier alternative to a cup of coffee in the morning and what you see floating like pea-sized wooden beads are exactly that – made of a plant called Job’s tears, whose output accords intoxication – more than the stimulant value of tea or coffee. Its genetic names are Coix lacryma-jobi and lacryma-jobi. Coix lacryma-jobi and its variant ma-yuen are harvested as a cereal crops. The output has a soft shell, and is used medicinally in parts of Asia. The material has shells that were used to make rosary beads for use in monasteries in southern Europe. In Korea, the grain comes along with powdered walnuts and almonds. When I heard that this hotel had added it to its menu I specially came here. I have to learn a thing or two about Korea – especially in the light of one of the top industrial houses of South Korea is in the dock in Seoul. That company has a major manufacturing plant in the outskirts of here.”

I somehow felt that the Guru was being evasive about something.

At that moment two men accosted the fixer. The persons were in complete contrast of each other. One wore a single cotton dhoti, a cotton shirt that seemed as though it needed ironing. He also did not wear slippers. The other gentleman was nattily dressed in an outlandish 3-piece suit.

“Friends of yours?” I asked.

“Let me introduce them. The man in the suit is a representative of the family of Goyals who once part-owned this hotel alongside ITC before conflicts of interests resulted in a change in management. The other poorly dressed man is Vaikundarajan, who owns a huge mining empire and a television channel. In the past, the Goyals had a problem or two with the Enforcement Directorate and the Union Finance Ministry about their mineral exports. Vaikundarajan is being accused of stealing India’s rare earths from Tuticorin district worth over Rs.1 lakh crores. This deal is worth several billions of dollars. And that is happening right here and not in an expensive place like Davos. The after effects of this deal can affect the global economy in more ways than one. I am helping them exchange notes. When I say notes, I do not mean the Rs.2000 type, mind you. You will not be part of this meeting, so better run away,” the Guru said.

As I began walking away I saw a flat nosed lady with mongoloid features join the motley crowd of three and wondered whether she was from a South Korean industrial house as hinted by the Guru.


Operative excerpt from the story:

1986 was a crucial year for Dhirubhai. He suffered a stroke in February that year. A few months later, the Express began publishing a series of articles by Shourie and Gurumurthy, which meticulously detailed a host of ways in which the Indira Gandhi government had gone out of its way to assist the Ambanis.

One article was on the subject of how the Reliance group imported “spare parts”, “components” and “balancing equipment” of textile manufacturing machinery to nearly double its production capacities. The article provocatively claimed the Ambanis had “smuggled” in a plant.

Another story detailed how companies registered in the tax haven, Isle of Man, with ridiculous names like Crocodile Investments, Iota Investments and Fiasco Investments had purchased Reliance shares at one-fifth their market prices.

Curiously, most of these firms were controlled by a clutch of Non-Resident Indians who had the same surname, Shah.

Though the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had to change a reply he gave in Parliament on the investments made by these firms, an inquiry conducted by the Reserve Bank of India could not find any evidence of wrongdoing.

Yet another article detailed how the group had been the beneficiary of a “loan mela” — a number of banks had loaned funds to more than 50 firms that had all purchased debentures issued by Reliance Industries.

Vishwanath Pratap Singh was one of the few politicians who took on the Ambanis. In May 1985, as finance minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s government, he suddenly shifted imports of PTA from the OGL (Open General Licence) category. At that juncture, Reliance needed to import this product to manufacture polyester filament yarn.

It was found that the group had “persuaded” a number of banks to open letters of credit that would allow it import almost one full year’s requirement of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) on the eve of the issuance of the government notification changing the category under which PTA could be imported.

It was hardly a coincidence that soon after V P Singh fell out with Rajiv Gandhi, various tax agencies of the Indian government raided the premises of the Express group.

Things got even more difficult for the Ambanis after Singh became Prime Minister in December 1989.

In 1990, government-owned financial institutions like the Life Insurance Corporation and the General Insurance Corporation stonewalled attempts by the Reliance group to acquire managerial control over Larsen & Toubro, one of India’s largest construction and engineering companies.

Sensing defeat, the Ambanis resigned from the board of the company after incurring large losses. Dhirubhai, who had become L&T chairman in April 1989, had to quit his post to make way for D N Ghosh, former chairman of the State Bank of India.

The mid-eighties were also a period during which the Reliance group got locked in a bitter turf battle with Bombay Dyeing headed by Nusli Wadia.

The two corporate groups were producing competing products — Reliance was manufacturing PTA and Bombay Dyeing, di-methyl terephthalate (DMT).

Wadia lost the battle and reportedly became the source of information for many of the Express articles against the Ambanis written by Shourie and Gurumurthy.

In 1985, the Mumbai police had accused a general manager in a Reliance group company of conspiring to kill Wadia, a charge that was never established in a court of law.

Eight years later, a newspaper owned by the Ambanis would accuse Wadia of illegally holding two passports and played up the fact that he was Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s grandson.

By this time, Shourie had built his bridges with the Ambanis and the newspaper concerned, the Observer of Business and Politics, would carry a regular column written by Shourie for which he was suitably remunerated.

In May 2002, as Union minister for divestment in the Vajpayee government, Shourie presided over the sale of 26 per cent of the equity capital of the former public sector company, Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (IPCL), to the Reliance group in May, the same year.

  • The non de plume Lazy Fly is an unabashed copy of the by-line of the humour columns once penned by the inimitable Behram Contractor, who called himself Busybee. Being no patch on the master in humour or contents’ crispness, I refer to myself as a Lazy Fly.

Are Indian Opposition’s Honourable Men and Women Out To Kill Bharat’s Neo Caesar – Modi?

Aren’t the opposition parties and paid media knaves’ knives attempting to maim India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi finding tacit support from within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party?

Does the single fulcrum uniting the anti Modi movement led by marginal leaders of the otherwise fractured opposition to protest his trashing high denomination currency notes have no sinful and/or ulterior motive other than helping the suffering middle-class?

Are all the opposition parties saying in unison that they too are for against black money, mouthing the truth?

Have peoples’ seemingly incessant hardships reached the threshold of an uncontrollable nationwide chaos as being stated by the opposition?

The answers to all the above queries are – anyone can discern – could only be in the form of the two letter word NO. Yet, PM Modi is going overboard to ‘convince’ the masses through Whatsapp interactions.

Why should Modi do this when a clear disconnect between the people and the parliament has been established by the combined acts of the discredited opposition? Anyone in India can see and hear that no worthwhile business has been transacted during the ongoing winter session of parliament! 

Yet, spokespersons of the BJP are – mixing fact, facetiousness, sarcasm, innuendo and irony pointing out the following ‘acts’ of the opposition to alleviate the sufferings of the masses in support of their star-vote-catcher:

  • Besides stymieing parliament’s functioning, the opposition has proposed a roll back of the demonetisation, extension of the time frame to exchange old notes and augmented supply of currency notes in distribution points.
  • To achieve these honourable ends, the opposition pursued the following ‘proactive’ steps:
  1. Parliament’s functioning was stymied with demands that have so far changed some 6 times. This includes Modi’s replying to questions by being present in the house, despite its not being incumbent upon the PM.
  2. The likes of Rahul Gandhi mingled with the public queues outside ATMs, apparently, to understand the masses’ angst.
  3. Chief Ministers of Delhi and West Bengal –Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Bannerjee respectively demanded to know details of the new currency notes’ distribution from the national capital region [NCR] offices of the Reserve Bank. In this endeavour, they blocked the traffic within a 1 km radius of Parliament.
  4. The left parties raised questions in Parliament – and have even announced intentions to be on the same page as their political foe – the ruling Trinamool Congress [TMC] in the major north-east state of Bharat. They narrated a count of those who dropped dead while standing in queues outside ATMs.
  5. The combined opposition even disturbed the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu who read out a statement regarding a mishap that had claimed over 150 lives. That was a loud and insensitive insult of the innocent dead souls.
  6. Those aggrieved by the money cleansing move of Modi filed petitions in various High Courts and a special petition was filed in the Supreme Court. In its wisdom, the Apex Court asked the government to speed up measures before riots happened. That sentence was enough for the opposition to point to the ‘impending riot situation on a nationwide scale.’
  7. “Cash delivery trucks were looted in Kashmir and in Pune,” was the only news item sign of the ‘riot like’ situation. But then, such heists happen all the time.

In a word – the threat of a countrywide unrest has proved to be an empty one.

Anyone with basic knowledge of governance could dismiss these above deeds producing zilch to lessen the sufferings with less than the proverbial guffaw.

Various aspects of the demonetisation step were exposed in my earlier blogs. Their links:

The ruling BJP is repeating ad nauseam that the opposition is likely to lose its heavy cash stash due to the demonetisation move.

If that is the only reason, the matter can be handled easily by the second rung leadership of the BJP.

Yet, Modi is pitch-forking himself into the fray.

Possible reasons:

Conservative estimates place normalisation some 3 months later.

Modi is fighting with his back to the wall against fire from his own flanks. And it isn’t the Shiv Sena of Maharashtra. The snipers are from within the BJP itself.

Shakespeare said thus in Julius Caesar:

The evil that men do lives after them

The good is oft interred with their bones.

Modi had been warned long ago – even before he took oath of office – to be precise – on May 16 and 17 2014 to be wary of those around him:

The links:

With criminal intent, Google killed all my blogs by cancelling my Gmail account. Therefore, some of the links within the above blogs will narrate the legend ‘blog not found’.

Operative excerpts:

Frustrated ambitious men and women will do anything to gain political power.

Who and why would someone want to eliminate Modi?

There are many within the Bharatiya Janata Party itself who would not stop at anything to get Modi out of the way. Such men and women could be instigated by one woman – Edvige Antonia Albina Maino – also known as Sonia Gandhi.

My above blog was published on December 18, 2010.

Within 3 weeks, Sonia’s controller in Pakistan – Salman Taseer– the very man who could physically blurt out the truth– who was then in a gubernatorial post – was murdered in cold blood – by his own bodyguard Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. Murders of Taseer and Indira Gandhi in 2010 and in 1984 respectively had one common denominator – Sonia Gandhi.

Taseer had introduced the Au Pair girl Sonia to Rajiv in the sixties – in a restaurant in the United Kingdom. Then Sonia was trying to learn to speak English to get employed as a waitress.

All those who could have exposed Sonia about her role in the Bofors payoffs have ended up dead.

The first to be killed on February 28 1986 was Swedish Prime Minister Sven Olof Joachim Palme. He is bound to have known the Bofors secrets. The Palme murder is still an unsolved mystery. His so-called killer was charged with murder, but released. The assassin – Carl Gustaf Christer Pettersson – died under mysterious circumstances recently when he was ready to spill all the beans.

The second Swede to lose his life was Palme’s political disciple Bernt Wilmar Carlsson, who perished in the Pan Am jet bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21 1988. Carlsson was scheduled to succeed Palme in the party. The Swede was doing important jobs for the United Nations to stop war mongers in their tracks in Africa.

The men who were accused of the guilt for over a decade by the West – two alleged Libyan terrorists – believed to be close to Tripoli villain Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi–were freed. The dictator was later trampled to death.

Bofors’ MD Martin Ardbo, and the middlemen Win Chadha and Ottavio Quattrocchi – who ought to have known who paid what and to whom – died of natural causes.

Rajiv Gandhi himself– who probably knew who benefited or had been the beneficiary himself– was murdered in 1991.

The Congress is still in denial about the details of not only Rajiv’s murder but also the elimination of the terrorist who ordered the cold blooded murder – V Prabhakaran.

Further details can be found in these blogs:

There are simple explanations to these.

The elections since 2014 have proved that the successors of the Nehru Gandhi clan – Sonia and Rahul Gandhi – are no longer the vote-catchers they once were. Hence, Congress party’s clown prince is putting up a brave front, with feeble one-liners against Modi. However, reports indicating that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra could lead the campaign in UP betray the sorry state of the mother-son duo’s waning clout.

In a few months, the state of Uttar Pradesh will go to polls.

Till the other day, it did seem that former CM Mayawati had the opportunity of coming to power in UP.

The party with chances better than the rest of the pack – post the demonetisation – in UP – is the BJP. The dead giveaway of this possibility is Mayawati’s relentless attack on Modi’s regime post November 8 2016. The ongoing fratricidal feud within UP’s ruling Samajwadi Party could ensure its defeat at the hustings.

The demonetisation sob stories are off the national media’s radars now.

If the thinning of the queues outside banks and ATMs have succeeded in turning the opposition parties’ party into a damp squib, the border incident wherein Pakistan soldiers left Indian brave-heart’s body mutilated on November 22 2016 have poured water on the proposed anti-demonetisation stir of the opposition – that could prove to be colder than Kashmir valley’s bitter winter’s ice on the Dal Lake.

Modi’s popularity began climbing after the first ‘surgical strike’ leaving 4 Pak army camps across the borders in tatters.

Then came the second one – called the ‘surgical strike’ against shady wealth. It turned the opposition’s paper treasury caches into sheaves of worthless paper.

Finally short-sighted Pakistan has left itself open to the sucker punch by its misadventure across the border which could lead to the third surgical strike that could inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.

Yet, Modi cannot afford to remain complacent.

Modi doesn’t need enemies from beyond the BJP. He has a well-endowed one in the form of Arun Jaitley.

Undoubtedly, the PM is India’s neo Julius Caesar.

Modi had been warned long ago – even before he took oath of office – to be precise – on May 16 and 17 2014 to be wary of those around him.

India has a fairly long list of potential Caesars.

The first two: Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Lal Bahadur Shastri would rank the next. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi – though not exactly in the Caesar mould – are certainly the nation’s martyrs..

The current Nehru-Gandhi clan is trying to profit from each of these murders.

Shakespeare said thus in Julius Caesar:

The evil that men do lives after them

The good is oft interred with their bones.

Injustice dogs the Mahatma long after his assassination

India needs to have serious re-looks about the song Saare Jahaan Se Achchaa – by the worst traitor of Bharat – Iqbal – who hated and systematically acted against the unity and integrity of India.

A tongue-in-cheek essay points to the posthumous injustice being meted out to the most important person of them all – the ‘Mahatma’ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The buried secret about the owner of the murder weapon that killed the father of the nation called India that is Bharat stinks!

And then there are other worse secrets…

By Lazy Fly

The home parliament met this morning after a long hiatus – to discuss matters of national and international importance.

“Are India’s intelligentsia and the governmental decision-makers seemingly and successfully dumb? Why is the song – Saare Jahaan Se Achchaa – being rammed down the throats of Bharat’s brave soldiers during every official defence do? It was penned by Allamaa Iqbal – who began hating India at the behest of the British and tirelessly worked for the creation of Pakistan, for God’s sake!”

The question and its follow-up remark were posed by the world’s only female talking dog [we do not term Babushka a bitch because of implied human promiscuity by cursing at curs]. All of us were having breakfast on yet another birthday of Gandhiji.

For the record, Babushka is the daughter of the eternal Bolshoi the Boxer. He had been the late journalist Busybee a.k.a. Behram Contractor’ favourite pet. His widow Farzana terms Babushka her ‘adopted’ God-Daughter. Babushka also is the presiding officer of our domestic parliament – our residence’s breakfast table – whose members – comprise –  besides Babushka –  poor old me, the wife, offspring Dirk and Diana and the charwoman Gangubai. Our non-human but humane ‘presiding officer of the house’ is yet to get a chance to yell “sit down” or baith jaayiye at the members here – unlike the real thing in Delhi.  We – at our domestic parliament – behave much better. None talks over the other or out of turn or shouts slogans. Of course, we have no use for placards of pepper sprays – weapons seen in India’s parliament these days.

“It is India’s official song. Saying things against it is sacrilege,” the wife said.

“It is sung at every official army function and it does say that India is the best in the world,” the son Dirk opined.

“What is your problem about a song that is 100 plus years old, now of all times,” the daughter Diana asked in a rather irate tone.

Knowing that Babushka never makes a flippant remark, I waited. That apart, she is better informed than most humans.

“The poem, entitled Tarana-e-Hind [Anthem of India] was penned by Mohammad ‘Allamaa’ Iqbal in 1904 – while he taught in the Government College, Lahore. Born in Sialkot [now in Pakistan] Iqbal self admittedly hailed from a family of Kashmiri Pandits who had converted to Islam. And it was he who piloted the idea of creating the state called Pakistan –  purely for Muslims –  against all interests of Indian unity before independence. And it was Iqbal who succeeded in convincing Jinnah – who was ready, willing and able to do a deal with the Congress on the one hand and the British on the other to keep India as a single nation. Pakistan was finally carved out of India to bleed Bharat. The perfidy continues,” Babushka opined.

“He may have supported the British at some time and been knighted for the yeoman service. But, the sentiments expressed in the song are per se pro-India and very patriotic,” I interpolated.

Babushka ignored me and continued.

“At that point in time, the song triggered nationalist sentiments in India. Being very fond of his mother, Iqbal used the term ‘Maadr-e-watan’ or simply, Mother Nation. The foreign rulers did not like it, as it landed a fly in the ointment of the dictum called dīvide et īmpera – a term so usefully coined by Phillip II of Macedon in the 4th century BCE. [1] But, the same Iqbal who went to Cambridge soon afterwards, became a member of the Muslim League in London [1907], wrote a parody of the same Saare Jahaan Se Achchaa as what he termed Tarana-e-Milli [Anthem of the Universe] – in which he said, Cheeno-Arab-Hamaara, Hindustan Hamaara, Muslim Hain Hum, Saara Jahaan Hamaara [Central Asia, West Asia, India and the entire world belongs to us Muslims]. Finally, Iqbal drilled the idea of the separate Muslim state called Pakistan – into the mind of an otherwise unwilling Jinnah,” Babushka spoke with some vehemence.

“You cannot be serious,” the wife yelled in a strained voice.

“It is you humans who are non-serious.  We animals are always serious about what we say and do. Besides, I am quoting facts! It was Iqbal whose teaching “spiritually … has been the chief force behind the creation of Pakistan,” says a website dedicated to the man who became famous a Shaayar-e-Mashreeq [poet of the East]. In 1907, Iqbal joined the London branch of the All India Muslim League, when he studied law and philosophy. In 1908, while in England, was chosen as a member of the executive council of the newly-established British branch of the Indian Muslim League,” Babushka pointed out.

“Why dig up old and rusty and buried hatchets of hatred?” I asked in exasperation.

“Because, Pakistan was created to hate, was sustained by sustaining its populace’s hatred, its hatred dogma was kept alive by illegal funding from abroad under spurious alibis and now, it has become a pain in several parts of the global anatomy. Iqbal hated the Congress and was disillusioned with the politicians of the Muslim League – because most of the 20’s leaders were a bickering, in-fighting lot. Their only interest was sharing power with the Congress if and when India became independent. He abhorred leaders like Muhammad Shafi and Fazl-ur-Rahman. In Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Iqbal found a man ambitious enough to chase the mirage called Pakistan. Jinnah was cajoled into returning to India from a self-imposed exile in London and take charge of the Muslim League.  This was purely the ‘remote controlled retaliation” by the British, of the British and for the British who frowned at Gandhiji’s clarion call on January 26 1930 for ‘Poorna Swaraj’ or complete independence,” Babushka argued.

“Is there any evidence of this far-fetched theory?” Incredulousness dripped from Diana’s query.

On December 29 1930, during a lecture in Allahabad, for the first time during the British Raj, Iqbal suggested the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. It was a time, when Jinnah was talking of being hopeful to be part of India. Operative excerpt from Iqbal’s speech: I would like to see the Punjab, North-West Frontier Provinces, Sind and Baluchistan into a single State …. Self-government within the British Empire or without the British Empire. The formation of the consolidated North-West Indian Muslim State appears to be the final destiny of the Muslims, at least of the North-West India. In 1931 and 1932 Iqbal represented the Muslims of India in the Round Table Conferences held in England to discuss the issue of the political future of India. A letter Iqbal wrote to Jinnah – at that point in time – is telling. Operative excerpt: “I know you are a busy man but I do hope you won’t mind my writing to you often, as you are the only Muslim in India today to whom the community has right to look up for safe guidance through the storm which is coming to North-West India and, perhaps, to the whole of India.

Babushka was firm in her narrative.

“Aguh-baaya,” exclaimed our charwoman Gangubai.

“But what does that have to do with modern day India, on Gandhi Jayanti day of all times? In Mumbai, we have our problems. The roads are bad as the rains are still yet to really end. The Corporation elections are due now. Shiv Sena, BJP and the rest of the rat-brat-pack politicians will be fighting like Kilkenny Cats. Salman Khan is taking the side of Pakistani actors’ God Given right to earn a living in India. Meanwhile vegetable prices are going through the roof. Those are interesting – at least – to read and debate,” Gangubai averred in an acerbic tone.

“Digging up old graves only creates newer problems and a stink. The exercise serves no useful purpose,” I said lamely.

“You stupid journalists say this because you do not know the horrible truth,” Babushka exclaimed rather dramatically.

“I would like to hear this so-called horrible truth,” the wife said sarcastically.

“There is an unsolved mystery about Gandhiji’s murder – or rather – the gun used in the gruesome deed. As India’s independence date neared, Mahatma Gandhi had floated the idea of making Jinnah – who was dying of tuberculosis anyway – as Bharat’s first Prime Minister – to negate the 2-nation theory, says an article published in Outlook magazine. The lines said to have been uttered by the Mahatma were, “If the experiment succeeds, none would care for a Pakistan. If it fails, none would dare to demand for a Pakistan. Either way, India wins.” Nehru was as guiltier as Jinnah was in the partitioning of India. Nathuram Godse shot Gandhiji to death on January 30 1948 pre-empting the February 1948 trip of the Father of the Nation to Pakistan for talks with Jinnah. Gandhiji had proposed to meet Jinnah in Pakistan and undo the crime of partition.  Operative excerpts from the Times of India say the 3 fatal bullets were fired from a Beretta pistol M1934 semi-automatic pistol in of point 38 ACP calibre, Serial Number 606824. Investigators however, never pursued the person to whom it was actually licensed. The Gandhi murder case charge-sheet reads: “Godse reached Gwalior by train on January 28 and secured the Beretta pistol with the help of Gwalior based Dr Dattatraya S Parchure, Gangadhar Dandvate, Gangadhar Jadhao, and Suryadeo Sharma. Dr Parchure, a Gwalior resident, was detained on February 3, 1948. The formal arrest was recorded 2 weeks later. On February 18, he confessed to his role in the murder during trial before First Class Magistrate (Gwalior) R B Atal, but later retracted citing it as ‘forcefully extracted’. Records say that Godse obtained the pistol from Gwalior through Dr Parchure who had got it from Dandvate. During the trial, Dandvate said that he had bought the pistol from a person named – Jagdish Prasad Goel. Goel admitted to have sold the pistol to Dandvate, but, never explained how he himself had obtained it. ‘It’s a secret that has been secured for last many years. Revealing it now might cause political turmoil…I don’t want more trouble at this age,’ Chandrasekhar (58), the son of Dandvate, who works in a private school at Gwalior, has been quoted as saying. The Hindu Mahasabha, an organisation with which Godse had been connected, adds to this enigma. ‘The pistol’s ownership was a secret and will remain a secret … only fact I can tell you is that Goel was not the last person in chain,’ Dr Jaiveer Bharadwaj, the national vice president of Hindu Mahasabha has said. Now ask yourselves the question as to whether to take Outlook magazine’s line of thought – about Gandhiji’s continued life, the continuance of Pakistan as a state bleeding India and what what followed – seriously or otherwise. The rumour is that a male Caucasian was around when the weapon used to kill Gandhiji changed hands. Cops never tried to find out who it was and why was he around. Then comes the clincher question:  who gained and continues to gain by keeping the heavy lid on the ownership of gun’s licence on,” Babushka observed and paused for four sips from her milk bowl.

“You hanging this far-fetched tale on the hook called the Mahatma’s birthday, like a few of my fellow journalists, who seem to have nothing better to do. Finding the owner of the gun will not bring the Mahatma back to life,” I commented in a matter-of-fact tone. This was getting too controversial and I wanted to end it.

“If you look at the other side of the coin, you would know why it is important. Jinnah, whose chest congestion was getting worse by the day, was brought from Quetta to Karachi for a cure. The cause, everyone knew was TB and the man’s insatiable craving for nicotine-laced smoke from a cigarette whose brand name, ironically, was Craven! He was ferried vide a special aircraft to Karachi. As he was being shifted by ambulance to a hospital from the airport, some 3 km away, the air-conditioned ambulance ran out of petrol! In the dust and grime of one of the dirtiest parts of Pakistan’s financial hub, the Quaid-e-Azam panted for breath and crossed the threshold between life and death towards the inevitable end. Moments before his death an hour or so later, the man told his military physician Dr Ilahi Baksh – “I will not remain alive!” In a way, someone in Pakistan obviously went to great lengths to ensure Jinnah did not continue to live. [2]  According to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, the death of Jinnah’s sister Fatima too is shrouded in mystery. Juxtapose all this with what India’s Karachi born BJP leader LK Advani said about the founder of Pakistan being a secular person, a patriot and someone who wanted Hindu Muslim unity. Then, you can make your own guesses,” Babushka said in a grim tone, that was cold, remote and sepulchral.

I was stumped by all this. To restore some sanity, I croaked, “All this is too fantastic. Who stood to gain by keeping India and Pakistan separate and at each other’s throats?”

“Between 1947 and now, India and Pakistan have officially fought 4 wars and have seriously exchanged fire countless times across the border. If Nawaz Sharif is to be believed, we just have finished the latest – the 5th, as he termed India’s surgical strike against terrorists across the border as ‘naked aggression’. The Paki military denial of this being a fabricated tale and/or exaggeration of an ordinary cross border small arms’ firing exchange can be deciphered by looking at the toll of 38 Pakistani terrorists. The costs of these wars have crossed the equivalent financial outlay of over US$ 2 trillion – if one counts both sides. Besides – there is a huge loss of lives. The guys and gals who made profits are those who sell arms and drugs from beyond the borders of India in the Asian subcontinent,” Babushka retorted angrily.

I hurriedly got up.I had to end this as this chat was spiralling out of control.

“Before you trot out your usual excuse of being late for work or an imaginary appointment, let me tell you something unforgettable. Not far from where we live in Malabar Hill here in Mumbai, there is this place South Court – a.k.a. Jinnah House. It lies in complete disuse. But, its ownership is being claimed by Jinnah’s only female offspring Dina Wadia, who lives in the US of A. Uncle Sam was supportive of Pakistan’s terrorist acts and worse, is still continuing to fund it – using the alibi of fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan under the fig-leaf of its contorted foreign policy! Pakistan is trying to acquire Jinnah House in India’s financial capital ‘for cultural purposes and people-to-people-contact’ whatever that means. By the continuing litigation over the bungalow, where none of any importance may ever live, the imaginary issue of Muslims being suppressed in India is kept alive. In legal terms, Pakistan has no claim whatsoever Jinnah House. The same thing can be said of the Kashmir claim. The UN verdict is clear about this from 1948 onwards! In 2010 November, the UN finally removed the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the list of disputed territories. Kashmir terrorism tangle fattens the purses of the world’s carnage merchants whose agents sell dud choppers to India – sometimes from Italy. The Mumbai brouhaha over the palatial residence, keeps mindless Muslims talking of persecution in India’s maximum city and financial capital. It also could render a few lawyers richer by a few crores of rupees. We – 4-legged creatures – too have our own turf-wars. But, we settle our issues by altering our boundaries with our liquid defecation and are done with it. You humans, with your avarice for money, greed to grab someone else’s property, fuelled by your inbuilt disdain for the lives of others of your ilk, are the exact opposite. Thank God, I am only a female dog, talking like humans, but am far better in judgement than you the 2-legged jokers. I began this discussion with the Iqbal song. Why not replace it with Vande Mataram by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay? Unlike Iqbal, the late Bankim loved India. We seem to be at war with Pakistan, yet are bent upon singing something created by an India-hating Pakistani pipsqueak British agent at military functions. We forget that our armed suffer the worst at the hands of the nation’s enemies – the Pakis – whose existence was caused by Iqbal! The controls for the never-ending real war – lie far beyond the physical borders of the subcontinent. The same can be said of the ensuing court battle for Jinnah House in the heart of India,” Babushka said in total disgust and walked out of the home for her morning stroll.


Phillip’s son Alexander the Great conquered a huge part of the world – applying this tactic – and left behind a set of his corrupt minions under the command of one of his infantry generals – Seleucus Nicator behind to rule what had become colonies – stretching from Greece to India. The only person who succeeded in defying this design was the wily Chanakya – who managed to get his protégé – Chandragupta Maurya – succeed in winning the hand of the enemy’s daughter – Helena.


Jinnah is often depicted as the villain of modern Indian history owing to the creation of Pakistan.

His ‘death’ remains a mystery.

On September 9, Jinnah had also developed pneumonia. Doctors urged him to return to Karachi, where he could receive better care, and with his agreement, he was flown there on 11 September. Dr. Ilahi Baksh, his personal physician, believed that Jinnah’s change of mind was caused by foreknowledge of death. The plane landed at Karachi that afternoon, to be met by Jinnah’s limousine, and an ambulance into which Jinnah’s stretcher was placed. The ambulance broke down on the road into town, and the Governor-General and those with him waited for another to arrive; he could not be placed in the car as he could not sit up. They waited by the roadside in oppressive heat as trucks and buses passed by, unsuitable for transporting the dying man and with their occupants not knowing of Jinnah’s presence. After an hour, the replacement ambulance came, and transported Jinnah to Government House, arriving there over two hours after the landing. Jinnah died at 10:20 pm at his home in Karachi on 11 September 1948 at the age of 71, just over a year after Pakistan’s creation.

Goswami subtly hitting Modi to emerge as next Kejriwal?

Is Goswami part of a gang subtly besmirching the reputation of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi?

Is Goswami’s PM interview the precursor to destabilise the National Democratic Alliance [NDA] regime?

Is the exercise aimed at aiding Arun Jaitley [now nicknamed Jai-Italy] to become the next tenant at 7 Race Course Road in Lutyens’ Delhi?

Or do those who are backing Goswami want him to be a more effective and better sophisticated Arvind Kejriwal?

Post the so-called ‘highly acclaimed’ Modi interview, senior journalist Hartosh Singh Bal asked two important questions on twitter that actually exposed the mens rea behind the Goswami exercise of chatting with the PM before television cameras.

If Raghuram Rajan is a patriotic Indian, doing a good job, why didn’t he get a second term?

If Swamy is wrong, what will you do? You made him RS MP, why?

These were 2 questions Goswami had not asked Modi, Bal averred.

Even before the full frankly speaking saga was aired, its promos claimed the PM had silenced Dr Subramanian Swamy by slamming the southern maverick. The entire national media took that lead. Curiously, the PM did not refer to the southern maverick politico by name.

The ‘lead’ had come from Arun Jaitley before the Modi-Goswami tête-tête.

Of course, Swamy has fallen silent. Bal, once featured in Goswami’s “Noise Hour” isn’t being accorded the honour these days.

Swamy had threatened to to expose serious wrongdoing on the part of one of Finance Ministry mainstays Shaktikanta Das. It fizzled out into a damp squib.

India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has stoutly backed the nation’s Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das.

“An unfair and false attack on a disciplined civil servant in the Finance Ministry,” Jaitley said in a tweet at 1724 hours IST on June 23 2016 implying Das is as pure as driven snow.

Rumours have begun circulating that Das could be the next RBI Governor.

Is Das a disciplined civil servant?

Consider the following:

The career of Enforcement Directorate’s Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh probing the 2G Spectrum scandal was almost killed reportedly at the behest of Shaktikanta Das who held the post of Secretary to Government of India, Department of Revenue. That department  oversees operations of ED and a lot other vital punitive departments that tackle tax evaders.

Singh was probing the 2G Spectrum scandal under the supervision of the Supreme Court. He was shunted out in early 2014. At that point in time, India Inc. more or less knew that the United Progressive Alliance regime was on its way out. Justice Singhvi, the strict and stern SC judge – who was hearing the 2G Spectrum scandal and monitoring Singh’s investigation had retired in December 2013.

Weeks before the 2014 parliamentary poll results that caused a change of political guard in India that is Bharat, acting on Swamy’s petition, the Supreme Court asked the immediate reinstatement of Singh. The order was ignored.

After waiting for a few months since the NDA began its rule, Swamy raised the matter in SC again.

Senior counsel KK Venugopal who appeared for ED matters in SC had been known to be against the shifting of Investigating Officers [IOs] conducting probes under the supervision of the Apex Court.

The Revenue Department headed by Das replaced Venugopal with Additional Solicitor General Nageshwara Rao. [Soon, he was directly elevated to the Supreme Court from the Bar – the 7th in the annals of Indian judiciary.]

The SC did not like the way Singh was being footballed by the Revenue Department. It curtly gave a mere 3 days to comply with its orders by reinstating Singh.

The Revenue Department pursued Singh with a vengeance.

Cases were preferred against Singh in various courts citing ‘service matters’. The endeavour was meant to stymie Singh obtaining the UPSC norm. The Revenue Department lost every case.

Following the reported ‘discovery’ of protection accorded to Das protégé Rajan Katoch [said to be a relative of Congress mainstay Digvijay Singh] and the latter’s attempt to sabotage the National Herald case against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Das and Katoch were transferred – allegedly under the orders of PM Modi.

For the statistically minded there are 2 points to note:

  • Das had held vital posts in Tamil Nadu when the DMK had been in power.
  • Singh’s probe is proving to be a pain in the neck of P Chidambaram and several others linked to the AIRCEL-Maxis scandal.

“If Das does become the RBI boss – someone will have to write a newer version of the Marx’s treatise – Das Kapital with a right-wing twist. Sure, Das is civil. The civil nature is because the criminal ramifications of his actions will be difficult to prove in a court of law. Das seems to be the servant of the corrupt in Delhi if the chronology of events that had exposed Revenue Department’s contempt of Supreme Court is any indication. Finally, Das is indeed a disciplined soldier of the Jai Italy army,” a Delhi wag wisecracked.

The initial questions again:

Is Goswami part of a gang subtly besmirching the reputation of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi?

Is the Goswami’s PM interview the precursor to  destabilise the National Democratic Alliance [NDA] regime?

Is the exercise aimed at aiding Arun Jaitley [now nicknamed Jai-Italy] to become the next tenant at 7 Race Course Road in Lutyens’ Delhi?

Or do those who are backing Goswami want him to be a more effective and better sophisticated Arvind Kejriwal?

There are many who allege that Goswami’s now-famous chat with the PM was a PR job.

Was it a PR Job or something else??

Excerpts from Arnab’s self-eulogy:

From NSG to China, Pakistan to Rajan, Swamy to inflation, 2019 to Uttar Pradesh and the politics of polarisation, rising unemployment to the parliament logjam, the possible passage of GST to the numbers in the Rajya Sabha, black money and the Rs. 15 lakh in every bank account promise, [my] interview had covered it all… everyone in the national media, on print, TV and digital followed it.

Was I soft?

Eventually, all of us will be judged by what we do.

NSG, China policy, Pakistan’s perfidy, Rajan, inflation, politics of polarisation, rising unemployment and the yet to be fulfilled promise of Rs.15 lakh into every Indian’s account – form a list of dubious non-achievements of the NDA regime under Modi.

Modi answered all these questions.

Perhaps misled by Arnab’s quiet tone, Modi reacted to the above queries in a way that arguably could – in future – prove to be an acute embarrassment to not only Modi and the NDA but also the BJP and the RSS.

Of course, Arnab would only be too happy to display the trophy to underline his being a fearless journalist – the same way as TimesNow shows clips from the famous interview that has virtually buried the career of Congress clown prince Rahul Gandhi.

As of now, the Congress is Gone-Gress. Goswami claims the credit for it.

One has to now wonder as to whether Goswami has begun the exercise to do the same job on Modi.

It could create a political vacuum in India’s  opposition ranks. Hypothetically, the ground would be fertile for the emergence of another Kejriwal.

Poor Arvind the cagey-re-wail is already close to the bottom of the dumps.

The initial questions once again:

Is Goswami part of a gang subtly besmirching the reputation of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi?

Is the Goswami’s PM interview the precursor to  destabilise the National Democratic Alliance [NDA] regime?

Is the exercise aimed at aiding Arun Jaitley [now nicknamed Jai-Italy] to become the next tenant at 7 Race Course Road in Lutyens’ Delhi?

Or do those who are backing Goswami want him to be a more effective and better sophisticated Arvind Kejriwal?

A ‘gust’ a ‘wasteland’ stink returns to haunt

The ‘highly paid’ and ‘well-managed’ sections of the India media are pretending to have exposed the Agusta Westland chopper scandal that has blown up on the face of the erstwhile United Progressive Alliance regime and its decision makers.

The low down on the lies can be learnt by downloading and reading the links given below:

Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi, the alleged agent of Pakistan’s ISI and the erstwhile KGB is now stuck with the Agusta Westland choppergate.

Doing good work fearlessly does not pay in India. The exposes cost this journalist dearly. The situation remains unchanged.

Worse, even has illegally sided with criminals in India by blocking my blogs.

Silly idiot box channels’ so-called ‘investigative journalists’ are falsely claiming to have ‘broken’ the story first!

The truth is that none of the channels have even scratched the surface!

Given hereunder are the exposes in these columns – whose background goes back to – hold your breath – 6 years! [6 years ago] [4 years ago] [4 years ago] [4 years ago] [3 years ago] [3 years ago] [3years ago] [3 years ago] [3 years ago] [2 years ago] [5 days ago] [4 days ago] [2 days ago]