Remembering Rajiv Gandhi 20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991

As Indians should we be sorry about insulting the memory of Rajiv Gandhi on yet another of his murder anniversaries?

The answers could shock every patriotic Indian.

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Should the Congress Party that ruled India that is Bharat for over 70 years apologise to former India PM Rajiv Gandhi for posthumously stabbing him in the back?

Was Rajiv ‘sacrificed’ to help the Congress win the 1991 parliamentary elections that clearly triggered his widow morphing into exalted status of the ‘uncrowned empress of India’ from 1992 to 1999 and ‘unconstitutional authority’ between 2004 to 2014? Is that why Sonia had a ‘cosy’ relationship with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam – a party whose rule in TN was sacked in 1975 at the behest of the Congress [1] and was the raison d’être for pulling down the Gujral coalition at the centre? [2]

Should the Indian National Congress look over its shoulder to discern the suspicious nature of the meeting between Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rajiv assassin Nalini Sri Haran a.k.a. Murugan in 2008?

Should the current National Democratic Alliance regime take a close look at the role of Rajiv’s Widow Sonia Gandhi a.k.a. born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino in the ex-PM’s murder?

Is someone covering up her suspected double agent roles through her links to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and former Soviet Union’s infamous KGB and its later-day incarnations?

Is there much more to Karti Chidambaram’s flight to London to escape imminent arrest and questioning in the matter pertaining to multiple shady deals of amassing wealth beyond his known sources of income?

Are such secrets linked to Harvard don and senior advocate P Chidambaram? 

On this day – May 21 2017, around 8.a.m., in the morning, this website: could be clearly seen. It then disappeared and this line appeared in its place: “This website/URL has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecommunications of India.”  If this can happen on a Sunday, on Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary, obviously, someone close to P Chidambaram can pull strings within the ministry of telecommunications. Who could that be?

Meanwhile, this writer has picked up the gauntlet and is exposing the nice lawyer even more! Let us see if he can block that too!

At this point in time, the plausible answers to all these questions are in the affirmative.


Operative portions from a Times of India report dated June 26 2014:

“The Emergency in Tamil Nadu can be classified into two phases — before and after the dismissal of the DMK government on January 31, 1976,” said former Madras high court judge K Chandru.

“The President’s rule in the state was draconian. DMK leaders were thrashed in prison,” said Chandru, who was a member of the Justice Ismail Commission, which probed alleged prison excesses during the Emergency.

Senior DMK leaders Murasoli Maran, then MP Chitti Babu, M K Stalin, Arcot Veerasamy and several party volunteers were imprisoned and allegedly beaten up. DMK leaders say while Veerasamy lost his hearing, Maran never recovered from a back injury and Chitti Babu, who bore the brunt of the attack, died in Chennai prison in 1976.


Operative portions from the relevant Wikipedia dossier:

On 30 January 1991, the DMK government which had come to power after winning the 1989 was dismissed by the Indian Prime minister Chandrasekhar using Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. President’s rule was imposed on Tamil Nadu from 31 January. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state and the DMK’s alleged closeness to the LTTE. The union law minister Subramanian Swamy, cited (among others) the assassination of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) office bearers in Chennai on 19 June 1990 by the LTTE as the proof of collusion between the DMK government and the LTTE. The Samajwadi Janata Party government of Chandrasekhar at the centre was dependent on the outside support of Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress, which in turn was an ally of the ADMK in Tamil Nadu. The dismissal followed pressure on the Chandrasekhar government by the Congress and ADMK to dismiss the DMK government. The Chandrasekhar government fell on March 1991 after the Congress withdrew its outside support. Fresh elections for both the Indian parliament and Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly were scheduled for June 1991.

Jaya murder cover-up defecation aided by Dr Swamy hits the fan?

By Lazy Fly

Are foreign hands helping the cover-up of Jaya murder and guiding the political drama in Tamil Nadu with far more far-reaching consequences than the ruckus in the state legislative assembly?

Whose money is funding and fuelling the vain game of Sasikala Natarajan who seems to be operating with impunity from Parapana Agrahara Prison in Bangalore?

Should one read more into the allegations against Dr Subramanian Swamy? What caused him to suddenly jettison his charges against Sasikala? What has caused his new found admiration of Sasikala as a “God fearing person” comparing favourably when juxtaposed to the equally bad DMK?

Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the imbroglio.

I spotted MG, the inimitable political fixer in the verandah of Delhi’s Gymkhana Club – that abuts the Prime Minister’s residence in Lutyens’ Delhi, a.k.a India’s national capital region [NCR].

Either he had hired the cottage as a member of some other club or was using the place through the good offices of a contact, I reckoned.

A BMW i8 with Haryana number plates drove in. It disgorged a male Caucasian dressed in a Giorgio Armani suit. Its chauffeur parked a little away.

His facial features indicated a Slav extraction.

I was waiting for a contact to show up in the vicinity. The blighter had perhaps stood me up.

Privjet,” the fixer greeted his visitor.

The stone-faced Russian with chiselled features simply nodded.

Sensing a story, I decided to butt in.

The ‘fixer’ is a spitting image of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s flunkey, Makhan Lal Fotedar.

The political lobbyist is known as MG which is an acronym of Maha Guru and/or Minimum Guarantee.

“The longer form of MG changes depending on the time, occasion, location and significance of each of my operations,” the man loves to tell those foolish enough to listen.

“One thing is always certain. MG does not stand for Mahatma Gandhi because I love my liquor and flaunt my cocktails,” is a constant line muttered occasionally during his con—corny-conversations.

“You insufferable journos have the habit of butting into each of my important meetings. However, Lazar Hrebeljanović Spiridon Umarov is a friend. Many call him SU – which actually stands for Soviet Union. There is a reason. His connections run the length and breadth of what had been a magnificent conglomerate of socialist republics. His relatives can be found in Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Siberia. But, I refer to him as Laser. He is as sharp as the optically amplified light beam that has virtually innumerable uses in modern science,” MG said as an opening gambit. I plonked my backside on one of the cane chairs.

Often, found citing own aphorisms terming and them as the Holy Minds’ Voices, he is also referred to with the sobriquet – HMV.

MG’s predictions are of the Nostradamus variety. They are puzzling and can be indicated as prophesies of any eventuality.

Thanks to his somewhat archaic language, he also is derisively called Long Playing Old Record [LPOR], cassette tape [CT] video-cassette-disc [VCD]. His actions have earned him other epithets. Some of them are political predicament predictor [PPP], fixer-of the deadly instigation [FDI], Doddering Lying Fixer [DLF] and first-class rascally abomination [FCRA].

“What is the Soviet Union doing in Delhi, at the beginning of spring? And more importantly, what are you doing here? I thought you would be in Chennai. After all, getting a totally unpopular government to succeed in winning the vote of confidence in Tamil Nadu’s legislative assembly amidst pandemonium couldn’t have happened sans your fixing. Reports said it was meant to cover up the alleged murder of Jayalalithaa,” I said.

“Chennai is full of foolish politicians and dunderhead media-hacks who pompously call themselves journalists. They are either on the take or cannot see beyond their blistered, blasted, blasphemous, bulbous, bilious, bloated, buffoonish snouts,” FCRA observed.

“You are talking about my profession and I must protest,” I wailed.

“You are a lump of clay, like that chap O Panneerselvam or OPS who ought to be referred to as an apposite of the song oops. He thinks that DMK’s hare-brained heir apparent and Leader of Opposition MK Stalin will help him become Chief Minister again through a no-confidence motion against Speaker Dhanapal,” PPP spat.

“Now you are talking rubbish. By possibly getting Dhanapal thrown out, Stalin can get OPS in and then expose the entire AIADMK as a dud, go for elections and then win hands down. Isn’t that obvious to you?” I thought I had scored the bull’s eye.

“OPS will never win anozer elixon. But, he can zpoil efreyzink for zat fat man pusillanimous,” the Russian interpolated.

“You mean E Palanisamy [EPS], the current CM,” I reacted.

“Iz zee zame zink. Zis man iz zee taking orderz from zat woman in Bangalore prison …sassy zee cola. Zat iz waat I kaal pusillanimous,” the Russian interjected.

“This is triple Greek and Double-Dutch to me. Can you explain, MG?”

LPOR cackled as he began.

“All OPS has to do to challenge EPS is to get all the MLAs with him to resign en masse and claim to go to the people. In the ensuing by-elections to 11 seats, perhaps, some of them may win, but none from the EPS faction will even manage to retain their deposit. That will trigger a lot of MLAs on EPS side to switch sides. Stalin will have to support OPS for the time being – in case he is short of a majority or perhaps abstain from voting. Whatever Stalin does, in the longer run, OPS would turn the tables on EPS. The earnings per share of whatever political capital EPS possesses will be in negative figures. That way, he could even retain the AIADMK identity! Instead of playing this simple trick and turning the tables on EPS and DMK, the political gigolo that OPS is, is playing parlour games in the assembly expecting the CM’s post to land on his table on a platter! That is why I call him a lump of clay,” FDI opined.

“I understand this, but, what did the Russian exactly mean?” I asked the question with a sound pregnant with confusion.

“Pusillanimous stands for a man who lacks courage and/or resoluteness. Sassy stands for a woman possessing an ungodly amount of cool. And Cola… that is what takes the cake. Cola stands for carbonated sweet beverages with phosphoric acid that cause various illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, and kidney stones. That is what Sasikala Natarajan actually has turned out to be for the AIADMK and the memory of Jayalalithaa! That, little boyo Lazy, is basic English!” CT guffawed.

The nickel dropped.

Meanwhile, the Russian took out a hip flask and handed it over to DLF.

“Iz chilled, Guru! I put zee ize inzide when I leafe zee hotel”. The Russian said it with a broad smile.

HMV poured into a whiskey glass. It had a light blue colour.

“This is my favourite pepper-vodka cocktail – brand-named Electric Light. It mainly comprises Svedka Blue Raspberry lightened with coconut water, a special blue sports drink that is yet to be discovered by the drug examiners who are invigilators in chess Olympiads, a dash of silver tequila, peach schnapps, blue Curacao and some sour mix. The ingredients – jointly augment thinking power.”

“So what is the Russian connection to what goes on in Tamil Nadu – as your Slav friend seems to know quite a bit about the south Indian state,” I asked.

“The answer will give you a shock. Many in India now know that Sonia Gandhi began life as an agent of the KGB and Pakistan’s ISI. Jayalalithaa hated Sonia and made no bones about it. Today, the person appearing for Sasikala Natarajan is senior Supreme Court advocate KTS Tulsi. Trusted by Sonia, he has defended Robert Vadra, Punjab terrorist DPS Bhullar and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha during the United Progressive Alliance rule. Obviously, Sonia wants to get even with Jayalalithaa posthumously. By getting the former TN CM convicted after death, Sonia has won this round against Jaya. Through the machinations of Sasikala, the AIADMK is almost destroyed. On her part, Sasikala used to be moll of none other than Karunanidhi. And very successfully, a systematic canard is being spread that Sasikala has Modi’s blessings. During the Jallikkattu agitation, pro LTTE slogans were shouted – obviously due to the machinations of the Rasputin called Natarajan who is in constant touch with the banned Tiger terrorists. The new friendship between Putin and China has led to FSB – the new avatar of KGB to poke its nose into the immediate southern neighbourhood of India through the Lankan port of Hambantota and a lot worse. And then there is another Congress mainstay – P Chidambaram who has repeatedly lied about the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Dr Swamy tweeted last year that Sasikala was holding Jaya prisoner– the same way Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was – by Aurangzeb. Now, he has changed his tune completely and hails the same Sasikala. You see, Swamy also has a score to settle with Jayalalithaa. After all, she had systematically destroyed all chances the man had to develop a political base in Tamil Nadu. For the time being he is a Rajya Sabha member. Once something happens to the post or the ex-Harvard professor rubs Modi too badly on the wrong shoulder, he would be in a unique political position called limbo. Perhaps, realising the position he is in, suddenly, the man has attacked Karti Chidambaram’s stash abroad to divert attention from one basic fact that Swami, Apollo promoter Pratap Reddy, fake God-man Chandraswami and Karti’s wife Srinidhi Chidambaram are on the same page! Even Dr Swamy’s attack on the Maran Brothers is a feint as Apollo Hospitals are part of the Aircel-Maxis scandal. In a nutshell, boyo, every dirty finger is in this pie. And all the fingers have one symbolic hand source … Sonia Gandhi.”

I was fidgeting madly as the Minimum Guarantee made his long speech – all of which was and is controversial. However, I tried one last shot.

“So apart from the old hat tale about Sonia’s connections with the KGB dating back to 60’s, where is the Russian link now?”

It was the Russian’s turn to get in again.

“Does my name Umarov mean anyzink to you?”


“One of my distant relatife haz zee name Omarova … she iz zee wife of cricket game match fixer and washed up actor Vindu Dara Zingh. Zingh linked to N Zrinivasan zon-in-law Gurunath, who iz cloze to Maran Broz. Zingh and wife Omarova holiday rekularlee in Siberia! Zee case against Singh is kaput and jingalala for long time. Zee ban against Chennai Zuper Kink iz remofing zis year. Cricket auction action now goink on in Bangalore. Sassy Cola also is Bangalore prison. You understand full link out now!”

My head reeled from the info.

At that time, my contact showed up in the horizon. Muttering an excuse, primarily to escape the controversies, I beat a hasty retreat.

Chidambaram Lied About Rajiv Killers?

Is Chidambaram covering up the actual fate of former PM Rajiv Gandhi killer Prabhakaran?

Did P Chidambaram, the former Union Minister who handled the portfolios of Home and Finance lie to parliament over the so-called slaying of Tamil Tiger terrorist V Prabhakaran responsible for the brutal murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi? Does it have a Sonia Gandhi angle?

 Many facts point to this possibility.

The most important ones:

DNA and fingerprint evidence to prove a body that seemed to be that of Prabhakaran paraded on India’s television screens on May 19 2009 haven’t been submitted by the Lankan regime so far. [The controversial slaying of Osama bin Laden too had similar mysteries [1], but, the US President Obama said that his government has the DNA evidence – that it had in its possession the dead body of the wanted terrorist.]

Did Prabhakaran escape from Lanka earlier?

On January 19 2009, Lanka’s Lt General Sarath Fonseka indicated that Prabhakaran may have escaped through India, a report in the Sydney Morning Herald said.


Sri Lankan government troops have almost completely cornered the Tamil Tigers in their north-eastern jungle base and the rebels’ leader [Prabhakaran] may already have fled the island, the army chief said.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka told reporters that he believed Tiger chief Veluppillai Prabhakaran may already have escaped by sea.“We don’t know if he is still there. He may have already fled in a boat,” Fonseka said

Veluppillai Prabhakaran, 54, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was declared killed by the Sri Lankan government on May 18. 

A different report was filed by Jyoti Thottam, on May 19 2009 for the international news weekly – Time.

“When the troops opened fire, the van [carrying Prabhakaran] tried to get away, but it was also hit,” said another high-level source from the military. “The vehicle caught fire.”

“He was killed with two others inside the vehicle. There will be a formal announcement later,” said an official.

Prabhakaran is said to have come under attack as he tried to drive out of the battle zone in a small convoy of a van and an ambulance along with several close aides.

Britain’s right-wing The Telegraph said something else.

Prabhakaran was one of 18 top LTTE leaders killed in the early-morning ambush, the government said. On May 19, the army released images to Sri Lankan television of Prabhakaran’s body, still in its uniform, in which his face is clearly visible.

In the run up to this so-called killing, Chidambaram went on record saying he did not wish Prabhakaran ill!

“We do not wish Prabhakaran ill,” Chidambaram told a television news channel on April 28 2009 – exactly 20 days before Prabhakaran was declared dead in action.

Excerpts from a report put out by IANS on February 1 2010 quoting Chidambaram, then Union Home Minister show a serious lacuna:“The CBI has told me that they have received documentation from the government of Sri Lanka confirming the death of Prabhakaran,” Chidambaram said while presenting the monthly report of his ministry.

He did not elaborate.

The remark follows a CBI statement last month, in response to an RTI application that it was yet to get the death certificate of Prabhakaran, the founder leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).Prabhakaran along with his intelligence chief Pottu Amman were declared proclaimed offenders after a LTTE suicide bomber blew up Rajiv Gandhi near Chennai in May 1991.India outlawed the LTTE in August 1992.

[Emphasis added]

It is pertinent to note in the background of the sudden clamour for the release of Rajiv Gandhi killers – Chidambaram had said that Prabhakaran wasn’t India’s enemy!

Operative excerpts from a Press Trust of India [PTI] report dated July 18 2010 quoting Chidambaram whose headline says it all – LTTE Chief Prabhakaran was not our enemy:

Slain LTTE leader V Prabhakaran would have been the uncrowned monarch of the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Prabhakaran was not our enemy. We were opposed to the path chosen by him,” Chidambaram had been quoted as saying.

The Interpol Red Corner Notice against Prabhakaran was withdrawn only in the 3rd week of December 2010, according to media reports.

The man who decimated the Tigers – General Sarat Fonseka who had indicated that Prabhakaran may have escaped 5 months before the claim of the Tiger being declared killed in action.

Perhaps as a result, Fonseka was a hero in May 2009 but is now less than a zero, stripped of all his military honours and is out on some kind of conditional bail.

Yet, under Chidambaram, the Union Home Ministry told the TADA court in the outskirts of Chennai that it had withdrawn the international red corner notice against Prabhakaran 19 months after the announcement of Prabhakaran having been killed.

Several years after the so-called crushing of Tamil militancy, several tens of thousands of Tamils are languishing behind barbed wires and iron bars in Sri Lanka under inhuman conditions.

India supported Rajapaksa in his incessant pogrom against Tamils and Chidambaram says that it is to help the Tamil speaking minority in Lanka!

Worse, Chidambaram justified training Lankan naval personnel who have turned the sea separating India and Lanka into a watery killing field despite the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly passing several resolutions to the contrary.

The Congress party to which Chidambaram belongs, was in cahoots and perhaps still is with Thol Thirumavalavan who claims to be an incarnation of Prabhakaran vide posters pasted all over Tamil Nadu!Comprehensive evidence have drilled a series of holes in the tale about V Prabhakaran having been slain by the Lankan Government on May 18 2009.

India had and continues to have the fingerprints of Prabhakaran taken in 1981 and 1986 in India. If the body paraded on television screens on May 18 2009 was that of Prabhakaran, it would have been very easy to take the fingerprints off the body and compare them with those in India openly before television cameras. That was never done.

The Lankan regime had Prabhakaran’s parents within its reach. A DNA report would have confirmed to all and sundry that Prabhakaran had indeed been killed in action. The Government of Sri Lanka is yet to do it.Nobody with a sane mind would acceptable television pictures of a body that proclaimed a person as so and so implying anyone can be depicted as anyone in these days of plastic surgery.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited Rajiv killer Nalini in prison on March 18 2008. The murdered former PM’s daughter is yet to provide an explanation as to why she travelled some 5600 km on a single day to meet Nalini.

The trillion dollar question therefore is:

Did P Chidambaram, the former Union Minister who handled the portfolios of Home and Finance lie to parliament over the so-called slaying of Tamil Tiger terrorist V Prabhakaran responsible for the brutal murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi?


The time-line of reports on the Osama slaying reveals some skeletons.Operative excerpts from a Southern Features News Service despatch citing international news agency Associated Press and senior journalist Mark Memmott: May 1, 2011

Update at 11:28 p.m. ET. Osama Killed Last Week In Pakistan, AP Reports:

“A senior U.S. counterterrorism official said bin Laden was killed in a ground operation in Pakistan, not by a Predator drone,” The Associated Press reports.

“The official said it happened last week.”Osama bin Laden, who created the al-Qaida terrorist network that killed 3,000 people in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, is dead.

President Obama is about to announce that news to the nation, NPR and other news outlets have been told by U.S. officials.

With the al-Qaida leader’s death, a new and dramatic moment has occurred in a long struggle that has seen the U.S. go to war first in Afghanistan — where al-Qaida was based — and then in Iraq.

Update at 11:36 p.m. ET. Hundreds Are Cheering, Singing Outside The White House:A crowd is outside the gates and can be heard singing the national anthem and chanting “USA!”

Update at 11:42 p.m. ET.

Bin Laden Was Killed Today, The President Says:Last August, the president says, the U.S. got a lead on bin Laden’s whereabouts “within a compound deep inside Pakistan.”“Last week,” he says, “I determined we had enough intelligence to take action.”“Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted action” and in a firefight killed the al-Qaida leader. The U.S. now has his body.

Update at 11:45 p.m. ET. “Justice Has Been Done”:Tonight, says the president, “We can say to those families who have lost loved ones … justice has been done.”

The American Naval SEAL who ‘took the guy out’ claimed to be in penury, a report in the Esquire magazine said.

The Obama regime termed it lies.

The impartial Los Angeles Times had expressed mild surprise over the denial.Some 14 minutes before President Obama told the world through television cameras that Osama had been killed on May 1 2011, an Islamabad date-lined Associated Press report said, the 1957-born Saudi origin terrorist had been killed a week back.

No one would doubt the ‘erasure’ of Osama.Obama may have ‘slipped up’ over the timing of the killing, but he surely would not have lied about being in possession of D.N.A. fingerprints to prove that Osama had indeed been killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan – a space under 100 km of Islamabad, the federal capital of the Islamic rogue state.A media report questioned the –slighting of Osama slayer.

The now-retired Navy Seal soldier who says he shot Osama bin Laden dead claims he’s struggling to support his wife and feed his children after the U.S. government abandoned him.

The unidentified specialized Seal Team 6 member says after his 16 years of service in the navy he doesn’t have a pension, health care or protection for himself and his family, according to a report published in the March 2013 issue of Esquire.

“I asked if there was some transition from my Tricare to Blue Cross Blue Shield. They said no. You’re out of the service, your coverage is over. Thanks for your sixteen years. Go f— yourself,” he said.

Another unidentified Seal Team 6 member says getting killed on duty offers better benefits for his family than if he retires, Esquire reported.

“If I get killed on this next deployment, I know my family will be taken care of. But if I come back alive and retire, I won’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out for the rest of my life. Sad to say, it’s better if I get killed.”

The navy, in response to questions from MSNBC, said: “We take seriously the safety and security of our people as well as our responsibility to assist sailors making the transition to civilian life.”