Sing again, O wounded heart!

Sublime poetry, I have often found, applies balms on a tortured mind.

Lata Mangeshkar’s lilting voice breathed life into penned gems by Sultanpur’s wounded soul – Majrooh – soothed my mental wounds yet again.

The longer version of the original song – has been rendered into English by yours truly.

Akin to the zenith of market’s capital

We attract appraising buyers’ greedy glower

In this thirsty street a single drink would suffice

To bring us back to life like resurrected treasures

The beau is here somewhere close to the heart

But the eyes yearn and dart around to seek

Love’s path is straight and ordinary hereabouts

Yet is curled like young maiden’s wavy tiara strands

Visions’ digging buried memories will be futile

Their footprints have risen tall like fortifying walls

The verses’ madness have assumed a new method

Triggering wounded heart’s tears wetting cheeks and lips

The marred soul swears faith and affection

Yet, we stand transfixed like accused in a trial

For the sake of those who appreciate good music, here is the link of the whole song from Dastak [the knock] – the 1970 black and white classic:

A little more on Madan Mohan and Majrooh from my earlier blog:

The lyricist Majrooh and the composer Madan Mohan had every right to feel slighted by the awards and rewards system.

Born in 1919, the lyricist had just one Filmfare award to show for his labour in a film Dosti which also translates into English as Friendship.

Madan Mohan got the national award for the song mentioned above but netted the Filmfare award only in 1979, posthumously – four years after his death.

Madan had died a frustrated man – of a liver mutilated by liquor.

I shall yet again cite – another classic film Mausam – in which Madan had collaborated with another master craftsman – Gulzar.

See more in

Producer Mallikarjun had signed Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya for Mausam – loosely based on the AJ Cronin classic – Weather – a story in the novel The Judas Tree.

The movie was to be directed by Gulzar.

In the early seventies, everyone wanted to get on the right side of the son of the well known poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

The reason was that the actor was close to PM Indira Gandhi.

Films starring Amitabh had flopped one after another after his debut vehicle 7 Hindustani [7 Indians] followed by Anand [Happiness] that had featured Amitabh playing second fiddle to Rajesh Khanna and upstaging the then matinee idol.

Mallikarjun had shelved the film after everyone had written Amitabh off.

And when the actor became a hit following the success of Zanjeer [Chain] and Deewar [Wall] Mallikarjun had wanted to revive the film.

Gulzar tried doing the honours.

Amitabh agreed to do it, provided Gulzar changed the producer.

“You haven’t grown tall enough to ask me to do that and neither am I so destitute to do such things to survive,” Gulzar is reported to have told Amitabh, and nodding towards Jaya [who was by then Mrs Bachchan] added carefully, “My hero has nixed film, Jaya! What would my heroine say?”

Amitabh saved Jaya the blushes.

“She has a choice, Gulzar Bhai. She can choose between her husband and a film career,” Amitabh said, in a voice cold like the Devil’s.

Wordlessly, the demure Jaya got up and walked out of the living room.

Gulzar is reported to have told Amitabh with a wry smile, “Old son! I will still make this film. And I am willing to wager that it will be a classic and a classic winner!”

Mausam was released in 1976 starring Sanjeev Kumar and Sharmila Tagore – both well past their prime by then.

Yet, the movie was a Golden Jubilee hit.

To know more on Madan Mohan and Gulzar – kindly read:


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