An Olive Branch For Gurmeher Kaur?

A young girl student of Delhi University from Chandigarh – daughter of Kargil martyr Captain ‘Harry’ Mandeep Singh – has been prominently featured on television screens and newspapers’ front pages saying she was threatened of rape and murder by right wing political outfits [read ABVP, RSS, et al].


If and when Gurmeher Kaur provides truthful and straight answers to the following queries, all of India must support her wholeheartedly:

Must read:

  1. How did you receive the rape/death threats? Were they sent by SMS, phone call [on landline/mobile] and/or by post and/or whispered into ear while walking and/or through cat-calling from the street below your residence?
  2. Could you please specify time and date of the issuance of the above threat?
  3. How did you know that the threats were issued by right wing political activists [ABVP, RSS, BJP, etc]?
  4. Since you are sure that such threats were indeed issued by the ABVP and allied organisations, did you prefer a police complaint? As you have termed those expressing a contrarian opinion as vile trolls, could you specify how do you propose to take legal action against them instead of using/abusing/misusing the media?
  5. If you have indeed preferred a police complaint, could you kindly specify the police station?
  6. If the answer to #5 is in the affirmative, kindly specify as to when you registered your complaint. Did you ask for the registration of a First Information Report [FIR]? Did police officials ask for supporting evidence for the serious charges of rape and murder threats by known/unknown persons made against you?
  7. Do you believe that India is being hoisted on the legal and constitutional petards by inimical forces?

  8. As you seem to be sure of the political identities of those who issued threats, can you pick up the perpetrators in a line-up?
  9. Have you initiated any precaution for safeguarding your honour post issuance of such vile threats?
  10. If the answer to #9 is yes, can you specify the steps initiated, please?

Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

8 thoughts on “An Olive Branch For Gurmeher Kaur?”

  1. Is there any truth in the version that AISA guy was behind the rape threat? Did anyone reply to your Q’s and has anyone arrested? Why have MSM shown undue interest?


    1. [1] The talk of the whole thing being planned and executed by the extreme left leaning AISA remains a widely circulating rumour. Nothing less, nothing more.

      [2] You are the first one to comment on record with such succinctness.


      No arrests have been made so far.


      Anything that generates audience eyeballs interests MSM as it translates into huge profits. Besides, I suspect that big time money was pressed into service to suddenly project Gurmeher and then withdraw her with the same amount of suddenness and abrupt dexterity.


  2. Dear Sir,
    Obviously cannot she cannot answer for the questions posed by you. It is quite natural, as to why she did not register a police complaint, and if so, the name of the station with charges in the form of supporting documents. It is nothing but to placate the Leftist platform, as she could have easily asked for the registration of her FIR. It seems, a section of scribes, in the media, sympathetic towards the Left parties are encouraging her. Thanks for the revealing information.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. But then, Major Ravi, this daughter of a martyr has sold the credibility of her father’s supreme sacrifice to the enemy – the very enemy that killer her father!


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