Aakrosh Diwas? Aw…Crushed Divas!

Why is almost everyone in India’s opposition ranks continuing to row murky financial waters and thus keep the sinking, stinking anti-demonetisation canoe afloat?


The opposition cartel claims to have united under the Aakrosh Diwas umbrella to lend succour to some 85% of the suffering 1.25 billion Indians of Bharat.

For want of a better term, one could term this rainbow alliance an opposition ark [the word means boat]. Led by the Congress, its inmates comprise Trinamool Congress [TMC], the left, All India Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party, Janata Dal-United [JDU], Rashtriya Janata Dal [RJD] and the Nationalist Congress Party [NCP]. It skimming canoe or catamaran is seemingly remote-piloted by 10-Janpath-Joan. [Please remember I have no intention of besmirching St Joan’s reputation.] The boat’s current inmates are jettisoning the vessel.

Beings that had inhabited the mythical ark piloted by Noah in Abrahamic religious mythology chose to stay in the floating ship and were not forced into rowing rigours. The modern one in India has most of its inmates saying ‘NO-Uh’! as there is an unholy row over rowing duties. Such rigours are only meant to render the hopeless career of the float-owner’s offspring  – clown prince Rahul Gandhi – a fillip..

Indications that the Aakrosh Diwas will turn out into a damp squib:

Mamata Bannerjee is one of the spearheads of the anti-demonetisation movement-led November 28 nationwide strike. But, the West Bengal Trinamool Congress [TMC] regime’s fiat has effectively turned into the ‘bandh-rump’ into a broken rubber-band.

Operative portions from an IANS report:

Battle-lines were drawn in West Bengal with the Left parties and the ruling Trinamool Congress [TMC] taking opposite stands while canvassing on the streets in support of the ensuing 12-hour general strike on Monday in protest against demonetisation.

The state’s ruling Trinamool Congress said it would stoutly protest any attempt to disrupt normal life and sent out a strong circular asking all its employees to report for work during the day, threatening to treat any absence without sufficient reason as “dies non” (not a day of service) in his career.

Trinamool accused the Left of helping the BJP by calling the strike. “This strike will only increase the people’s suffering. The Left is trying to help the BJP on the issue,” said Trinamool all India General Secretary Subrata Bakshi.

The real reasons for the demonetisation are obvious.

Left spearhead Communist Party of India-Marxist state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra expressed his happiness over the ruling party not supporting the strike. “We are very happy with this. Those who made money from Saradha chit fund scam and those who were seen taking money in the Narada News sting videos are roaming openly in the state, and occupying plum posts.”

Mamata’s using the platform for a national image to challenge Modi is frowned upon by the rest of the opposition, opines Huffington Post. Excerpts:

The anti-demonetisation agitation has been Didi’s most prominent foray into the national political scene after TMC performed miserably in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

And, while Didi seeks prominence in the national capital, TMC is campaigning in Tripura for the next Assembly elections, with party leader Mukul Roy is the likely chief ministerial face.

Roy has not been shy in speaking about Didi’s ambitions as he campaigned in Agartala last week. Claiming that the Congress, the BJP and the Left parties will meet defeat in Tripura he said that TMC will form a government there.

The Indian Express quoted him as saying, “The people are fuming over the performance of Modi led government and will teach a lesson to it in the next general elections… Laluji (RJD) and Nitishji (JD-U) may manage to secure 20 to 25 seats, while BJD is likely to win 18 to 20 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections. DMK or AIDMK will secure 39 to 40 seats while Netaji (SP) or Mayawatiji (BSP) may win 25 to 30 seats. It means Trinamool Congress will emerge as the largest party after the 2019 general elections.”

Mamata’s recent manoeuvres have not gone unnoticed. The Congress and CPI-M have criticised the West Bengal chief minister for trying to gain political mileage out of demonetisation.

“She is trying to fish in troubled waters,” Leader of Opposition and senior Congress leader Abdul Mannan told PTI. “She should stop shedding crocodile tears for those who are affected by the demonetisation. If she is so bothered about the common man, then why is she not taking any steps to get back the money of those people who have been looted in chit fund scams”.

Janata Dal United leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar opted out of the Congress-led bandwagon that proposes to bring India to a grinding halt.

His simple reasoning: “The demonetisation measure will benefit the nation in the long run. Hence we cannot be part of a group that demands the complete roll-back of the measure.”

Perhaps Nitish has taken note of some bitter truths:


The move was triggered by external inimical forces pumping fake currency into India to bankrupt Bharat;


Mumbai saw a huge turnout for a silly, shady arms-dealer-sponsored ‘cold-play’ concert despite serious cash shortage;

[3] So far – the nationwide ‘riot-like situation theory’ propounded by the Apex Court oracle utterance heard during an earlier hearing in the demonetisation matter proved less potent than the proverbial storm in a tea-cup;

[4] Shiv Sena cited the SC quote to whip up regional sentiments and its leaders even went along with TMC-AAP while handing over a memorandum to the President. It was a pathetic move to up the seat-adjustment ante during the ensuing Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections. Since Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh speaking to Uddhav Thackeray, the regional outfit has piped down.

Modi has plenty of enemies to worry about within his own party.

Then there is Sharad Pawar of the NCP. He backed the demonetisation on November 13.

Excerpts from an India Today report:

NCP chief Sharad Pawar today hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Sharing the dais with the PM at the inauguration of the International Conference on Sugarcane Value Chain in Pune, Pawar said the decision reflects the Prime Minister’s “intent to serve” the nation.

A week later, Pawar said the exact opposite, said the Indian Express. Excerpts:

A week after sharing stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and showering praises on him, NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday attacked the NDA government.

Modi government was harassing people on the pretext of demonetisation, Pawar said.

People will respond to it by voting against the BJP, he said at a rally in a Mumbai suburb during the run-up to the crucial BMC elections due early next year.

The failure of anti-demonetisation protests has many dirty asides – hitherto unnoticed by the media.

The original question asked at the beginning:

Why is almost everyone in the opposition trying to keep the anti-demonetisation stir canoe afloat?

Answer: The Congress leadership needs to accord its clown prince Rahul Gandhi one last chance to refurbish his image before the ensuing assembly elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

To achieve this, he visited ATMs claiming to attempt to ‘understand the angst of the suffering public’

The photo-op sessions did not produce results.

He has a challenger to the throne in the form of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who, the media thinks would lead the Congress in the UP elections.

Priyanka has acquired grey streaks in her hair like her grandma – the late Indira Gandhi. Her body language and diction too are reminiscent of Nehru’s daughter. The clamour to restore the Congress to its old glory through Robert Vadra’s wife has begun.

Whether the move would produce favourable results at the hustings a few months later in the form of assembly seats at this point in time would be pure conjecture.

But, if Priyanka gets a bigger billing in UP than elder sibling Rahul, the clown prince’s career goes – for want of a better word – kaput.

The answer to the query posed at the beginning is obvious. Sonia is giving her son a final chance to come good.

Obviously, the rest of the opposition cartel has seen through the trick.

And therefore, one can easily guess, why everyone in the Aakrosh Diwas cartel is having a series of serious second thoughts.

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