Jaitley hoists Modi on own petard?

Is Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hoisting Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi on the latter’s own anti-tax-evasion petard?

So it would seem – if one takes a close look at the aftermath of the withdrawal of the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 high denomination currency notes – that seems to have netted – so far a little below Rs.10 lakh crores [US$149 billion].

The Central Board of Direct Taxes – under the direct purview of FM Jaitley – is threatening citizens day in and day out. Every tax return of every individual “suspected of depositing unusual amounts into bank accounts after the current central government’s measure to curb black money will be scrutinised,” is the refrain.

Simply put, AJ is alienating Modi from the bulk of India’s population – on the very issue that is supposed to mark the singular victory of the PM – by merely getting those under him to drill dread into the hearts of Bharat’s middleclass – the mainstay of Modi’s constituency.


The sudden withdrawal of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes was simple but effective move initiated to nullify the huge cache of cash of over Rs.20 lakh crores worth fake currency notes that were printed and pushed into India by the inimical nation next door – Pakistan. There was no other move possible to cleanse the system.

The corrupt military Rasputins in Islamabad are attempting to force Modi into admitting that Pakistan has succeeded in corrupting the entire financial system of India. Modi is yet to bit the bait.

Former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India – an honourable banker – Dr KC Chakrabarty – perhaps is not privy to this information and hence told a television channel – “The currency notes aren’t bad, the people who handle them are.”

That is exactly where good men like him are wrong.

The notes are equally bad and are in the hands of the worse men/women and being put to use for the worst possible purpose – the destruction of India that is Bharat.

To achieve that sinister purpose, the laws and the income-tax system left behind by the colonial British are being bandied about. The system of taxing native Indians was primarily designed to keep nationalistic sentiments and growth potential ideas under check to prevent growth of ‘independence ideas.’

The principle was to threaten people with impossible laws, force the subjected subjects to break them, identify the strongest challengers of the alien might and then crush them into nothingness. The others, the plan was, would simply be either cowed down or would continue to lick the boots of foreign powers long after they eventually were to be forced to depart. The exploitation of India – the jewel in the crown [remember the Kohinoor, continuing to adorn the Queen’s crown, anyone?] would incessantly be in grateful servitude of powers sitting in comfort behind the borders of India.

For instance, the British banned manufacture of salt – that had led to the Dandi March led by Gandhiji whose climax was the clarion call of complete independence from the British.

The British could never hope to manufacture or control the manufacture of the salt required by undivided India. Yet, the law was passed merely to identify those who nurtured emotions to shake off the foreign-yoke.

It destroyed the financial security of persons like Sardar Vedaratnam Pillai – one of the architects of the Salt Protest in central-east Tamil Nadu in the southern part of the Indian peninsula.

Another such trick was the income tax.

There were more white tax evaders during the freedom struggle. However, native Indians always felt the rough end of the stick.

The idea was to encourage the growth of a tribe of habitual native tax evaders who would corrupt the political system whenever India became free and then blame the very corrupt system to say – India never deserved to be free.

The Mundra Scandal is one such manifestation of this malady – that exposed the nexus between the then ‘high priest of Indian democracy – Jawaharlal Nehru’ and shady Indian businessmen. The widow of his grandson – Rajiv Gandhi – – Sonia nee Edvige Albina Antonia Maino – has a worse and reprehensible record.

The Congress misrule of India continued the dirtiest trick left behind by the British to create a tribe of comprador business community that would import more and export less. Its name is the licence-raj the darkest period of Indian economy from 1947 to 1990. It spawned a tribe of businessmen who cut as many corners as possible – as the system provided methods to evade tax under the alibi of tax-avoidance.

The issue today is that the second and third generation of this very tribe controls the bulk of the nation’s wealth. Alienating them would only destroy India and/or bring back the rule of the Congress Party – and both mean the same thing.

The tax-penalty threat being issued by the Indian Finance Ministry is nothing but a ruse to render Modi and his money measures unpopular. Its tertiary tentacles are the artificial shortages of new currency notes in the ATM machines and the banks. To compound it, the stupid measure of indelible ink on those who come to exchange older notes has been introduced. It kills two birds with a single stone. Firstly, it scares virtually everyone going to banks to exchange old notes. Secondly, the system of indelible ink marks done during elections is quietly besmirched.

Obviously, the Reserve Bank of India does not have the capacity to replenish the supplies of the currency notes sucked out of the system by declaring the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes ‘non-legal-tender’ within a few weeks.

Virtually 80% of India’s cash economy has come to a near standstill. The likes of Shaktikanta Das – once the blue-eyed-boy of the corrupt Maran siblings are successfully compounding the lacunae in Modi’s money cleansing move.

The next blow would be in the form of the virtually unworkable GST – the Goods and Services Tax – being hailed by the likes of AJ and his gang of comprador business community – for obvious reasons – as inbuilt loopholes would – yet again – spoil Modi’s name in the short term and in the long term would be shot down by the courts as it violates the very tenet of India’s Union and Concurrent lists – enshrined in the Constitution. The GST directly interferes with the revenue of have-less states – and when forced upon the populace would divide India on the issue of taxation – another sinister and sick measure of sowing dissent in modern day India.

In a nutshell, Modi needs to understand the evil designs of his number 2 [the term number 2 in Hindi denotes illegal and also black money] in his cabinet.

The simple fact of life is that Pakistan pumped over Rs.20 lakh crores of fake currency into India and the PM stymied its use by promulgation of a single law. But, under the ruse of its exposure triggering a run on the Indian economy, the agents of Pakistan are spreading the fear psychosis of income tax to spread dissent and discomfort in the minds of Indians.

The likes of Arun Jaitley are only taking this hidden, hideous agenda forward.

Way back in 1946 and 1978, similar measures as Modi were initiatedwith a comparably lesser number of ham-handedness.

His virtual number 2 in the cabinet – Charan Singh succeeded in toppling the urine-drinking PM. Incidentally, ‘number two’ in Hindi slang means a shady business and/or illegally acquired wealth.

Will the currently popular PM would be dragged down the same drain as another man called Morarji Desai was in the late 70’s is a question that can only be answered in the months to come.

Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

5 thoughts on “Jaitley hoists Modi on own petard?”

  1. Modi is a statesman par excellence. I don’t think measures like ink mark had any sinister design. He cannot be misled to the degree portrayed in the story.The demonetizing has started showing results..it will definitely improve the economy and the game of popularity of modi.


    1. My blog fully supports Modi. If the ink mark was not controversial, why would the officials of Election Commission express serious misgivings about the indelible ink? Yes, the demonetisation has begun showing results – and you can discern as much from my next blog. Finally, I am sure that the money cleansing move will indeed improve the nation’s finances and flush out fake currency – pumped into India by Pakistan and used by anti-national elements and certain sections of the opposition.


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