Ban Zakir Naik War Cry A Lie?

Is the ‘ban Zakir Naik’ war cry yelled by sections of India’s paid media a hollow one?

Why is the Government of India twiddling its thumbs in a cowardly fashion while dealing with a known spreader of spoken mayhem Zakir Naik whose words spawn real-life massacres?

Are vital details about Zakir Naik being hidden from public view by sections of India’s paid media?

The probable answers to the above queries could be in the affirmative.

Readers can judge for themselves from the details produced below.


The Union Government has a fig-leaf – presented through obliging media accessories – “Naik’s activities and antecedents are ‘being probed’. Appropriate action will be initiated.”

This is despite the bloodbath aftermath of the encounter that laid Kashmiri terrorist Burhan Wani low. Now Kashmir and a few select Muslim enclaves in India are in flames.

News evangelist Arnab Goswami demanded a ban citing a lot of reasons – some of which are part of this report in greater detail. Goswami stated a link between Naik and secular Indian politicians – without giving details.

The bitter, blunt and horrible truth is exposed with clarity. The leader of the central ruling coalition – the Bharatiya Janata Party has several reasons to obfuscate the matter. The person at the top could be none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself!

I would love to stand corrected on this one – and will publish an apology to Modi if and when Zakir Naik is detained under NSA.

The Hindustan Times is somewhat meaningful in its report. Operative excerpt:

“The National Investigation Agency is planning to register an FIR against Zakir Naik. Legal opinion is being sought,” a ministry official said.

Singh is learnt to have discussed the matter with NIA director general Sharad Kumar.

The home ministry is also reviewing permission to Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation to receive donations from abroad under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

The information and broadcasting ministry has decided to direct cable operators to black out Naik’s Peace TV, which is not licensed in India and is uplinked from Dubai. The channel is banned in several countries.

The I&B ministry held a meeting — attended by representatives from the home ministry, intelligence agencies and NIA — to discuss all unlicensed channels broadcast in the country.

“It was decided that strict action will be taken against cable or multi-system operators who stream unlicensed channels, including Peace TV. The Intelligence Bureau and NIA have been asked to examine the contents of Peace TV in particular,” said the home ministry official.

Excerpts from another news report revealing the fig leaf:

“Speeches of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik are being examined. Appropriate action will be taken,” Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters.

“We have taken cognisance of Zakir Naik’s speeches and necessary instructions have been issued in this regard. His speeches/CDs are being examined and whatever is justified will be done. We will not compromise on terrorism at any cost,” Singh told the media in New Delhi.

“The Home Ministry will study (Naik’s speeches). His speeches, as being reported in the media, are highly objectionable,” Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Naidu said.

Zakir Naik, founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, is banned in Britain and Canada for his hate speeches aimed against other religions. He is under the scanner following reports that two of the five young terrorists who massacred 20 hostages, including an Indian, at a popular cafe in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka on July 1, drew their inspiration from his speeches.

One of the Bangladeshi attackers, suspected to be Rohan Imtiaz – the son of a politician of Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League – ran a propaganda on Facebook last year quoting 50-year-old Zakir Naik, a Mumbai-based doctor and an Islamic televangelist, Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Daily Star’ had reported.

Naik reaches some 14 million viewers through his Peace TV beamed through the internet and cable television outlets in India and elsewhere in the world on a daily basis.

He spews unadulterated venom. The evidence:

Of the 6 desperados whose inhuman machete-machine-gun murders of 20 innocents in Dhaka the other day, 2 were reportedly ‘inspired’ by Naik’s audio-visual exhortations. The danger, however, is at home, within the borders of India.

Operative excerpts from a report in The Times of India dated July 9 2016:

Mumbai-based preacher Dr Zakir Naik, who is under the scanner after two of the Dhaka terrorists claimed he was an inspiration, seemed to have been followed by four youths from Kalyan, a Mumbai suburb. They had run away and joined the Islamic State.

Areeb Majeed, arrested for IS activities in Kashmir, is believed to have told interrogators of the National Investigation Agency that he was ‘inspired’ after hearing the lectures of Naik.

Copies of Naik’s lectures were also found in a library located in Bihar, a north Indian cow-belt state. Enquiries had revealed the facility was frequented by Indian Mujahedeen members.

One of those who regularly accessed Naik’s works is Yasin Bhatkal – now in custody in India.

Like the Dhaka terrorists, Mumbai youths hailing from well-to-do respected families are drawn towards fundamentalism-fuelled-violence caused by the speeches of Naik. Besides Areeb, the other Islamic State joiners in the knowledge of police are engineering students Fahad Shaikh and Amaan Tandel.

According to police sources, suitably brain-washed initially by Naik’s hate-speeches, Areeb Majeed’s hatred was honed by a woman, Tahirah Bhatt, who also helped him join the banned group. In turn, Majeed recruited Shaikh, Tandel and others. They fought in Iraq. Currently, Majeed is in jail. Shaikh had contacted his family a few months ago. The whereabouts of Tandel aren’t known.

“The named youths were provoked to commit anti-national activities citing the destruction of Babri Mosque and Gujarat riots. Primary sources of ‘inspiration’ were hard-copies of Naik’s works. Naik’s rallies used to witness huge footfall in Bihar,” the official added.

Families of 15 young men and women from Kerala state’s northern districts suspect their offspring may have joined the Islamic State, according to top sources in India’s southern-most state.

It is not exactly known whether Zakir Naik’s speeches had impelled the youths to take such a step. However, a Press Trust of India report published by the website revealed alarming aspects of this unlikely tale. Operative excerpts:

State Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has directed the police to launch a probe into the matter urgently, said Member of Parliament P Karunakaran. He represents the north Kerala constituency of Kasargod – located on the state’s borders that touch Karnataka.

“Family members of these youths were aghast reading Whatsapp messages. ‘We are not coming back. Here there is Divine Rule. You also should join us,’ one message said. ‘We have joined IS to fight US for attacking Muslims,’ said another. These youths were visiting the Middle-East for religious studies. We brought it to the notice of CM P Vijayan,” said Karunakaran. He had been apprised of the issue by a local body leader VPP Mustafa and a legislator M Rajagopalan.

This group comprises men, women, couple and even a child travelling along with parents.

The abhorrence of family members back home is apparent from the statement issued by Hakim, a male parent of one of the ‘missing’ youths.

“If my son returns as a good man, I will welcome him. If not, I do not want to see even his dead body,” Hakim was quoted as saying.

According to Rajagopalan, all those missing were below the age of 30 and highly qualified. This motley ‘missing’ crowd includes a medical doctor couple and an engineering graduate, his wife and a 2-year-old child. Before dropping out of sight, different persons in this group had presented varying tales for leaving Kerala. The reasons included visiting families far away job search.

The youths’ approach to life had undergone a sudden change during the last 2 years after accessing inflammatory Islamic literature, Rajagopalan added.

The 1965-born qualified medical doctor Zakir Naik heads the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, says the Wikipedia dossier on this man.

Naik’s admirers have spread mayhem on an international scale.

They include Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-American arrested for planning suicide attacks on the New York subway, Rahil Sheikh [1], accused of involvement in a series of train bombings in Mumbai in 2006 and Kafeel Ahmed, the Bangalore born man killed during a failed suicide attack on Glasgow airport in 2007.

Obviously therefore, Naik is a real danger to India, Indian citizens living in India in their homes. And from India Naik spreads global mayhem with the tacit support of the powers that be.

A few details about Naik reveal how he establishes an ‘escape clause’ in most of his dangerous statements:

On Osama bin Laden

If bin Laden is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him. If he is terrorising America – the terrorist, biggest terrorist – I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorising the terrorist, he is following Islam. Whether he is or not, I don’t know, but you as Muslims know that, without checking up, laying allegations is also wrong. I have always condemned terrorism. According to the glorious Quran, if you kill one innocent person, then you have killed the whole of humanity.


Part of the above quote comes from Bobby Ghosh from an article he wrote in Time Weekly. Currently, Aparisim ‘Bobby’ Ghosh is the editor-in-chief of The Hindustan Times.

Parenthesis ends

Apostasy against Islam

There is no death penalty for apostates in Islam, until the apostate starts to preach against Islamic teachings; then he can be put to death.


How can we [Muslims] allow building of churches or temples [in Islamic] states when the other religions [and] their worshipping [methods are] wrong?

Intellectual capacity

Naik’s pronouncements are juvenile. They seldom rise above the level of undergraduate college debates, where contestants vie with each other to score brownie points, said celebrated late journalist Khushwant Singh.

Naik’s audiences listen to him with rapt attention and often explode in enthusiastic applause when he rubbishes other religious texts, Singh was quoted as saying.

The 9/11 incident

It is a blatant, open secret that this attack on the Twin Towers was done by George Bush himself.


Indian Journalist Shoaib Daniyal disagrees with Naik’s belief that “Americans swap wives at will because they eat pigs which also swap their wives”. He also points out that Naik’s statement that Islam allows a man to marry multiple women because “in the USA, there are more women than men”, is inconsistent with US demographic statistics.

Suspected in Islamic eyes?

Torkel Brekke, a professor of religious history in Norway, calls Naik a very controversial figure.

Naik’s rhetorical attack on other religions and other varieties of Islam are strongly disliked by many members of the Indian Ulema for ignoring their authority.

The original questions:

Is the ‘ban Zakir Naik’ war cry yelled by sections of India’s paid media a hollow one?

Why is the Government of India twiddling its thumbs in a cowardly fashion while dealing with a known spreader of spoken mayhem Zakir Naik whose words spawn real-life massacres?

Are vital details about Zakir Naik being hidden from public view by sections of India’s paid media? 

Before citing possible answers to these queries, a look at laws in India would be in order.

Detaining Naik under National Security Act is the easiest thing to do. [2]

Zakir Naik’s speeches have caused others to commit crimes that brings him under the purview of Section 107 of the Indian Penal Code as an abettor.

Naik is punishable under section 108 of the IPC.

There are other sections.

Naik’s utterances attract provisions that govern joint criminal liability governed by sections 34 [3] and 120B [4] of the Indian Penal Code.

Naik’s speeches attract provisions of Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code.

Is the Government of India not touching Naik for ‘political’ reasons?

That seems to be one serious possibility.


“It would be useful to consider the case of Zakir Naik, perhaps the most influential Salafi ideologue in India,” observed Praveen Swami, a senior Indian journalist in his seminal work part of a book published in 2011. Operative excerpts from its blurb:

The emergence of radical extremist and violent Islamist movements poses serious challenges to the secular and democratic polity, inter-religious harmony, security and territorial integrity of states in the region. As such, religious extremism, terrorism, drug trafficking and arms smuggling are viewed by various countries in South and Central Asia and also in the West as the main threats to their security. The resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the politics and practice of Islamist terrorism in India, and the security challenges posed by religious radicalism in Bangladesh need to be seriously looked at to acquire a focus on regional security.

[Emphasis supplied]

The Salafi movement or Salafist movement or Salafism is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam. It emerged in the second half of the 19th-century and advocated a return to the traditions of the “devout ancestors” (the Salaf).

The doctrine can be summed up as taking “a fundamentalist approach to Islam. The Salafi movement is often described as being synonymous with Wahhabism, but Salafists consider the term “Wahhabi” derogatory, says the Wikipedia dossier on the subject.

Naik, isn’t fully a Salafist.

He uses matinee idols like Shah Rukh Khan to drive home points during his harangues.

Operative excerpts from an article published in

Isn’t Shah Khan a non-believer? A questioner asked Naik this in response to a reference to the star made by Naik.

Naik, benignly says he doesn’t know: you see, he doesn’t go by hearsay; however, Khan’s views, he maintains, are more in consonance with the “true” teachings of Islam than many so-called believers.

In real life, Shah Rukh Khan openly admits that he does not read the Namaaz five times a day.

Khan has married a non-Muslim and entertains people on screen for a living.

It is not known whether Khan endorses Naik.

Naik’s bigger backers are beyond the borders of India!

Between 2013 and 2015, Naik was conferred several awards in the Middle East.


Dubai International Holy Quran Award  

Islamic Personality of 2013 conferred on Naik by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Rashid Al Maktoum in 2015 August.

Modi had undertaken a two-day visit to UAE in August, a first by an Indian prime minister in 34 years.

UAE is home to 2.6 million Indians.

During the visit, the two leaders pledged to end terrorism.

On September 19 2015, Rashid Al Maktoum succumbed to a massive heart attack at the age of 33.

Parenthesis ends

Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work  

Conferred by Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah


Born in 1939, Sheikh Sultan III bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi is a member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates and current ruler of the Sharjah emirate. He has ruled Sharjah since 1972. The rule was briefly interrupted during a six-day period between 17 and 23 June 1987. It was an attempted coup led by his brother Sheikh Abd al-Aziz bin Muhammad al-Qasimi.

Parenthesis ends


King Faisal International Prize

Conferred upon Naik by Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud


Some of the others who won this award include King Abdullah Ibn Abd AI-Aziz of Saudi Arabia himself, Al Qasimi of UAE, Presidents Dr Hamed AI-Ghabid [Niger] and [Alija Izetbegovig] Bosnia-Herzegovina and Abdou Diouf [Senegal]; Prime Ministers Mahathir Mohammad [Malaysia] and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [Turkey]  

On April 3 2016, Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud [who had won the above award himself] presented India’s PM Narendra Modi with the Arab nation’s highest civilian award.

Well, one can easily guess the predicament of India’s Prime Minister Modi.

If detained, Naik, who received an award from the King of Saudi Arabia just like Modi did, to turn around and say, “How dare you jail a fellow awardee on the same scale as Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud who incidentally had received the same award as me and had conferred another award upon YOU!”

Parenthesis ends

Modi has other issues in common with  Naik.

Modi was denied a visa to the UK before becoming PM.

Naik has such a track record as well.

Naik was banned from entering the UK by the then Home Secretary Theresa May [who may become British PM now] in 2010.

“Numerous comments made by Dr Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behaviour,” May was quoted as saying.

Film producer Mahesh Bhatt supported Naik, saying the ban constituted an attack on freedom of speech.

Naik’s application for judicial review of the bank was dismissed on 5 November 2010.

The same year, Naik was forbidden to enter Canada after Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, warned MPs of Naik’s views.

The bans on the entry have not been lifted.

Surely Zakir Naik is an influential man.

Naik was ranked 89 on The Indian Express’s list of the “100 Most Powerful Indians in 2010”.

Naik was ranked 82 in the 2009 edition.

BBC’s Sanjiv Buttoo says he is acknowledged as an authority on Islam. However, he warns that Naik is known for making negative remarks about other religions.

US based senior journalist Sadanand Dhume observes that Naik has a ‘carefully crafted image of moderation’. This has been achieved through a gentle demeanour, dress sense of wearing of a suit and tie and his quoting of scriptures of other religions.

Naik is also listed in the book The 500 Most Influential Muslims under honourable mention from 2009 through 2014.

The original questions once again:

Is the ‘ban Zakir Naik’ war cry yelled by sections of India’s paid media a hollow one?

Why is the Government of India twiddling its thumbs in a cowardly fashion while dealing with a known spreader of spoken mayhem Zakir Naik whose words spawn real-life massacres?

Are vital details about Zakir Naik being hidden from public view by sections of India’s paid media?

The one word reply to all 3: YES!


Seven serial blasts had ripped through Mumbai’s suburban railway network at peak hour on July 11, 2006, leaving at least 147 dead. The death toll had risen to 189 later. The incidents’ mastermind was Rahil Sheikh, currently in prison.

Sheikh is a trained as a computer engineer.

Sheikh’s brothers – Faisal and Muzammil were charged in the 2006 bombings.

Sheikh’s telephone records had indicated that he had been receiving calls from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Also, it has been suggested that he was acting as the point man to collect funds and pass it on to the LeT which is said to have carried out the attacks.

Sheikh is said to have travelled to Pakistan.


The justification is available from an important Apex Court verdict’s excerpt:

A preventive detention “is not punitive but precautionary measure”. The object is not to punish a man for having done something but to intercept him before he does it and to prevent him from doing it. No offence is proved, nor any charge is formulated; and the justification of such detention is suspicion or reasonable probability and there is no criminal conviction which can only be warranted by legal evidence. In this sense it is an anticipatory action. Preventive justice requires an action to be taken to prevent apprehended objectionable activities. Preventive detention is intended to prevent a person from indulging in any conduct injurious to the society.

Another judgement emphasises the necessity to get the job done as a ‘necessary evil’.

The “inn that shelters for the night is not journey’s end and the law, like the traveller, must be ready for the morrow”. As to the approach to such laws which deprive personal liberty without trial, the libertarian judicial faith has made its choice between the pragmatic view and the idealistic or doctrinaire view. The approach to the curtailment of personal liberty which is an axiom of democratic faith and of all civilized life is an idealistic one, for, loss of personal liberty deprives a man of all that is worth living for and builds up deep resentments. Liberty belongs to what correspond to man’s inmost self under our Constitution also the mandate is clear and the envoy is left under no dilemma. The constitutional philosophy of personal liberty is an idealistic view, the curtailment of liberty for reasons of State’s security, public order and disruption of 26 national economic discipline etc. being envisaged as a necessary evil to be administered under strict constitutional restrictions.

Citations: Courtesy:


A criminal act is done by several persons;

The criminal act must be to further the common intention of all;

There must be participation of persons in furthering the common intention.


120 of IPC

“When two or more persons agree to do, or cause to be done

(1) An illegal act, or

(2) An act which is not illegal by illegal means, such an agreement is designated a criminal conspiracy:

Provided that no agreement except an agreement to commit and offence shall amount to a criminal conspiracy unless some act besides the agreement is done by one or more parties to such agreement in pursuance thereof.

The section can be explained as two or more than two persons perform an illegal act and deciding of that act in advance is criminal conspiracy.

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