Did India’s Gossip Column Journo Sinh Commit Suicide?

Did freelance journalist Saumit Sinh actually take his own life on July 4 2016?

Sinh was a gossip column journalist linked to the rich, the powerful and the Mumbai underworld.

Would such a man commit suicide?


Before one discusses the issue threadbare in this strange elegy, the facts as they are known at present, ought to be accessed and assessed:

The respectable Hindu newspaper ruled out any kind of foul play. Operative excerpts:

Freelance journalist Saumit Sinh committed suicide by hanging in East Delhi on July 4 2016. A relative said a servant maid had discovered his body hanging from a ceiling fan early in the morning.

Sinh was rushed to a hospital, but was declared ‘brought in dead’.

Sinh did not leave a suicide note.

Police officials have ruled out foul play for now and revealed the deceased was suffering from depression.

“Initial probe has revealed that he had been unemployed since two years, which is why he was depressed. He had last worked as a freelancer,” said a senior police officer. His body has been handed over to his family after post mortem, police sources added.

Operative excerpts from Mumbai Press Club Secretary Rajesh Mascarenhas’s solemn obituary:

With great sorrow and regret we have to inform you that our member, Saumit Sinh, passed away on Monday July 4, 2016 at Delhi.

Saumit, aged 40, worked for leading media organisations which includes Pioneer, NDTV, Headlines Today, DNA and Mumbai Mirror amongst others in his two decade long career. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Our heart goes out to his family and may they have the strength to bear this huge loss.

Select paragraphs from the sad note penned by senior journalist Binoo John:

It is not fashionable in this click-bait age of journalism to write obits about unknown or “failed” journalists. Saumit Sinh who hanged himself to death in his Patparganj apartment belonged to the latter category.

Saumit was a celebrity gossip writer for DNA in Mumbai and did his job admirably well, till the daughter-in- law of the owner of the paper removed him with nothing asked or given. Saumit took it bravely on the chin. The then editor did not move a little finger to help him.

Even after he left, Saumit did some pretty good stories for DNA. He broke the Priety Zinta – Ness Wadia spat. Saumit moved with the Mumbai jet set crowd. One of them took him along in his private jet to watch an IPL match. They were to lodge at a plush hotel. Akin to a sequence in one of the recent real estate television commercials, Saumit had to vacate the room when a “better guest” arrived to entertain the IPL owner, or so the story goes.

His website mumbaiwallah.com had some interesting stories but the promised funding never came.

We disagreed politically, but, we had lengthy conversations and laughed at the antitheses.

Now what’s the point in recounting all that? Will anything be remembered? The Hindu dutifully announced his passing.

Most journalists are busy trying to keep away the impending clouds of doom. But for a handful of billionaire journalists, the rest are busy warding off danger. Some like Saumit just give up.


Binoo is a good friend of this writer. Perhaps, Binoo isn’t aware of Sinh’s other side.

Parenthesis ends

Did Saumit Sinh really nurse a death wish?

Readers can make up their mind on the basis of the following paragraphs – that form part of a blog published a month ago:

Saumit Sinh played the cat’s paw to aid international fugitive terrorist Dawood’s aides to help them hide some sordid truths that shamed Mumbai and its press corps. The beneficiaries include a few of those accused of serious wrongdoing in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case. Those blasts were financed partly by the loot from the Rs.1,200 crore Cobbler Scam, reports said. The same accused also illegally continue to control Government of India owned Mumbai Port Trust’s seafront property whose worth is roughly Rs.2.6 lakh crores!

The ringleaders:

Former Union Minister and Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar – whose close relatives and business associates are partners of companies owned by the aforesaid criminal gang involved in the Cobbler Scam.

Rafique Malik Tejani, who owns Metro Shoes Ltd and Metro House P Ltd whose 4th floor recently caught fire. The incident has forced most of those who lived in Metro House to shift. Links point to Tejani being in cahoots with Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon – who are considered responsible for the 1993 bomb blasts. There is a queer angle to the 26/11 incident and a cafe operating in the Metro House complex.

Sinh used a strange ruse of an unenforceable ‘legal’ notice issued by a lawyer JJ Jadeja. Jadeja, who sits in a seedy room located cheek by jowl to the Mumbai Police Headquarters, issued a legal notice on November 19 2014 that exhorted Metro House P Ltd decision makers to vacate the structure and also remove the nearly 150-year-old building that had begun to exist since 1875 and houses an iconic beer-joint – Cafe Mondegar within 6 months.

Anyone who knows to count from 1 to 10 would place the deadline on May 19 2015.

The Times of India, Indian Express, DNA and Hindustan Times carried detailed articles saying Cafe Mondegar would be evicted April 19 2015 casting a slur on the Mumbai Port Trust for destroying an iconic landmark. All of them had sourced their stories from Saumit Sinh.

Two days later, The Times of India carried an article saying the ‘eviction’ will not happen at all!

According to media reports, Cafe Mondegar was one of the places from where David Headley had recced 26/11.


Sinh had a “pressing reason” to get the tale published in as many top media outlets as possible. The guy is dead, so the steamy details are being omitted here.

Parenthesis ends

Metro House had signed a contract with Mumbai Port Trust to manage its property – then named Abu Baker Mansion – in 1995. But, Metro House obtained possession with ‘retrospective’ effect from 1991, citing an earlier lease with an Islamic Trust that had transferred its lease to Tejani a few months after the expiry of its own lease in 1986!

In multiple court cases – those said to be in cahoots with Tejani have cited Metro House to be owners of the property and have initiated legal proceedings to evict other poorer tenants under the Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999. MRCA1999 cannot – under any circumstance – be deemed applicable to government owned property! A lot more details were made available in blogs published through Google’s BlogSpot.



Very significantly, Google has killed all these blogs without offering any explanation. Tweets and emails sent to India-born Google CEO Sundar Pichchai have not produced results.

Journalist friends who had a sneak peak at this blog before publication opined that it reads like a short story.

A good short story always has a twist in the tale’s tail.

This one has quite a few.

The building cited above – Metro House went up in flames in early June 2016. But for the ground floor establishments including Café Mondegar, the rest of the establishments including a few lodges that had quite a few visitors from Africa – have been forced to close down. This includes the third floor. One of the residents was – officially he still is – Pyare Shivpuri – a maternal cousin brother of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

A former BBC producer multilingual investigative journalist, Shivpuri is been in the thick of things – in the realm of exposing the murky political goings-on in Mumbai.

They include the shady dealings of Tejani, the illegal acts on the part of the owners of Mondegar and its alleged accessory – Mumbai’s Small Causes Court. One of the judges of this august establishment introduced a blatant lie into a ‘judgement’ that paved the way for several other patently illegal ramifications. During the last part of his life on earth, Sinh aided and abetted the continuing prevalence of the blatant, brazen set of lies.

Shivpuri also has the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank in the dock in a plethora of cases. The accused are close relatives of Sharad Pawar!

In his 80’s Shivpuri has a serious back problem, had recently undergone a surgery and a lot worse. For long, Tejani and co had understandably wanted to force Shivpuri out of the building. 

The mysterious ‘fire’ came in handy.

The flat on the 3rd floor of Metro House is now inaccessible as the building has been declared ‘unsafe’ by the powers that be. That another establishment bang opposite Metro House – an old compendium of residences for state legislators has been declared unsafe for any kind of occupation for several years but continues to have regular ‘tenants’ is of no concern to anyone. It is a haven for Maharashtra politics’ shadiest fixers.

Saumit Sinh had taken several of the investigative reports from Shivpuri and promised the skies as productive consequences. Sadly no such thing happened. Instead, Sinh abused Shivpuri in utter gutter language.

The writer of this blog – was another of the victims of Sinh.

Sinh threatened to kill this scribe in full view of the CCTV cameras of Mumbai Press Club and independent witnesses. Worse, despite this journalist having every right to enter the premises as he is a member of the Chennai Press Club, the authorities in MPC ‘orally told’ this writer to keep out as one of the ‘respected members’ – Saumit Sinh – had raised a stink!

Sinh tried to foist a criminal case with the aid of a bent cop in a police station located bang opposite the Mumbai Press Club. It produced zilch.

Sinh was a regular at the Mumbai Press Club – seen drinking heavily running up ‘sizeable’ bills. He always paid on time, or so the records say. The solemn statement of Mumbai Press Club’s secretary reaffirms this.

The story planted in the major newspapers of Mumbai to mislead the nation about the dangers faced by India’s financial capital from Pakistan-based Dawood – reportedly fetched a huge sum to Sinh.

He was known to always succeed in planting doubtful stories in top Mumbai newspapers with absolute ease.

The startling questions:

Would such a man commit suicide?

How did the Delhi police know within hours of finding his body that Sinh was suffering from depression and that the depression caused by ‘unemployment’ was cause for the ‘suicide’?

Sinh was reportedly involved with the underworld and its various sinful aspects of India’s public and pubic life. This includes Dawood Ibrahim. The Zinta-Ness-mess [cited by Binoo above] had an underworld angle as well. Ness is the great grandson of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah and is a close relative of Nusli Wadia whose fabled attempts to cause the financial stumble of the late Dhirubhai Ambani through the ‘good offices’ of late newspaper baron Ramnath Goenka gives the heebie-jeebies to those in awe of people in high places trampling the common man.

Would such a man commit suicide?

The original question once again:

Did freelance journalist Saumit Sinh actually take his own life on July 4 2016?

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