Is Arun Jaitley Mallya’s guardian angel in Modi Ministry?

Is India that is Bharat serious about forcing scofflaw Mallya to return to India and face punishment?
The answer is NO!
By aiding criminals like TM Bhasin – the vigilance commissioner overseeing India’s banking, Arun Jaitley is suspected of being in cahoots with those giving Modi regime its worst track-record.
If India needs to act before it is too late, should one take a closer look and stringent stand against the cause of Modi regime’s pock-mark – the nation’s Fin-Min – Jaitley?


The Finance Ministry committed several blunders by being totally shoddy in handling India’s most notorious fugitive bank-robber – Vijay Mallya.

Its biggest gaffe is the man called TM Bhasin – the Vigilance Commissioner overseeing India’s banking operations. Bhasin’s reported godfather is India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Bhasin has been accused of being in cahoots with Dawood Ibrahim!

Bhasin faces a serious case in India’s Supreme Court! It is believed that it is Jaitley who is shielding Bhasin.

Therefore, should Arun Jaitley, currently India’s Finance Minister, be replaced with someone else?

Should the reason to do so be hinted as the seriousness to bring the runaway playboy Vijay Mallya back from the United Kingdom?

The media, politicians, cops and bureaucrats – without exception – are misleading the gullible people of India that is Bharat over scofflaws like Vijay Mallya. Anti-Modi channels love Jaitley.

Notwithstanding the tall claims of Jaitley to haul Mallya back to India, the bitter truth is its exact opposite and sinister.

A report in the highly respected daily newspaper – The Hindu implies that scofflaws Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi will never be forced to undergo punishments in India.

Mallya is one of the 130 plus Indian fugitives who are ensconced in Britain.

Bringing Mallya back to India is as much possible as finding a dinosaur walking the streets of Lutyens’ Delhi. The reason: Politicians of every hue are in cahoots with the liquor-vending bank-robber gallivanting with gals in skimpy costumes on land, water and air. This was exposed in these columns 2 months ago.

Is there a way out to force Mallya on the back-foot and then drag him home?


The HOW part:

Dr Subramanian Swamy has a huge score to settle with Mallya. If anyone could make the moves to force Mallya to kneel – thanks to his connections with every power-broker in the world through his Harvard ‘old-boys’ network, Dr Swamy can.

Dr Swamy wants to be India’s Finance Minister.

        The WHY part:

The centre has been accused of having let Mallya slip out of India by its electoral ally Shiv Sena.

The man supposed to have had Mallya in chains is India’s incumbent FM – Arun Jaitley. Media reports suggest Jaitley slipped up wantonly.

So, what is Arun Jaitley?

Modi aficionados suspect the motives of Arun Jaitley.

Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

7 thoughts on “Is Arun Jaitley Mallya’s guardian angel in Modi Ministry?”

  1. Yes, your views are correct. PM Modi should make changes in his ministry side lining Arun Jaitly and few others who are pro Congress and bring in Dr. Subramany Swamy in place of AJ. This drastic change will safeguard the function of Modi Govt. to achieve the developmental and anti corruption aims of Shri Modi into reality. Of course, there will be tough resistances and threats from within BJP but bold steps can only survive such events. If no concrete and stringent actions are taken at this time against those corrupt people of UPA and others who have looted the country, the voters of India will not excuse Shri Modi in the next election. So it is high time that Shri Modi should make drastic changes in his ministry especially by replacing AJ.


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