Rajiv’s murder, Kargil martyrs’ betrayal and…

“One writes a book. If it becomes a bestseller, so be it. What cannot be said in factual reports can only be said through fact-based fiction. But, when one writes such stuff, care should be taken to stick to facts as closely as possible,” were the golden words of Frederick Forsyth in 1992. I had chatted with the great man at his residence outside London.

My book just got published. The title: A SWEATING PEN’S TEARS.

It is a collection of short stories. All of them are thrillers.

I am now promoting my book. I hope that my readers would support me.

The book is priced at Rs.399.

Those sending me this money would personally autographed hard copies of the book sans courier charges within India.

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Excerpts from the thriller short stories:


When did Tamil Tiger terrorist V Prabhakaran, who ordered the murder of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi actually die?

Title: New Era:

The LTTE had retreated from Kilinochchi – the so-called capital city of ‘independent’ Tamil Eelam a few days earlier.

Situated a little inland, it had passed into the hands of Prabhakaran’s Sri Lankan foes as a ghost town.

“Veerabhadriah” hinted that Prabhakaran had escaped from Lanka citing a statement given by Lankan general Sarath Fonseka on January 19 2009. The ‘tiger’ was ensconced somewhere in Europe, the man said. He went on to divulge the terrorist group’s planned chaos for the Indian economy through the spread of fake currency palmed off in rural areas. The profits were to fund sudden ups and downs in the Indian stock markets. The money generated would in turn finance his Indian fissiparous apologists’ incessant clamour for a ceasefire globally to keep the civil war in Sri Lanka alive as long as possible. All of this was meant to turn southern India into some sort of war-torn Kashmir.

Was Mahatma Gandhi’s trudge with a stick and the non-violent mantra a veiled threat to the British of the exact opposite?

Title: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

The British had understood the real meaning of Gandhi’s walking with the help of a stick and mouthing nonviolence ad nauseam.

A young British MI6 officer had pointed out the obvious during a meeting in New Delhi even as a naval revolt was brewing in Bombay in 1946.

“We would be better advised to leave when the going is good, gentlemen. The old half naked fakir is saying one thing and he means something else altogether though he will never utter anything close to what he actually means. What he is constantly saying is: “Look white people … I am old, frail … use a stick to help me walk … and keep mouthing platitudes against violence. But just think, boyos … what would happen if millions of Indian pick-up sticks like mine and use it for various chores into which walking isn’t included,” the officer is supposed to have said in New Delhi at the Vice-regal lodge that became the Indian President’s residence later.

That made the colonials’ minds up and they left India in 1947 a few months later … after dividing India … and installing a sex-crazed Nehru in charge … who was more British than the British.

Will the greedy, influential shysters of India who built costly nests for themselves in one of India’s metropolises in the names of Kargil martyrs’ widows ever be forced to pay for their perfidy?

Title: Siblings’ Love With A Cruel Twist

 The judge slowly wiped his tears.

He knew what to dictate for the two cases for which he had reserved the judgements earlier.

The first was of course, that of those seeking to end their incarceration for killing 94 innocent children.

The second one involved what Aher perceived as an insult to the memory of the martyrs of Siachen over the years.

Faulty equipment meant to prevent seepage of the effects of chilling snow and betrayals in the Indian defence ministry had killed several army personnel without anyone being the wiser.

Worse, a massive building with 31 floors meant for their widows and children that had come up in New Delhi’s fashionable Defence Colony was being misused and abused by self-seeking, well-connected, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Is Jihad as bad as it is being made out to be?

Title: Jihad?

Those who killed me did not know that they were actually carrying out my orders.

Their boss, strange as it may seem, is an atheist. His religious denomination doesn’t matter.

He believes only in money.

The term Jihad is very highly misunderstood. The only proper Jihads are – eschewing the manifestations of devil in oneself, the spread of the tidings about the goodness of The Faith and good, selfless deeds … that shall only spread love. ‘If one’s life is lost in such an endeavour, so be it,’ says the Koran. Unlike popular belief, suicide is proscribed in Islam. ‘Those who take one’s own life- or those of others who are not combatants in an openly declared war – the crime of maiming the gift of The Ever Merciful Almighty called dear life shall result in the punishment of rotting in hell for all eternity, the Koran adds. Through my Jihad, I have quelled all satanic instincts in me and have become pure in mind, body and soul.

When you read this, I would be dead, but I would be sure that there would be never any other man in your life.

I am going to turn down all those virgins in heaven and wait for your arrival in heaven.

Do coldly calculating spies have a softer side at all? Why are Indian men so brazenly unfaithful to their wives?

Title: Helpful Spy

Katherine’s old man is believed to be rich enough money to pull companies like Volvo out of financial jams. Its earlier owner – Ford had reportedly been forced to sell it in 2010 to the Chinese firm Zhejiang Geely Holdings of China, in 2010. The Chinese managed to offload hundreds of Volvo buses into the Indian market under the auspices of JnNURM scheme. Through that endeavour, Geely is said to have managed to recover most of its $11 billion investment. Katherine’s father is rumoured to have set up the deal. None talks of Sweden and its role in graft in India’s politics. The most notorious of them was the Bofors field gun deal. The men who ought to have known as to whom the money actually got paid – both of them having headed the top political posts in their respective nations – Olof Palme of Sweden and Rajiv Gandhi of India – died at the hands of assassins in 1986 and 1991 respectively. The two murders still have a lot of yet-to-be-solved mysteries. Palme’s killer Krister Peterson, was arrested, charged, let off and finally after publicly admitting that he indeed was the killer – died painfully. Rajiv’s killer – a woman blew herself and the PM-to-be as the poison girl of the dreaded Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – a terrorist group fighting for a separate Tamil homeland in the tiny Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka. Other assassins – 4 of them proven guilty and sentenced to be hung have beaten the hangman. A husband-wife duo and two others amongst them continue telling the press in India that they weren’t guilty at all and continue their demand for release from a life sentence. This is despite India’s President having nixed their demand in 2015.

Do impersonal television anchors prove to be good Samaritans in real life?

Title: Idiot Box

“A million things can go wrong with unattached females – be it Hollywood or Bollywood. If you have doubts, ask the international sex symbol Pamela Anderson, or read the biographies of late Hindi actresses Meena Kumari, Parveen Babi and Hollywood great Rock Hudson!”

While Anderson has admitted to be afflicted by HIV, Rock Hudson died of AIDS, Meena Kumari became an alcoholic and Parveen Babi died of untreated diabetic complications.

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