Sonia, Agusta, ISI, KGB and a lot worse!

As the Agusta Westland scandal festers, Sonia Gandhi has an easy way out – the way out of India like Vijay Mallya and/or Lalit Modi!


Will the Agusta Westland choppergate cause Congress boss-woman and alleged double-agent of Pakistan’s ISI and the erstwhile Soviet Union’s KGB – Sonia Gandhi alias Edvige Albina Antonia Maino to flee India?

The two exposes pointing to serious wrongdoing in the helicopter purchase scandal in these columns have left no safety valve to the bribe-takers stuck in India. Links:

One of her Man-Fridays and former Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has been clearly caught lying about the foul murder of Sonia’s husband, Congress President, ex-PM and Nehru-clan scion – Rajiv Gandhi.

For over 6 years, Sonia has been exposed in these columns.

Along with Rajiv Gandhi’s widow – his daughter Priyanka Vadra’s highly questionable trip to meet one of her father’s assassins in a day-long 5600 km trip from Delhi to Vellore has been seriously queried.

Sonia’s electoral ally M Karunanidhi’s regime in Tamil Nadu had succeeded in ruining the life of this journalist despite this scribe being a heart patient in Chennai. Not a single journalist’s body lifted a little finger in support so far – but then – that is to be expected. The situation has remained unchanged for over 4 years. This is despite a politically cosmetic change in Tamil Nadu!

That is no wonder – because the Jayalalithaa government is controlled from within by her bête noire – Karunanidhi! The salient features of the expose giving details – more or less – remain unchanged for nearly two and a half years!

On its part, Google caused the investigative reports of this reporter to ‘disappear’ in a patently illegal manner – without offering any explanation!

Sonia could still try to harm PM Modi through her agents.

There is one sure way out.

Enough alibis have been created about the so-called ‘failing health’ of Sonia.

Sonia can always become ‘worryingly sick’ and leave for some foreign nation for treatment with Rahul, Priyanka and Vadra with her grandchildren in tow. The ‘treatment’ for the illness can continue till the situation improves. If they do not, nobody can force the family to return. After all neither Lalit Modi nor Vijay Mallya are returning to India in a hurry! And there are enough media outlets to publish the innocence of such worthies. Sonia could add to this long list of exiles!

Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

5 thoughts on “Sonia, Agusta, ISI, KGB and a lot worse!”

  1. Your views & observations on the Italian Bar dancer madam is absolutely correct. Now, with the induction of Dr. Subramany Swamy too into the parliament Sonia and her supporters have become restless. They have now made it sure that she will be jailed along with her dear and near ones as her crooked plans to tame Shri Narendra Modi too are not working. She may escape India probably in one of her next so called medical trip to abroad followed by her son. India should not allow her to escape this country without repaying the amounts she looted and saying pardon to the people of this country with jail terms too.


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