The meaningless secret of Nawaz Sharif’s ‘London exile’

Will the Pakistan’s ‘soft military coup d’état fear triggered exile’ of Pak political boss Nawaz Sharif trigger a nuke war to harry the world?


By Lazy Fly

The Asian subcontinent’s televised visage to the world – was limited to featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and his pretty wife – Catherine Middleton and their visit to the Taj Mahal by one of the globe’s premier news outlets – Cable News Network [CNN] in its bulletin on this hot summer April day. The British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] did slightly better. It pointed out that scofflaw-fugitive businessman Mallya’s passport was suspended, summer heat and car-rationing rendered Delhi unbearable and the poaching of a rhino in poll-bound Assam.

Other important Asia-specific issues – like the start of Pakistan’s presumed political head Nawaz Sharif’s new exile in London, the neighbourhood nation’s impending disintegration, its ‘soft’ coup d’état and the shanghaiing of the world’s almost forgotten 3rd power-bloc – BRICS in the Chinese city of Shanghai – had failed to make the cut.

From the Press Club of India, the most famous landmark on a road with the name Raisina in the heart of India’s National Capital Region [NCR] a.k.a. New Delhi, political fixer Maha-Guru [MG] [1] was spotted crossing the road to enter Chelmsford Club located bang opposite. He saw me too and signalled me to follow.

As we walked, I posed the question about the matter everyone had missed – what India’s television media termed the Pakistan’s Nawas Sharif being in self-imposed exile in London.

“What is the secret behind this?”

“Nuke-armed Paki military mugs are being pilloried for having cornered Nawaz over Panama accounts and are being accused of forcing him into exile in London. That is strictly for the birds. Sharif and Putin figure in the Panama denouement. Sharif stopped in Moscow to perhaps have word or two safely with the Russian strongman. It is but natural Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence bosses are scheduled to take control and elevate military boss Raheel Sharif to be its newest version of Pervez Musharraf as no uniformed Johnny in Islamabad wants any peace-deal with India to progress. That much is evident from the Pathankot attack mess and its aftermath,” the long-playing-old-record [LPOR] opined.

“I thought the whole thing is tied to insurgency in Kashmir – a new  ongoing sub-chapter in the northern part of the state after Mehbooba Mufti became CM. Apparently, the molestation of a girl is the latest flashpoint,” I countered.

“That is the regular window-dressing. Now, the girl has told a judicial magistrate in an open court that the molestors were “local Kashmiri boys”. No one is willing to buy ISI-sponsored Kashmir old wives’ tale including that of the victim lass’s mother to some telly channel. Such events have taken place for over 25 years. Half the tales of “alleged army atrocities” are perhaps pure fiction. UN has removed Kashmir from the disputed territories’ list. Part B of resolution 47 of the UN dated August 1948 is completely based on the irrevocable accession of the princely state of J & K to India signed and delivered by Maharaja Hari Singh. India can actually get the UN to send in its troops with NATO help to secure Pakistan Occupied Kashmir [PoK] and alleviate the sufferings of Kashmiris in what Pakistan calls ‘Azad Kashmir’. The UN has permitted such steps in Libya, Myanmar and even in Afghanistan! For Pakistan, Kashmir has become shit creek without a paddle and the pond is hardening every second as Mehbooba will be forced to read out Delhi’s prepared script vide a teleprompter supplied by India’s spying agency Research and Analysis Wing [RAW]. She is her father’s heir apparent, but apparently doesn’t have enough brains under her hair. Her tantrums and sudden piping down to get the CM’s chair have exposed her political immaturity. Now the establishment could be expected to toe the centre’s line, hook, line and sinker,” the man also known as cassette tape pointed out.

“And now, Pakistan is accusing India of meddling in Baluchistan. The world at large frowns at this sort of thing,” I lamely argued.

“Fiddlesticks! Pakistan is crying foul against India for having created a Mukti Bahini kind of army Baluchistan. The Balochs are suffering under the Pak army’s bloodied shoes. India has begun slyly admitting doing as much. If Baluchistan does become an independent state – China’s US$ 47 billion highway linking Xinjiang Province to the Arabian Sea through the Gwadar Port will go kaput. That is why China secretly vetoed UN sanctions against Masood Azhar – in order to somehow keep the Kashmir pot boiling. By suppling the almost worthless 70’s F16 planes and their spares for close to a billion US dollars, Obama has sold Sharif a lemon. By its own admission, Pakistan cannot bomb Waziristan with those jets. Probably, Sharif got a hefty cut in that ‘aid-sale’ and stashed it in Panama. Its recent exposure probably led to the coup none wants to talk about. May be – Raheel is cross – as he did not get his “deserved” cut! A 5-year-old can see as much,” MG – which also stands for Minimum Guarantee observed.

 “Wherever it occurs, terrorism has to be tackled with an iron hand,” I said.

“Of course, one needs to do that sort of thing. To tackle terrorism, Pakistan needs drones – but will not get them from the US because they are reportedly connected to another of the world’s cloak-and-dagger-games – the disappearance of MH370! India, China, Pakistan, US and Russia are all staring hard at each other waiting for someone to blink first. The West has been pressing the Paki army to  neuter those very terrorist forces that the duo had spawned. Naturally, Islamabad baulks as it cannot have another Osama-type stage-managed show within its territory [2]. If it happens, all hell will break lose,” the power broker said.

“Osama was killed long ago. Muslims are sick of terrorism as we Hindus are, the world over,” I protested.

“Oh yeah? Iran, an Islamic nation, has charged Saudi Arabia of aiding and abetting the ISIS. Conversely, Iran is accused of the same thing. Since the late 70’s the Soviets and later, the US of A tried to teach Afghans the niceties of communism and democracy respectively. After all those crash courses, now, Taliban has become much stronger in Afghanistan than before, a US senior military officer has admitted. If someone can clean up the mess in Afghanistan, it is India, which has enemies on either side – Pakistan and China – two nations that share borders with the proud, untamed Pathans,” the fixer spat the words.

“Perhaps, away from prying eyes, Sharif is meeting Zardari in London to borrow some clever ideas to restore some semblance of order back in Pakistan, under the alibi of a heart ailment,” I squeaked.

“The alibis pathetic. Heart patient Nawaz was seen shopping in central London. You forgot to mention that along with Zardari and Nawaz, former cricketer Imran Khan too is in London. Nawaz apparently spoke on phone with Zardari. Imran, who was dealt a near fatal political blow last year by Nawaz, hopes to turn the tables. All three are disasters for India – and the trio is doing all this with Western help. Only fools in India believe Khan can clean Pakistan cricket’s Augean Stables. [3] And of fools there is no dearth. There is a sucker born every minute, is a famous quote attributed to a man called Phineas Taylor Barnum. The earliest appearance of the phrase in print is in the 1885 biography of confidence man Hungry Joe, The Life of Hungry Joe, King of the Bunco Men. Another early appearance is in Opie Read’s 1898 novel A Yankee from the West. Incidentally, the so-called Indian National Congress was created by a white man who had taken part in crushing our 1857 rebellion.

This was getting nowhere very fast.

I told the old man that. Then I asked him as we entered the spacious bar in Chelmsford Club, “Why drag me here?”

“Well, the name Chelmsford has a bit of history – especially in the name. In the first half of the 19th century, there was this pretentious attempt to devolve power to Indian natives – called Mont-Ford reforms.  The name’s origins are Edwin Samuel Montagu, the Secretary of State for India during the latter parts of World War I and Lord Chelmsford, Viceroy of India between 1916 and 1921. The reforms were outlined in the Montagu-Chelmsford Report prepared in 1918 and formed the basis of the Government of India Act 1919. Indian nationalists considered that the reforms did not go far enough while British conservatives were critical of them, says the Wikipedia. India and Pakistan were 2 nations created for pleasing Hindus and Muslims, but the end result has satisfied neither. When Pakistan splits – the result will be the same. Some mad man in Pakistan could start nuke war. But, it will be of use to none like the Monf-Ford reforms were. One of the reforms’ offshoots – the rogue state of Pakistan is there for all to see. Pakistan is a creation of the British and three Paki political musketeers – sniping at each other – are all in London, the very city from where the subcontinent was illegally ruled for over 200 years. Perhaps, the Congress – a creation of the British – is still attempting to get India controlled by foreign powers – through the connections of Sonia Gandhi, ” MG said.

Without waiting to what his cocktail of the day would be, I beat a hasty retreat mumbling an inaudible excuse as this had become too conftroversial..


The man is a spitting image of Makhan Lal Fotedar. MLF was the late Indian female dictator Indira Gandhi’s flunkey. He calls himself MG – which stands for Maha Guru and also Minimum Guarantee. Sometimes, he cites self-created aphorisms and refers to them as the Voice of My Master – a trait that has earned him the sobriquet – HMV – a snide reference to the music retail firm that has seen much better days. MG’s utterances full of sarcastic rancour seem out of place and from a bygone era. Hence, his detractors tease him with names such as the now outdated Long Playing Old Record [LPOR], cassette tape [CT] and video-cassette-disc [VCD].


Excerpts from a relevant blog:

USA links Pakistan military top brass with assassinating investigative reporter

Southern Features 9/7/2011

A top military commander of the United States of America has charged Pakistan’s regime of “officially sanctioning” the killing of  investigative journalist Salim Shahzad whose reports had exposed the unholy nexus between the Pakistani intelligence services and terrorists agency reports said.

“It is now clear that Salim Shahzad’s killing was officially sanctioned by the Pak Inter-Services-Intelligence,” Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, was quoted as saying by “The New York Times” on July 7 during a Pentagon briefing.

Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani denied the charges.

Citing Haqqani as a source for the information, The New York Times reported that the Ambassador demanded the USA shared its information with the Pakistani Commission appointed to probe the journalist’s death.

Shahzad disappeared from Islamabad on May 29 after writing a report about Al-Qaeda’s alleged infiltration of Pakistan’s navy. His body was found two days later, bearing what police said were signs of torture.

Shahzad was a 40-year-old who worked for the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online whose reputation as an investigative journalist was highly credible internationally especially in the context of his exposes detailing the nexus between the Islamic militants and the ISI.

His abduction came shortly after he had written an investigative piece on the deadly insurgent attack on a naval base in Karachi on May 22-23, which took 16 hours to contain and resulted in the deaths of at least 10 military personnel and four militants. In his report, he alleged that the attack stemmed from a breakdown in secret negotiations between the navy and Al-Qaeda.

 Shahzad warned that he had received threats because of his report, with suspicions turning toward the ISI agency.

Mullen acknowledged the U.S. relationship with Pakistan was “under extraordinary pressure,” confirming that the U.S. military presence in Pakistan had been dramatically scaled back at Islamabad’s request.

But, Mullen insisted that Washington was “committed to sustaining that relationship.”

The Karachi attack came after the May 2 killing of Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad, which led to questions of how the Al-Qaeda leader could find a safe haven for years alongside Pakistan’s elite military training academy, and how the U.S. raid could be successfully carried out unbeknownst to the armed forces.

Despite growing frustration over Pakistan’s failure to crack down on militant sanctuaries near the Afghan border, Mullen said it would be a “disaster” to cut off financial aid to Islamabad, as some U.S. lawmakers have urged.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Officials Say

May 1, 2011

Update at 11:28 p.m. ET.

By Mark Memmott

Killed Last Week In Pakistan, AP Reports:

“A senior U.S. counterterrorism official said bin Laden was killed in a ground operation in Pakistan, not by a Predator drone,” The Associated Press reports. “The official said it happened last week.”

Osama bin Laden, who created the al-Qaida terrorist network that killed 3,000 people in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, is dead.

 President Obama is about to announce that news to the nation, NPR and other news outlets have been told by U.S. officials.

With the al-Qaida leader’s death, a new and dramatic moment has occurred in a long struggle that has seen the U.S. go to war first in Afghanistan — where al-Qaida was based — and then in Iraq.

Update at 11:36 p.m. ET.

Hundreds Are Cheering, Singing Outside The White House:

A crowd is outside the gates and can be heard singing the national anthem and chanting “USA!”

Update at 11:42p.m. ET.

Bin Laden Was Killed Today, The President Says:

Last August, the president says, the U.S. got a lead on bin Laden’s whereabouts “within a compound deep inside Pakistan.”

“Last week,” he says, “I determined we had enough intelligence to take action.”

Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted action” and in a firefight killed the al-Qaida leader. The U.S. now has his body.


Imran Khan admitted to ball tampering openly, taught the art to his protégés, retired from the game, entered politics and came a cropper there despite calling his organisation – The Party of Honour and Justice! Obviously Paki politicians saw the opportunity and rammed their advantage home, probably with some help from accessed through Jewish databases. To those who wonder whether this blow comes from, Khan’s late father-in-law and father of the former cricketer’s ex-wife Jemima – Sir James Goldsmith was born a Jew. He later divorced her. Khan admitted in 1994 that he had “Occasionally scratched the side of the ball and lifted the seam. Only once did I use an object. When Sussex were [sic] playing Hampshire in 1981 the ball was not deviating at all. I got the 12th man to bring out a bottle top and it started to move around a lot,” Khan was quoted as saying in his own autobiography.

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