India’s Constitution & Judiciary – Weapons To Destroy Bharat?

Have activism on the part of the judiciary, apathy on the part of the political class and India’s Constitution become a weapon in the hands of the enemies of India?


Have the lofty ideals of India’s Constitution become a weapon to trigger unrest in India?

Is a destructive pattern to decimate India that is Bharat is emerging?

Is the nation being divided using the very bedrock of its existence – the Constitution?

Are flawed “traditional symbols” representing patriarchal Hindu and Muslim societies that administer worship-spots being demolished with legal precision with ulterior motives that have nothing in common with any faith?

Is there a sinister pattern to these incidents?

The flashpoints:

  1. India’s showpiece cricket tournaments – conducted under the Indian Premier League [IPL] generates tourists and huge sponsorship sums. It has left the fancied English County Championships in the shade.
  2. Its matches in the state of Maharashtra are under question in courts citing acute drought.
  3. Between March and April 2016, courts raised constitutional propriety issues to allow women to offer worship within the sanctum sanctorum of Saturn temple in the central Indian state of Maharashtra triggering copycat strife.
  4. The controversy over women’s right to offer prayers at the Haji Ali Dargah in India’s financial capital Mumbai is picking up steam. The shrine at Sabarimala in Kerala – India’s southernmost state could be forced to allow entry of women to the chagrin of ‘traditionalists’.
  5. Women devotees were allowed to worship within the Garbhagraha [shrine womb] of the Mahalakshmi temple in Kolhapur, also in Maharashtra
  6. Festivals seeing huge congregations of the faithful are being made to suffer through firecracker accidents. [1]
  7. “Traditionalists” fallaciously argue that non-priests should not be allowed to touch the main idol in a shrine. [2]
  8. Religious charlatans like the Shankaracharya Swaroopanand are sowing seeds of discord linking the continuing drought and the increasing number of women rape victims to the temple entry and the increasing worship of India’s most secular saint Shirdi Sai Baba.

The WHY behind sinister pattern to destroy India

India is the globe’s fastest growing economy and the only challenge to the economic might of China.

  • By supporting what is being slowly touted as the Freedom Struggle of Baluchistan India can stymie Chinese plans to checkmate NATO’s increasing presence in nearby Iran vide the economic corridor linking central China and the Arabian sea through the up and coming port of Gwadar – incidentally in Pakistan’s soft western underbelly.
  • The first world has declared Pakistan a rogue state … well … almost. If it loses Baluchistan as it lost what became Bangladesh in 1971, its military rulers would hugely lose face. Some of the Rawalpindi based military top brass are in cahoots with sections within the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] that are suspected to be in league with Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin. It could cut the root of their growing prosperity and political power. Putin’s new love for China is linked to the sale of Siberian Gas – one of the main sources of income to Moscow. 

The suspicions about ‘carefully’ chosen targets

  1. Mumbai is India’s financial capital – and also a site where Hindu-Muslim divide is the widest – since the 1993 riots. Terrorist fugitive Dawood Ibrahim – of Mumbai origin – is still being protected by Pakistan. To anger Muslim fundamentalists – the choice has fallen on Haji Ali – to stoke Muslim ghetto mentality – using Muslim women with support from ‘liberal’ Hindus. The weapons are Indian laws and courts are made to pull the trigger. Whatever be the end result could cause some deranged fundamentalist group – Hindu and/or Muslim – to do something silly but hugely destructive.
  2. The IPL matches are targeted using the drought. Water supposed to be from the Race Course’s sewage treatment plant would be used to keep the grass green in the stadia, is an asinine argument put forth – as it is an obvious false promise that will be exposed in court. The first offer to move matches out of Maharashtra comes from Ness Wadia – great grandson of Pakistan founder – Mohammad Ali Jinnah! The angry upper middleclass profiteers could destabilise the Fadnavis-led NDA regime or cause mayhem during the matches to cause a major embarrassment to everyone. The weapons are Indian laws and courts are made to pull the trigger.
  • Persons with lopsided ideas on virtually everything like Swami Swaroopanand to assail India’s most secular saint – Shirdi Sai and the entry of women into the worry-easing Saturn temple by linking them with drought and rapes is a clever ploy. This could affect the richest state of India – Maharashtra. The weapons are Indian laws and courts are made to pull the trigger.
  • Corrupt cops coupled with the devil-may-care attitude of civic authorities in Kerala – so visible in the Kollam tragedy that claimed over 110 lives are used to stymie the Pooram festival. It is one of the revelries that drives a sizeable percentage of tourists – within India and from beyond. The carefully chosen target to besmirch the Thrissur Pooram festival would cause tourists from abroad to get diverted to Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In the election year, the centre which has ordered the probe into wrongdoing at the local level will be blamed – causing vote-banks’ tectonic shifts causing ill-feeling leading to communal riots. Sabarimala’s presiding deity Lord Ayyappa – a secular symbol of Kerala [legend has it that he has a Muslim friend Vavar – honoured with a shrine as part of the temple] is another target. The matters are judicial scrutiny. The weapons are Indian laws and courts are made to pull the trigger.

The possible provocateurs from beyond India

  1. The first suspicion falls on Pakistan.


The media houses drumming up support for worthy causes of women’s empowerment through secular means are known to be sympathetic to issues favourable to Pakistan – especially the Kashmir imbroglio. Some of the reporters from minority communities working for television channels like Times Now with an enviable viewership tweak the anti-Hindu festival line with civic authorities’ apathy.

Pakistan is the nation created to bleed India by the departing colonial British.

The pointers

The partition scars are yet to heal completely. But, the Frankenstein monster of Islamic brand of terrorism is hitting NATO nations. The serious rethink has begun in Britain and elsewhere about the very justification of the partition itself. [3] This has been triggered by the acts of barbaric gangs abusing Islam like ISIS, the Taliban and others are being funded by forces within the Crescent fold – but also being encouraged by warmongering global arms-dealers. Such gangs have been infiltrated by China and Russia.

The plan suits China too.


The complex deal also suits China – aiming to use the same Baluchistan area to checkmate the West’s designs on the Middle-East on the one hand and planting a direct threat alongside India’s western coast.

The original questions again:

Have the lofty ideals of India’s Constitution become a weapon to trigger unrest in India?

Is a destructive pattern to decimate India that is Bharat is emerging?

Is the nation being divided using the very bedrock of its existence – the Constitution?

Are flawed “traditional symbols” representing patriarchal Hindu and Muslim societies that administer worship-spots being demolished with legal precision with ulterior motives that have nothing in common with any faith?

The codes used for causing what could be an impending catastrophe:

Article 14 of the Indian Constitution:

The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

Article 25 of the Indian Constitution

Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

(1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion

(2) Nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the State from making any law

(a) Regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice;

(b) Providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus The first question at the beginning – once again:

Have the lofty ideals of India’s Constitution become a weapon to trigger unrest in India?


Over 112 persons died in a temple festival in Kollam district of Kerala, 140 km off the state capital Trivandrum.

Within hours of the tragedy, it was reported in these columns that the banned chemical potassium chlorate was used in Kollam.

Other news outlets followed the lead.The business of buck passing is underway. Serious interference into age-old traditions of Kerala is being encountered. One of the targets is the ensuing Thrissur Pooram festival scheduled for April 17 2016, an event that has been on since the mid-18th century.

This event that attracts a global audience for its sheer spectacle has its fair share of controversies.

A wide range of chemicals are extensively used for the Thrissur Pooram fireworks display ceremony.

Potassium chlorate was used to increase the loudness of the crackers, a website devoted to the festival says.It has been replaced by potassium nitrate, it adds.

Some of the chemicals used are: lithium carbonate, calcium chloride, barium chloride, sodium nitrate, titanium, magnesium and powdered aluminium.

Firecracker ingredients imported from China are used, reports said. All these chemicals have inherent health hazards.

A huge number of elephants are pressed into service during the festival that have ran amok in the past.

The modern day version of the revelry has caused several allegations against the organisers for violating the regulations.

The colonial British maintained a safe distance from him. The festival – it is said – was created to proclaim to everyone concerned that Shaktan was indeed the boss.

Varma, also known as Shaktan Tamburan crushed power-broker feudal Namboodiri chieftains once called Yogiatirippads who controlled worship in all major Hindu temples of Kerala. The monarch also mercilessly put criminals to death – at times through public hangings or by drowning with millstones around the neck.

Since its inception – initiated by Raja Rama Varma who was the man who rendered Thrissur a city – the Pooram do was the first event to have the “competitive firework display” till the early 1970s. The ‘contestants’ are rival temple groups from Paramekkaavu and Thiruvembady located between the city and the temple town of Guruvayoor.


In Pandharpur, also in Maharashtra, devotees are allowed to personally touch the icons of Vithala – the presiding deity and his consort – Raghumai.

Another faulty averment put forth is that menstruating women are deemed impure and hence ought to visit temples during that period.

Legend has it that the Mahalakshmi temple in southwest Mumbai [very close to Haji Ali] was a site granted to the Mother Goddess to rest during his monthly chumps, a popular blog says

Operative excerpts from a popular account:

According to legend, [in the 18th century the area around what is Mahalakshmi today] was a tiny island, home to none but fishermen. The simple folk ate what they managed to catch and were satisfied with their simple lifestyle.

One day, Goddess Mahalakshmi was wandering around during her menses, and due to the restrictions, no one asked her to enter their home. She arrived at the island, where she was warmly welcomed by the fisherwomen, who weren’t the least bothered about her impure condition at the time. She stayed overnight in simple comfort, and the next day, revealed her true self to the fisher-folk, and blessed them, and their land with prosperity and good fortune.

She is considered to be the reason for the prosperity of this city, which is why crowds flock to the temple at all times of the day!The origin of this temple is linked with the construction of Hornby Vellard. Actually, the engineers were not in a position to connect the Mahalakshmi area with Worli by making Breach Candy, due to the reason of vicious tides. The condition was that the engineers dropped the plan. One day, Mahalakshmi appeared in the dream of Chief Engineer and asked him to make her shrine at the current place. Accordingly, the temple was constructed around 1785, which ultimately lead to the construction of the Breach Candy.


In her book The Other Side Of Silence Urvashi Butalia provided a bird’s eye view of the partition:

Estimates of the dead vary from 200,000 (the contemporary British figure) to two million (a later Indian estimate). Nevertheless, a widely accepted fact is that a million people died. There was widespread sexual savagery.

About 75,000 women are thought to have been abducted and raped by men of religions different from their own (and indeed sometimes by men of their own religion).

Dr Crispin Bates wrote thus in the BBC:

The agreement to divide colonial India into two separate states – one with a Muslim majority (Pakistan) and the other with a Hindu majority (India) is commonly seen as the outcome of conflict between the nations’ elites.

This explanation, however, renders the mass violence that accompanied partition difficult to explain.If Pakistan were indeed created as a homeland for Muslims, it is hard to understand why far more were left behind in India than were incorporated into the new state of Pakistan – a state created in two halves, one in the east (formerly East Bengal, now Bangladesh) and the other 1,700 kilometres away on the western side of the subcontinent.

It is possible that Mohammed Ali Jinnah, leader of the Muslim League, simply wished to use the demand for a separate state as a bargaining chip to win greater power for Muslims within a loosely federated India. Certainly, the idea of ‘Pakistan’ was not thought of until the late 1930s.

UNHCR estimates 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were displaced during the partition. It was the largest mass migration in human history.

The world is watching all this – very carefully. Evidence:

India 1808
United States 558
United Kingdom 116
United Arab Emirates 47
Singapore 42
Australia 38
Canada 35
Oman 21
Germany 20
France 19
Saudi Arabia 11
South Africa 10
Turkey 9
Switzerland 8
Qatar 7
Malaysia 7
Netherlands 6
Spain 6
Kuwait 5
Norway 5
Taiwan 4
Thailand 4
Poland 3
Israel 3
Pakistan 3
Philippines 3
Greece 2
Botswana 2
Japan 2
New Zealand 2
Denmark 2
Sweden 2
Indonesia 2
Nigeria 2
Ireland 2
Croatia 1
European Union 1
South Korea 1
Cyprus 1
Macau SAR China 1
Seychelles 1
Sri Lanka 1
Brazil 1
Venezuela 1
Martinique 1
Italy 1
Timor-Leste 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Macedonia 1
Finland 1
Maldives 1

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