Mallya Mauled!

Scofflaw and wilful defaulter – the malicious, mongoose-face Mallya has threatened to get India’s investigative journalists jailed through defamation case convictions!

This column laughs at this man!


Vijay Mallya, the embodiment of notoriety has threatened to jail Indian journalists for defaming him, as if he still has some fame left!

On that count would this malicious, mongoose-face dare to sue Wikipedia?

Operative excerpts:

Once called the King of Good Times and the playboy of the East due to his extravagant lifestyle, Mallya and his companies have been embroiled in financial controversies and difficulties in recent years, and especially since 2012.

Mallya left India on 2 March 2016 after saying he wanted to move to Britain to be closer to his children.

A group of Indian banks is trying to collect approximately Rs. 7000 crore (US$1 billion) in loans they said they have made to Mallya and his businesses, and the Attorney General said that Mallya’s assets abroad are “far in excess to loans taken by him”.

The 17 banks petitioned the Supreme Court of India in March 2016 to try to prevent Mallya from leaving the country. However, the Indian government indicated that he had already left.

Meanwhile, India’s Enforcement Directorate of India filed money laundering cases against him for allegedly sending abroad some Rs. 900 crore (US$130 million) that had been loaned to his airline.

Courts located in Hyderabad have issued multiple nonbailable warrants against Mallya the same month for his failure to appear in the court regarding an allegation of cheating the GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. Charges entail a dishonoured cheque for 50 lakh (US$74,000).

Every self-respecting journalist shall be proud to be arraigned along with brethren if the moll-surrounded, miserable mangy Mogambo ever actually dares to go to court!

Most Indians would love to use the worst barrack-room language against Mallya. The colourful vocabulary used by cartoon-creator Hergé for one of his characters is being given hereunder to append to the nomenclature of this wilful defaulter:

Aardvark! Abecedarian! Aborigine! Addle-pated lump of anthracite! Alcoholic! Anachronism! Anacoluthon! Antediluvian bulldozer! Anthracite! Anthropithecus! Anthropophagus! Arabian Nightmare! Artichoke! Autocrat! Baboon! Baby-snatcher! Bald-headed budgerigar! Bandit! Bashi-bazouk! Bath-tub Admiral! Beast! Belemnite! Big-head! Black beetle! Black Marketer! Blackamoor! Blackbird! Blackguard! Blistering barnacled blundering bird-brain! Bloodsucker! Bell-Bottomed Balderdash! Blunderbuss! Body Snatcher! Bootlegger! Borgia! Bougainvillea! Brat! Breathalyser! Brigand! Brute! Buccaneer! Bully! Butcher! Cachinnating cockatoo! Cannibal! Carpet-seller! Caterpillar! Centipede! Cercopithecus! Coconut! Coelcanth! Colocynth! Corsair! Coward! Crab-apples! Cretan Bull; Cro-Magnon! Crook! Cushion footed quadruped! Cyclotron! Cerynitian Hind; Diplodocus! Doryphore! Duck-billed platypus! Dunderheaded coconut! Dynamiter! Ectoplasm! Egoist! Erymanthian Boar; Fancy-dress Fascist! Fancy-dress Fatima! Fancy-dress freebooter Fat-face! Filibuster! Four-legged Cyrano! Freshwater pirate! Freshwater swab! Fuzzy wuzzy! Gallows-fodder! Gang-leader of Thieves! Gangster! Gibbering anthropoid! Great flat-footed Grizzly bear! Gobbledygook! Goggler! Goose-caps! Guano-gatherer! Gyroscope! Harlequin! Heretic! Highwayman! Hydrocarbon! Iconoclast! Idiot! Imitation Inca, inter-planetary goat, jellied eel! Jellyfish! Jobber-now! Kleptomaniac! Lily-livered landlubber! Liquorice, Loathsome brute! Logarithm! Lubber-scum! Macro-cephalic baboon! Megacycle! Megacycle Pyromaniac! Mameluke! Miserable blundering barbecued blister! Miserable earth worm! Miserable miser! Miserable molecule of mildew! Misguided missile! Mister-Mule! Monopoliser! Monster! Moron! Moujiks! Mountebank! Musical moron! Nanny Goat! Nit-witted ninepin! Nyctalops! Odd-toed ungulate! Ophicleides! Orang-utan! Ostrogoth! Pachyrhizus! Parasite! Patagonian! Pestilential Pachyderm! Phylloxera! Pickled herring! Pirate! Pithecanthropic Mountebank! Pickpocket! Pithecanthropus! Pockmark! Politician! Poltroon! Polygraph! Polynesian! Profiteer! Psychopath! Purple profiteering jellyfish! Pyrographer! Pyromaniac! Raggle taggle ruminant! Rapscallion! Rat! Rhizopod! RKRPXZKRMTFRZ! Road roller Road-hog! Saucy tramp! Savages! Scorpion! Sea-gherkins! Sea-lice! Sea lion! Ship-wrecker! Slave-trader! Slubberdegullion! Sparrow! Spitfire! Steamroller! Stoolpigeon! Stymphalian Bird; Subtropical sea-louse! Swine! Squawking popinjay! Technocrat! Terrapin! Terrorist! Tin hatted tyrant! Toads! Toffee-nose! Traitor! Tramp! Tribe of Polynesians! Troglodyte! Turncoat! Twister! Two-timer; Ungulate; Vandal! Vermicelli! Viper! Visigoth! Vulture! Weevil! Whippersnapper! Wildcat! Woodlice! Young monkey, Zapotec!

Here are links of blogs written to prick Mallya’s conscience if he has one.

[Oh, how one wishes the word prick could have been used in a different context!]

This Muammar Mallya has been pilloried since 2010!

Here is a brief checklist:

A minor question for the moron:

Is there a special reason for videos featuring the married actress Shilpa Shetty – now a mother of a young kid with this bearded Indian version of Hugh Hefner? Does this boyo have something to do with the Rajasthan Royals’ cricket contorted, controversial scandal and its disappearance from the front pages?

This blog has rendered the likes of Mallya world notorious! Evidence:

India 1680
United States 523
United Kingdom 109
United Arab Emirates 46
Singapore 40
Australia 37
Canada 31
Oman 21
France 19
Germany 18
South Africa 10
Turkey 9
Saudi Arabia 9
Switzerland 8
Malaysia 7
Qatar 7
Kuwait 5
Norway 5
Netherlands 5
Thailand 4
Taiwan 4
Poland 3
Israel 3
Pakistan 3
Denmark 2
Botswana 2
Sweden 2
Philippines 2
Japan 2
Greece 2
Ireland 2
Nigeria 2
Indonesia 2
Macedonia 1
South Korea 1
Croatia 1
Sri Lanka 1
Cyprus 1
Maldives 1
Macau SAR China 1
Venezuela 1
Finland 1
New Zealand 1
Brazil 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Timor-Leste 1
Martinique 1
Spain 1
Italy 1
Seychelles 1

Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

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