Missing MH370 – Skies’ Artful Dodger?

Reports of pieces of the wreckage of an aircraft that went missing 2 years ago having been found on the eastern coast of Africa. These tales have reignited the agony of the relatives of those whose whereabouts aren’t known.

On March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft – roughly the size of the playing area of a football pitch disappeared when flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in a north easterly direction.

Those with inadequate geographical ought to consider the following:

The aircraft was to cross the South China Sea, briefly touch Vietnam and then move into Chinese airspace in the north Asia-Pacific region. The journey ought to have been completed within 4 hours in Beijing.

Some 2 years hence, unconfirmed reports say that the odd pieces of the aircraft have been found some 4500 km off the known course of the plane in the exact opposite direction.

If this grannies’ tale is to be taken at face value, one also has to be believe the aircraft that ought to have been on the radars of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, NATO’s Diego Garcia naval base, Seychelles, Madagascar, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Mozambique. Since none of them reported sighting it, MH370 is supposed to have been miraculously invisible on 15 nations’ radar screens like a ghastly ghost of an imaginary artful dodger.

All the while, its black boxes would have been transmitting signals – with or without power as their batteries would have been activated – immediately after the plane sank in water for a full 30 days – if that had ever happened.

On April 14 – 2014, the MH370 mystery had been somewhat permanently unravelled in my blogs.

The same nation’s aircraft – MH 17 had been shot down in Ukraine’s airspace a few months later.

The world at large is still debating as to who actually shot it down.

The death toll from the two inexplicable events are well over 500!

These details had been revealed in my Google Blogspot. They have been removed with the knowledge of the wonderful supporter of press freedom Sundar Pichai, the India-born American who heads Google. I am yet to be told exactly why.

If readers consider that to be another mystery, well, they are welcome to. A new suspense to start the week would keep the brain alert!


Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

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