India’s Ongoing Multi-Political Jeopardy Explained?

Everyone in the media seems to be confused as to why India’s communists and the Indian National Congress are strengthening the hands of unruly secessionist students. The mysteries are explained – tonguein-cheek.


Are threats by students in institutions of higher education to break-up India into pieces really worrisome? Are various violent agitational methods being followed to stymie India’s progress – one of them being caste-based backward reservations? And who stands to gain by all this?

By Lazy Fly

“Is the democratically elected government of the Union of India impotent that a few secessionist slogan-shouting boys and girls can destroy it using placards as ‘potent’ weapons? Is the insistent and incessant unruly behaviour by lawyers in courts a symptom of a larger malaise? Is Pakistan the only provocateur nation behind it? Can senior police officers impending retirements [glaring ‘eggsamples’: Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi and  Mumbai CoP Ahmed Javed – now Ambassador to Saudi Arabia] be expected to perform? Will caste-based reservation demands further divide Bharat to suit evil designs of the nation’s enemies?”

These controversial questions were asked by The Wife at our domestic parliament – our home’s breakfast table – as she handed me my  first cup of tepid, sugarless, insipid tea of the day.

“You are imitating Arnab Goswami of TimesNow – badgering everyone with questions. The cream of political and administrative elite of India submit to his third degree – I suspect – as part of a runaway-hit script. India has seen similar media-hyped meteors come and go. It was Amitabh Bachchan in the 70’s as the angry young man. It was Anna Hazare before the 2014 parliamentary polls. During the first half of 20th century, Europe saw the rise of Adolf Hitler. Economic misery always spews such characters. In the autumn years of the 19th century, it was Allan Octavian Hume who started the Indian National Congress to give the British an easy future escape route. Masses need make-believe-white-collar-virtual-vigilante-messiahs to channelize their welling-up anger to suit a particular politically and financially viable exploitative purpose. All these ‘heroes’ were and are men whose names start with the letter ‘A’. The viewership of Arnab’s show is the symptom of the common Indian who is angry. The growing audience comprises those that get pleased when known political and buraucratic baddies get verbally whipped on the small screen. The company employing Arnab knows the situation and exploits it. The baddies themselves cooperate in the make-believe verbal masochistic exercise. That would explain why Goswami’s guests willingly submit to his verbal newshour 3rd degree. In the past, Amitabh beat up cardboard cut out screen villains and became a superstar. Production houses became rich. After his dalliance with politics, Amitabh nearly became a pauper and clawed himself back to comfort zones of affluence and now steers clear of controversies. During Anna’s political cleansing mirage movement, a lot of sabre rattling against the real corrupt attracted crowds. Today, Anna is a nonentity and his ex-disciple Kejriwal is a national political headache. Arnab’s newshour drama is yet another show of this kind. This soap opera is the replica of every parliament session in India that goes on noisily but ends sans solutions. In this august house, in the budget month of February, let us debate matters decently that may provide solutions,” our non-human speaker Babushka said sagaciously.

Matters of national and international importance are routinely discussed in our domestic parliament.

“The leader of the house – the wife – set the agenda for the debate. Let us do this with complete decency,” I responded.

The debating society in ‘our house’ comprises six permanent members – viz, the son Dirk, the daughter Diana, poor old me – Lazy Fly, the cleaning woman Gangubai, our non-human speaker – Babushka and the wife.

Babushka is the erudite daughter of the one and the only original talking dog – the eternal Bolshoi the Boxer. In more ways than one, she is more human than humans as well as wiser than most humans. Like her late father, she makes the most preposterous but relevant remarks.

“What harm can a few students chanting a few hostile slogans holding some silly placards really hope to achieve?”

The query came from Dirk, the son.

“There is a deadly mix here – comprising the left and impressionable students. Having been wiped out in West Bengal and facing ruin in Kerala, India’s left is left – on political terms – with its only regime in our most north-eastern state Tripura. Whatever else is left – comprises its trade unions – set to lose big due to privatisation and its main cadre catchment area – the students’ associations. The ruling right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP] is giving the reds a run for their money with its own saffron banners. Today’s Islam has virtually nothing in common with what Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] had expounded. Islam is being controlled by violence prone gangs like ISIS. Two of Islam’s main sources of mercenary soldiers are Pakistan and Maldives – both in India’s neighbourhood. Both are more or less bankrupt states. The so-called legitimate regimes in these nations wield little or no power. The Wahhabi Sect of Islam headquartered in Saudi Arabia is facing serious challenges from Iran – being currently wooed by the West. The situation now is similar to what happened in the run-up to the decade-long French Revolution – between 1789 and 1799. The common denominator is worldwide poverty and hunger. Men and women who used to wet their pants at the sight of corrupt flunkeys of Louis XVI out of sheer fear, were emboldened enough to count guillotined heads as they discussed the weather and knitted. The event is traced to a minor lie uttered by French author Rousseau [1]. However, it spawned the world’s first proletariat dictator – Napoleon Bonaparte who declared himself emperor. Hitler of The Third Reich was another such product. The erstwhile Soviet vintage KGB and the People’s Republic of China that is more capitalist than capitalism can ever be, have formed an axis. And this axis inspires the Indian left. Everyone is eyeing India, which has the fastest growing economy in the world. The efforts at milking it or murdering it are more than obvious,” Babushka offered. Paused. Took two slurps of milk from her bowl.

The arguments spanned the entire globe, but, knowing Babushka, we waited in silence for her harangue to reach its climax.

“During the Quit India Movement – which coincided with the Second World War – the Indian left collaborated with colonial Britain as did Princely States [called the Viceroy’s Council] and the All India Muslim League. That happened when Stalin became part of the Allied Powers. Technically, a feudal ruling elite accustomed to the trappings of power, its so-called main challenger – the left and the then minority religious denominator – Muslims supported the colonial power against the interests of Indian nationalist aspirations. Look at the current situation. India’s extreme left-wing activists comparable to the barbaric Islamic State [a.k.a. Daesh] – are called Naxalites. They are providing an ideological base to the erstwhile ruling elite – the Congress that wants to come back to power by hook or by crook – comparable to what the attitude of the princely states at the eve of independence was. The party is backing these criminals. The two have been joined by those professing radical Islam and separatist tendencies. This motley crowd is suspected to have links with terrorist organisations like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE]. The LTTE slaughtered Tamil speaking Muslims in Sri Lanka and got the weapons’ technology – partly from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI]. Pakistan was created by the exiting British to bleed south Asia – so that the military industrial complex of the West could pay its workers their ever increasing weekly wages. Depending on the bones flung by such rumps, the Pakistan military has, therefore, its own vested interests. Its reason to exist appears to be hate India. On a much larger scale, in 2010, in Tunisia, the ‘Dark Continent’ northwest nation witnessed what is generally known as the Arab Spring. That spring has now stretched beyond its 6th autumn but has begun kissing south Asia – rather poisonously, ” Babushka said and paused to take a deep breath.

“This is an argument for argument’s sake. It leads us nowhere,” I said.

“You are speaking like the run of the mill, ill-informed Indian journalist of modern times. First grasp completely the problem. On 18 December 2010, a humble 27-year-old hawker Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi was publicly humiliated by a female official in Sidi Bouzida little known town even today in Tunisia – for peddling his wares sans a proper licence. Unable to bear the insult he committed self-immolation. The sequential convulsions led to the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. On 14 January 2011, when he officially resigned, he was granted political asylum in Saudi Arabia. He took with him, his entire ill-gotten wealth. He is believed to be living in luxury in Jeddah – very close to where Ugandan cannibal ruler Idi Amin had spent his autumn years. Labour and students’ unions spread the Bouazizi tale through social media. It spread to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Mali, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and Western Sahara – again with social media aid. Now, it has led to ‘dirty Muslim Africans’ economic encroachment of a predominantly White-Christian-Europe called the refugee crisis,” Babushka opined and, this time, took three slurps from her milk bowl – obviously to lubricate her parched throat.

I opened my mouth to speak, but the wife shut me up.

“Babushka makes sense. Perfect sense. So, keep quiet for some time and try to listen,” she said.

Babushka ignoring her, continued.

“From the 18th century to the current era, well-meaning, left-leaning individuals have cited lofty ideals to start movements meant to empower the common citizen. Marx and Lenin wanted an egalitarian dictatorship of the proletariat. It spawned Stalin. The Naxalite movement aimed at alleviating the sufferings of farmers has ended up as India’s non-Muslim ISIS. And this rump is protesting against the so-called injustice meted out to a proven terrorist Afzal Guru for whose sake, it is threatening to break up the Union that is India as a posthumous tribute! Finally, these convulsions could lead to total mayhem as was pointed out during our earlier debate. It is an imbroglio that will suit the failed state of Pakistan. The current student agitation at Jawaharlal Nehru and Jadavpur Universities is claimed to be ‘inspired’ by Pakistan. If this is true, such movements need to be put down with an iron fist hidden by a velvet glove. Some time back it was the so-called intolerance debate. Then there are pro-OBC or BC reservation stirs – of the Patels in Gujarat, the Gujjars did it in Rajasthan and the Jats are now doing the same thing in Haryana – bringing life to a standstill. If one looks closely at those who fund it – one would find sections from the opposition – whose hopes to come back to power are somewhat remote. The largest party answering to that description is the Congress. If someone cares to notice Sonia, accused of being a moll of the KGB and ISI combined hasn’t said a word about all this. Rahul’s statements on such issues are confounded compendiums of confusions. India’s current political opposition supporting this abomination needs to ask itself whether some of its leaders are ready to meet the same painful end as the villain called Muammar Gaddafi when this agitation spirals out of control. While doing so, two points also need to be remembered. Indira Gandhi who encouraged Sikh militancy was laid low by two of them. Rajiv Gandhi sowed the wind in Lanka and ended up reaping the whirlwind. Is that what we want at the end of the day?” Babushka’s question shocked us.

“Are you implying that our local communists are so mindless that they do not see the larger picture? I am not buying that,” the daughter Diana said.

 “There are other political scenarios. Elections are due in West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In all the three states, the reds could come a cropper. The confusion over alliance with the Congress in Kerala and W Bengal has cracked the Communist Party of India [Marxist]-led left parties of Bharat. Peeved by losses in Delhi and Bihar state elections, the BJP is trying to create showpiece victories in every state. In the three states where electoral process will soon be underway, it is highly unlikely that the BJP would capture power. The smart guys in the BJP are, therefore, trying to eradicate whatever is the minor challenge left in the left and are using Islam as a punching bag, to hide their future embarrassment. Rather stupidly, the left is trying to cling on to the Sherwani-tails of Kashmir’s Catawba tribes for free ‘donor’ Kebabs from Islamabad,” Babushka said derisively.

“This is too much and I must protest. The Catawba Indians are some of the most wronged people in North America. They are also the most powerful Indian tribe in Canada and US of A put together,” I growled.

“So are the Kashmiris. Nehru is supposed to be of Kashmiri origin and his family is still a power to reckon with in India, notwithstanding the fact that Sonia Gandhi with her handicap-links to Pakistan and Soviets’ KGB is as much a Kashmiri as I am. Sheikh Abdullah – the Lion of Kashmir – was slammed by Pakistan for being pro-India. Why does the BJP not point this out to expose the Pakistani bluff on Kashmir – once and for all is something that beats me,” Babushka remarked.

“The right-wing lawyers, cut up with anti-national activity of the Islamic Green, and the left reds on Delhi streets, are justifiably screaming white murder. The cops are sitting pretty, doing their duty. Lawyers manhandled the accused – 28-year-old student leader Kanhaiya Kumar – in open court –defying the rule of law as they know it. Let us also remember Kumar was seen dancing with the devil – Omar Khalid. Bassi said he will not oppose Kumar’s bail plea. He is obviously playing two extreme ends towards a meaningless, muddled middle. It is now infructuous as Kumar is challenging the arrest itself. Alleged pro-Pak agent provocateur Khalid who started it all and is on the run and may even be out of India as many of his phone-calls, are found to have emanated from Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates,” I retorted getting hot under my collar.

“That act is like someone spraying ‘flit’ on one’s face to kill the mosquito that squatted on the nose. Can multiple righteous wrongs committed by the political left and/or political right constitute even a single right?” Babushka asked to no one in particular.

“Are the lawyers who allegedly assaulted Kanhaiya politically correct? Are they legally incorrect? Should this student leader get bail or not? Is a shady BJP politician OP Sharma – who assaulted others within the court premises – let off after a few hours’ questioning – whether he be guilty or otherwise? And what is wrong in someone backward demanding a government sop in the form of reservations? Nearly 70 years after independence, the poor are poorer and the rich are richer. This situation is being worsened by a caste-based old boys’ network – notorious as the creamy layer of reservation fattened OBCs, BCs, MBCs , SCs and STs. So, how can anyone slam those persons demanding more of it till the inequalities are removed permanently?” I poured the questions in a torrent imitating the inimitable Arnab Babu.

“Assaulting an accused in a court or even killing someone in court by a vigilante has already been shown in movies – and one of them is the commercially successful Rajnikant-Amitabh starrer – Andhaa Kanoon. On countless occasions – this reprehensible event has taken place in courts in real life in Delhi and in Mumbai. In 1981, in Madurai, a journalist and a former High Court judge were arrested by the cops under section 124A [sedition]. Police withdrew charges against the high court judge, and the journalist was let off on bail without even stepping into a court. [2] Finally, the Tamil Nadu government ate humble pie. Delhi CoP Bhim Sain Bassi, in true ‘Nerovian’ manner is fiddling with section 124A setting the nation on fire. He ought to be a politician and a policeman. Politicians do not need an IPS badge. Finally, I am not opposing reservations per se – be it education or public sector jobs. Render education free to as many persons on as many parameters you want. On the basis of current reservations in government jobs – use the formula of reservations at the entry level. But, from then on, students ought to compete on merit as should government employees – regardless of their being clerks or CEOs. What is stopping any government from doing this? Instead, the fools are allowing a silly debate on the issue of reservations into the private sector jobs! Any nation’s private sector is attractive for investors and employees alike only because of merit deciding the parameters of success. Those demanding reservations in private sector want actually to destroy it,” Babushka observed thinkingly. Her tongue rolled out. She licked the left side of her cheek. And looked at the assembly with inquisitive menace.

“What makes him more fit to be a politician than being a policeman? I am foxed,” the daughter Diana interpolated.

“Bassi took over as Police Commissioner of Delhi Delhi in 2013. The city has become the crime capital of India since then, a report said. If he can achieve such ‘glory’ without any questions, isn’t he fit only to be a politician? The National Crime Reports’ Bureau slammed Bassi’s performance by remarking, ‘It will take some extraordinary effort by the police and the Government to remove the tag of crime capital and rape capital of India from Delhi.’ One only needs to look at the way Bassi goofed in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case – and yet is not being assailed by the likes of Dr Swamy. Ads on television feature cops beating up eve-teasers. The creation of a mobile application [APP] that exhorts citizens to spy on each other is not even being noticed by the backers of freedom of expression as guaranteed by The Constitution. Bassi will retire soon. He will be left alone like Ranjit Sinha, ex-CBI director. Sinha had to accept the Apex Court label that the Central Bureau of Investigation is the like the government’s caged parrot. Let us thank our stars that Bassi did not end up as the information commission head – to judge his own misdeeds to cover himself with glory. We already have an accused doing that in the Central Vigilance Commission in the form of TM Bhasin. The earlier CVC had recommended regular departmental action against him. And now, the same criminal lords it over all nationalised banks – with special emphasis on Bank of Baroda. Cases in the Supreme Court in this regard are in cold storage since August 2015,” Babushka guffawed.

This was moving into the realm of a controversy where everyone was being economical with the truth – especially in the area of mutilation of the GDP of the Republic that is Bharat. I had to stop Babushka. I raised a new issue.

“You made several references to the Pak foreign hand. Where is the evidence? Now a Special Investigation Team has ordered the registration of a First Information Report on Masood Azhar with regard to the terrorist attack on the Pathankot airbase. Besides, yet Pakistan is requesting India to resume foreign secretary level talks,” I said – mainly to divert attention towards smoother waters.

Pakistani balls are obviously being crushed in a trap set by India’s National Security Advisor Doval. But, to spring it and make Islamabad swing and sing will take a lot more time. But, the canary will sing. The FIR itself is yet to happen. Even if it does, it will be just another piece of paper. That is what many FIRs are. In India, there are several of them registered on the Sunanda imbroglio. Has anything really moved? Tharoor, with his connections to a Pakistani female mole, must be laughing as must be the handlers of the pen-pushing moll Mehr – someone,” Babushka observed sarcastically.

This was too much.

“You took all of us on a round the world trip and finally tripped us in India’s better known Jhoomritalayya – New Delhi. Understand one simple thing that you are not a human but a female dog. Hence, you cannot be a judge, lawyer, banker, cop or whatever. So, end this harangue. Nobody is going to pay any attention to it,” I argued.

“That is the problem with you humans. We dogs are the epitome of faithfulness. You cannot contest any of my contentions. So, you resort – like all politicians do – to discredit the messenger in order to divert attention from the importance of the message. If you humans cannot care enough about yourselves, why should I care?”

Angrily, our non-human presiding officer staged a walkout of the house. She had learnt the art from our members of both houses of India’s temple of democracy in plentiful numbers. That is something our human presiding officers are yet to learn.


Let them eat cake is the traditional translation of the French phrase Qu’ils mangent de la brioche, attributed to a great princess – rather wrongly to Queen Marie Antoinette.

Its reference is found in French author-philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions. The 6-part series penned in 1765 was published in 1782 – 3 years after the demise of the author. At the time of writing, Marie was 9-years-old and could not have uttered the sentence. The exact sentence from Book 6 : Enfin je me rappelai le pis-aller d’une grande princesse à qui l’on disait que les paysans n’avaient pas de pain, et qui répondit : Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

Translation: A great princess was told that the peasants had no bread and responded by saying Let them eat brioche – cake – made with flour, butter and eggs – all of them beyond the reach of the common citizen in France those days.

Excerpts from Wikipedia’s dossier on the issue:

There is no evidence that Queen Marie-Antoinette ever uttered this phrase. It was first attributed to her by Alphonse Karr in Les Guêpes of March, 1843. Other objections to the legend of Marie-Antoinette and the cake/brioche comment centre on arguments concerning the queen’s personality, internal evidence from members of the French royal family and the date of the saying’s origin. For example, the Queen’s English-language biographer, Antonia Fraser, wrote in 2002:

[Let them eat cake] was said 100 years before her by Marie-Thérèse, the wife of Louis XIV. It was a callous and ignorant statement and she, Marie Antoinette, was neither.

The attribution also has little credibility. Fraser cites as justification for the alternative attribution to the wife of Louis XIV the memoirs of Louis XVIII, who was only fourteen when Rousseau’s Confessions were written and whose own memoirs were published much later. He does not mention Marie-Antoinette in his account, but states that the saying was an old legend and that within the family it was always believed that the saying belonged to the Spanish princess who married Louis XIV in the 1660s. Thus, Louis XVIII is as likely as others to have had his recollection affected by the quick spreading and distorting of Rousseau’s original remark.

Fraser points out in her biography that Marie-Antoinette was a generous patroness of charity and moved by the plight of the poor when it was brought to her attention, thus making the statement out-of-character for her.

This makes it unlikely that Marie-Antoinette ever said this.

There were no actual famines during the reign of King Louis XVI and only two incidents of serious bread shortages, which occurred, first, in April–May 1775, a few weeks before the king’s coronation (11 June 1775), and again in 1788, the year before the French Revolution. The 1775 shortages led to a series of riots, known as the Flour War, la guerre des farines, a name given at the time of their occurrence that took place in the northern, eastern and western parts of France. Letters from Marie-Antoinette to her family in Austria at this time reveal an attitude totally different to the Let them eat cake mentality.


Operative excerpts from the relevant blog:

Way back in the early 80’s, when TSV Hari was the Executive Secretary of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, a lot of the Maoist types called him a police agent.

The police department’s Q Branch, convinced that Hari was a plastic-surgery-altered- original-Maoist from the Lin Piao faction [their file on him said so], rearranged his right leg in Madurai way back in 1981 – under the able leadership of A.P. Mohammad Ali, then a Deputy Superintendent of Police. Many years later, he was briefly into disgrace during the multi-thousand-crore-rupee fake Stamp Paper scam as a co-accused. He was arrested.

Beaten along with Hari was the ‘dangerous criminal’ civil rights activist Justice V.M. Tarkunde [in the caustically humorous words of late parliamentarian Piloo Mody]. Tarkunde had retired as a judge of the Bombay High Court. The charges, filed under section 124A [sedition] said the accused ‘possessed dangerous weapons” to to violently overthrow the democratically elected government of Tamil Nadu’. Indira Gandhi, then PM, gave MGR an earful. Tarkunde was immediately released. Hari was enlarged on bail without his even stepping into a court.

Senior journalist Arun Shourie had regaled the audience in Madurai later thus:

“When questioned by the PM, I understand my friend MGR had the temerity to tell that great defender of human rights Mrs. Indira Gandhi that Tarkunde had been beaten up not in Tamil Nadu but in New Delhi!”

Hari corrected the file against himself in the police headquarters when K Mohandas was the intelligence head.

Hari helped Mohandas get his then future son-in-law back – from Maldives by playing a minor role during Operation Cactus in 1988.

TSV Hari is still TN Police’s bad boy.

This blog explains the situation – which remains unchanged despite passage of 2 years plus. The so-called defenders of human rights – and freedom of expression – including India’s great and famous journalists are yet to lift a little finger against the continuing injustice to TSV Hari. Complaints and appeals to the UPA’s Home Minister and his feeble intervention are yet to prove fruitful. The current Home Minister Raj Nath Singh is blissfully unaware of this.

 Post script:

Google is continuing to block me, without assigning reasons. My readership is going up in WordPress – TSV Hari a.k.a. Lazy Fly.

The latest evidence:

India 795
United States 209
United Kingdom 51
United Arab Emirates 26
Australia 22
Singapore 16
France 14
Canada 11
Oman 11
Switzerland 8
Germany 6
Taiwan 4
Kuwait 3
South Africa 3
Norway 3
Qatar 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Netherlands 2
Malaysia 2
Japan 2
Ireland 1
Indonesia 1
New Zealand 1
Sweden 1
Turkey 1
Nigeria 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Thailand 1
Timor-Leste 1
Italy 1
Israel 1
Philippines 1
Poland 1
Pakistan 1
Finland 1
Martinique 1
Greece 1

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42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

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