“Heady” Headley, Lalit Modi, Salman Khan, JNU ONIONISED!

JNU now a gnu, “deadly” Headley unmasked, Salman slammed, Lalit muddied, what are we coming to?


Is the Indian Union in danger from within due to the machinations of Pakistan?

Latest developments involving lawyers’ courtroom violence against anti-national activities of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jadavpur Varsity students and journalists are sending smoke signals indicating enemies’ success.

Have Indian politicians’ lost the plot compltely?

Are there lopsided, laughable asides of India’s “headaches” Headley, Salman Khan, Lalit Modi, JNU and other varsity campuses?

The issues are explained tongue-in-cheek.

By Lazy Fly

India that is Bharat is facing grave threats to its existence.

Students from 2 varsities – in Delhi and Kolkata, their apologists, their right-wing political, legal-black-coat flaunting violent opponents claiming to be patriots and the hitherto issue-less confused opposition – have found a new issue to present some sort of united front against the ruling National Democratic Alliance led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party.

Rather very conveniently, the statements of terrorist Headley from a faraway jail beyond India’s borders that had spread confusion about the infamous 26/11 and its aftermath have been relegated to the back-burner. They suited Pakistan more and caused consternation in India.

The alleged challenge posed to our inbuilt freedom of expression vide dubbing of Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] as an anti-national institution has raised the hackles of Bharat’s collective conscience.

These had admittedly led to lawyers’ misbehaving in a Delhi court.

Then, there are other scofflaws in India – and beyond the nation’s borders – misusing, abusing and teasing the legal system with money power like matinee idol Salman Khan and alleged cricket criminal Lalit Modi.

Before the ensuing budget session, we decided to debate these at our breakfast table – which – for want of a better term is – our domestic parliament where business is conducted more decently.

The deposition of David Coleman Headley formed a nice backdrop as it could serve multiple ends of meting out justice in India that is Bharat.

The surprising asides about fugitive Lalit Modi comfortably living in London,  the Mumbai police’s yet-to-be-heard appeal in the Apex Court against the acquittal of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and multiple incidents of what seem like “inspired and insistent anti-nationalism” in varsity campuses caused the raising of hackles.

Our business advisory committee comprises 6 permanent members – viz. the wife, son Dirk, daughter Diana, poor old me, the special invitee – the cleaning woman Gangubai and our non-human speaker of the house – Babushka. She is the wise daughter of the world’s original talking dog – the eternal Bolshoi the Boxer.

There are 15 or 16 serious cases of economic offences pending against Lalit Modi, India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told India’s parliament last year. We have a precedent in the form of Headley’s deposing from abroad. we could do the same with Lalit Modi. If he can give interviews to Arnab Goswami on television, he can do so for the benefit of India’s judicial system, ” the wife said.

“Headley and Lalit cannot be compared. The former is answering questions from an undisclosed US location in a Mumbai court. He has already been pardoned in India. It amounts to nothing as he will be in a US prison for the next 30 plus years. Headley is a terrorist and Lalit Modi is not. Further, as an accused, Modi has the right to remain silent in court as per the laws prevalent in India. Jaitley told parliament last year that the cases are being seriously pursued. Commenting on them would be sub judice,” I countered.

“The game of glorious uncertainties has now been rendered as one of inglorious certainties thanks to Lalit’s white-collar-terrorism of match-fixing and team dealing. As the brains behind the IPL, his acts are comparable to those of Headley whose planning led to Mumbai’s ruined look during 26/11 that left over a 150 dead. Actions of Headley and Modi have destroyed the nation and their own careers,” the son Dirk observed.

“Headley is currently serving a 35-year sentence in the US of A and is deposing through a yet to be declared agreement with the US Justice Department. His utterances from a US prison in Indian courts may lead to judicial convulsions – probably in the United States.  Hence, the matter could be sub judice in the US, though not so in India as we do not have a jury system. However, dad’s argument is weak. If the matter was or is sub judice, how can special prosecutor Ujwal Nikam keep issuing regular news bulletins of what Headley said in-camera? Therefore, the issue is irreverently relevant, but wonderfully weak,” the daughter Diana observed.

“You should explain why my argument’s weak,” I muttered.

Our non-human, well-informed speaker Babushka intervened.

“The pardoned double-agent approver Headley is singing like a canary – on the basis of a plea bargain in the United States – 3 continents away. The US of A knew how his plans wrecked Mumbai  long before  his arrest in 2009, in Chicago, a city to which President Obama belongs. The arrest happened in the same year as Obama became the first coloured boss of the Big Apple nation. Our pardoning Headley is superfluous. US prison sentences have no remissions and the guy cannot walk free like some terrorists did from India after the hijack of the Indian Airlines plane that had taken off from Nepal and was flying into India in the 90’s. Headley was a stool pigeon working for the US Drug Enforcement Agency and hence a US agent, now in US custody. Is the jailed Headley being used like a joker in a rummy game to complete unlikely sequences to suit Americans’ lopsided foreign policy games? What earthly purposes does Headley’s blabber serve other than confusing the already confused political debate in India by citing dead and buried terrorists of alleged 2004 fake encounters? Perhaps Page-3 columnist – the De woman is right in calling this man deadly,” Babushka retorted.

Amit Shah is a free man and the president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. His getting convicted in India after all this confusion is as remote as the non-planet Pluto is from India. If Headley’s statements were meant to help Shah, that endeavour is dead in the water. The issues of the slain ‘alleged’ terrorist Ishrat Jahan through an alleged encounter is the cruellest practical joke played on India’s judicial system. The man charged with the actual killing – a former cop Vanzara – while in prison slammed Shah and now is singing paeans of the BJP. Government. India’s Home Ministry never  sanctioned the prosecution of Intelligence Bureau officials – involved in the alleged fake encounters. The truth will remain debatable till kingdom come. Pakistan has already discredited Headley. His statements are raising virtually everyone’s hackles here. To worsen it, some BJP politicians are flaunting those statements to score non-sequitur brownie points,” Dirk said pointedly.

“Let us accept that our National Security Advisor Ajit Doval tried to do good by getting him to testify, thus, supposedly squeeze ISI men’s testicles. On that count, this man’s utterances have served an important end,” Diana argued.

“If that was the motive, why is Nikam repeating the in-camera Headley’s out-of-tune-song through idiot boxes to India’s living rooms? Sub judice be damned, the whole thing is one big farce. The only useful thing by-product of this is that doors are now open to get the likes of Lalit Modi to be tried far away from India. In one stroke, the scandals in the Board of Control for Cricket in India will be out in a jiffy – as the allegedly corrupt Lalit Modi and those who dramatically accused by him of wrongdoing like Srinivasan will cancel each other out. Nikam can do his act before the silly telly cameras again. Cricket and Headley’s High Court Headingly Deposition will result in huge Television Rating Points [TRPs]. In case you did not know, the word Headingley was first mentioned in 1086 in what is known as the Doomsday Book. In the 12th century, it was spelt Domesday.  Richard FitzNeal wrote circa 1179 in the Dialogus de Scaccario thus: “for as the sentence of that strict and terrible last account cannot be evaded by any skilful subterfuge, so when this book is appealed to … its sentence cannot be quashed or set aside with impunity. That is why we have called the book ‘the Book of Judgement’ … because its decisions, like those of the Last Judgement, are unalterable.” Apparently England’s monarch William the Conqueror had got a survey done in th 11th century and many of its “records” that ruined hundreds of landowners and subjects could not be questioned. Headley’s 26/11 deposition are doing precisely that in India – because they can neither be properly challenged nor on the basis of a challenge – completely set aside. Whatever are his faults, Nikam surely knows the law. Probably he loves cricket too – like most Indians. Incidentally, Headingley is a famous cricket venue in Yorkshire, England,” the wife interjected.

“In all probability, if the feeling that Nikam is using his acumen to land a Rajya Sabha seat or the post of a judge in the High Court – it could not at all have been envisaged by those who arranged for Headley to testify from so far away like National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. But, the clever man that Doval is, his action could be used now for the cleaning up of India’s unsporting Augean Stables by triggering Lalit’s yelping ‘foul fowl’ from the British Isles. Lalit Modi now has an Indian passport. The likes of senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani – gunning for those who tormented him – one of them is Jaitley – can extract their tit-for-tat. The other Modi – the PM that is – may even tacitly support the move,” Babushka opined in a flat monologue and generously slurped milk from her bowl.

“You make the most preposterous statements. I do not subscribe to any of your scatterbrain chattering claims of legal nuances. Besides, there is no evidence of Nikam ever having angled for any legal and/or higher political post, despite his enviable track record of convictions of baddies,” I interjected and patted myself on the back for having ducked this cricket-bouncer delivery.

“With his so-called enviable track record, he should be helping the Maharashtra police to get Salman Khan convicted in the Apex Court as an appeal against the actor’s acquittal in the High Court has been filed,” the wife blurted, reiterating her opening gambit with a different character – this time a matinee idol.

The daughter laughed in a loud derisive cackle that sounded like a parodied cross between the Star-Spangled Banner and Pakistan’s national anthem.

“The arms-maker company Nobel should announce a new US$ 10 million in international prize money for anyone deducing what the Mumbai police’s case against Salman Khan was in the local court, the methodology of the prosecution’s handling of Salman’s appeal in the High Court was later and finally, what its approach in the Supreme Court will be in future,” Diana said.

“Mumbai Police got Salman Khan convicted in the Sessions’ Court for a start,” Dirk said.

Babushka barked loudly and interpolated.

“In the Sessions’ Court – the cops botched the testimony of their own star witness – one of their own – commando constable Ravindra Patil – who was the only credible witness – who remained independent till his last breath. How a man who did not have the slightest hesitation to register a First Information Report saying Salman drove under the influence of liquor began playing truant – by not attending the fast track court – remains a mystery. The cops then arrested and jailed him even as Patil complained he was being pressurised to change his testimony. It stinks,” Babushka harangued.

“Mumbai police’s lawyers did not press for the prosecution of Salman’s red herring salmonella driver Ashok Singh for perjury – as the chauffeur claimed he drove the actor’s car in 2002 – a full 12 years after the event – despite the session’s court seemingly pretending to fling his testimony into the dust-bin. In the High Court, which late acquitted Khan after completely debunking Patil as an unreliable witness, the Mumbai police got its face blackened – perhaps voluntarily for non-legal reasons – whatever they were. During the appeal, the prosecution opposed Salman’s request for the testimony of runaway witness and close pal Kamal Khan – for no apparent reason. Kamal had given a statement in the cop house that Salman had indeed driven the car in 2002. In its ‘supremely supine’ wisdom, the cops did not stop Kamal from leaving the country before testifying in court. If he had been allowed to come, during the hypothetical cross examination, Mumbai police could have exposed Kamal’s courtroom contortions on this basis of his having been in the car when the accident happened in 2002. As Salman’s witness, Kamal could only have cited Ashok as the driver who said as much in the session’s court. So, Singh would have gone to jail. Virtually, everyone from the underworld to income-tax authorities, to sections of the yellow press, could have access to Singh in prison – if he was jailed that is. Think of that,” Diana averred.

“Neither Singh nor his wife who praised her beau for being true to his 25-years’ Salt Satyagraha by driving Salman and his entire family, nor for that matter Salman himself would have risked that. If Ashok Singh had denied the allegation – it could have turned the hypothetical High-Court trial into some kind of circus with Kamal and Singh playing the roles of Siamese Gemini Twins. Salman had appealed to the Supreme Court against the High Court’s ruling to introduce Kamal as a witness. Even as the Apex Court was mulling over it, Salman got acquitted in the High Court and he withdrew the application to summon Kamal within 24 hours of his joyful day in Mumbai after being exonerated on the lame technicality of police having botched the case. Rather tellingly, the High Court did not recommend any action against the errant cops – though it could have. This pernicious perfidy had been truly exposed and Google has blocked the blog! Now, will the Supreme Court convert Salman’s appeal into a trial under Article 313 of the Constitution as was done in a few other cases? That is one answer one will have to find, and find quickly,” Babushka interjected.

I felt exasperated.

“You are neither a lawyer nor a judge, Babushka. The SC examining Kamal Khan as a witness is beyond me. But, where does the parallel with Headley come in? That is what any right thinking individual will want to know,” I practically yelled.

“If Kamal Khan is scared to come to India, he can testify one way or other – in the SC through video conferencing like Headley and avoid being jailed in India for hypothetical perjury. But, Kamal’s testimony could hurt Salman – as neither would Ashok go to prison in the place of his boss, nor would Salman himself want to do the same. It should be the Mumbai police that should demand the summoning of Kamal Khan as a witness. That is where – the expertise of Ujwal Nikam would come into play – with his enviable track record of handling Headley. Whatever be the final outcome, the legal fraternity and those who want justice for victims of Salman’s rash-driving – a believable majority in India – will love it. On that count, Nikam will be the Hindu majority nation’s hero. For a change – the same idiot box channels could be forced to term reel-life hero Salman Khan a villain in real life. If not for anything else, this act, certainly will get Nikam a Rajya Sabha seat, if he wants it, that is,” Dirk opined.

This short-pitched one landed squarely on my imaginary helmet’s visor – stunning me into a brief silence. The wife came to my rescue by her usual harangue.

“These are too controversial views, but not as controversial as the BJP tarring JNU with the anti-national brush – simply because a few young guys and gals put out a poster hailing  convicted and hanged traitor Afzal guru and shouting slogans to dismember and destroy India. Anyone can say anything in anger. We proudly proclaim to be a democracy. Kashmir is a sore point and the Delhi students do have a point to make. Remember, the United Kingdom too has its own version of Kashmir in the form of Scotland that had wanted to secede. The former colonial power cleverly defused the whole thing through a referendum a few months ago. Jailing students for sedition citing a few posters or a few videos as evidence is silly. Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code – is an offence described as an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government by violent means and waging a war. How can a few misguided students pasting a few posters in some corner of Darya Ganj or Dhaula Kuan or Defence Colony be termed a violent war by any right thinking person is what I want to know,” the wife expressed.

“I will contest this line of thought vehemently using the arguments put forth by the BJP. The students have been sent to the varsity to study by their parents. The government is spending a pile on their education. How can the campus be a venue for what obviously is anti-national activity is a question no one wants to clearly answer,” Diana retorted.

 “In my opinion, abusing India on Indian soil in India’s National Capital Region is just the beginning. Sooner or later, these students could take to arms – in the same Delhi. They called Afzal Guru a martyr – especially after the Supreme Court had found him guilty of having aided the desperados who attacked India’s parliament while it was in session. Worse this Guru Ghantaal is being made out to be the rallying point of the opposition to beat the ruling NDA coalition. Any patriotic minded Indian will oppose it tooth and nail. BJP is being simply true in its devotion to India,” Dirk said.

At this point – our charwoman Gangubai entered the fray.

 “Aguh Baayi! All of you are talking of big events being involving VVIPs. Will the average Mumbaikar lady buying onions in Byculla market get them cheaper because of what the Yedaa Headley is blabbering? Will I get more water for washing clothes or utensils in this home if Lalit Modi is jailed or Salman Khan gets convicted or is freed? Will the drought in Marathwada or Ichalkaranji disappear if some donkey-brained Delhi students are prosecuted? I am only bothered about my life – which is the same as the ordinary person in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhoomrithalayyaa or Karnataka’s Udupi. Is anyone really bothered about the real India which is populated by the likes of me, is a question no one seems to be bothered about,” Gangubai commented.

Babushka was very calm about this.

“I will address the issues so correctly raised by the only ordinary average Indian in this room – Gangubai – as it reflects the summed up angst of this nation’s majority. The Headley song is a vile piece of sarcasm sprinkling salt on the wounds of India because his deeds laid several of the sons and daughters of India law in Mumbai – for no fault of theirs – on that fateful 26/11 – painfully low. Did anyone seek the permission of the people of India before granting a pardon to Headley? Now that such a pardon is given, he is using his ‘freedom of expression’ to besmirch reputations of those living and the dead – as per the decisions of the brains trust that decides American Foreign Policy – which – sometimes suits Pakistan more than India. In more subtle ways than one through stupid students on the one hand, stupider politicians and stupidest cops serving as voluntary and/or involuntary collaborators of Islamabad, Pakistan seems to be succeeding in achieving what it could not through 4 major wars with India,” Babushka said, paused to take a generous slurp from her bowl and asked, “Anyone wants to object?”

All of us kept mum.

“President Obama, in my opinion, has slapped the Asian subcontinent babies sleeping in the cradles and has also caused it to swing wildly by allowing Headley to say all those things seemingly in favour of India and simultaneously giving Pakistan’s official terror machine US$ 860 million to disturb peace in this neck of the woods. Selling F16s to Pakistan to fight terrorism is macabre humour. What would Pakistan do with them to combat terrorism, bomb Peshawar or Kandahar or Kabul? Headley is continuing his terrorist’s act much more effectively by testifying through remote control than he did by contributing to the planning of 26/11. Could you buy vegetables cheaply, Gangubai, when Mumbai came to a grinding halt for 3 days after 26/11? On the contrary, they became very costly. So, in a way, Headley’s statements do affect onion prices that harry the average Indian,” Babushka spoke emotionally.

The logic in those words tied our tongues.

George Bernard Shaw had commented that cricket is a game played by 22 in the arena and 22000 fools watching it from the stadium stands. With the advent of television – now some 22 million watch it if the figures put out by the marketing agencies are correct. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this game is – if press reports are correct – Sharad Pawar – for whom Marathawada is a pocket borough. The haughtiness garnered out of the ill-gotten wealth emboldened his nephew Ajit Pawar to ask the people of this state derisively – can I solve the drought problem by urinating in the dry water-bodies? Lalit Modi and Sharad Pawar, apparently, are part of a cricket cartel. Their unjust and illegal hoard of wealth comes from fixed games and graft, yes, cricket does affect the drought. Further, remember, Pawar junior is reportedly involved in the Rs.70, 000 crore irrigation scandal – money meant to alleviate sufferings of the drought stricken people in places like Ichalkaranji. Some 2 and a half years ago, an artificial onion shortage reportedly helped Pawar’s flunkeys who control the Indian sugar lobby make a killing in the international sugar trade – which in turn – financed other shenanigans of which cricket was one. I would like to hear someone contesting this,” Babushka spat the words.

For all of us, mum was the word.

“Rich brats drunk with power generated by a huge income and intoxicated with costly liquor – like Salman Khan rashly drive their vehicles like crazy coots and get a ‘kick’ when acquitted after making a mockery of the Indian justice system. His do-gooder movies like Jai Ho – may seem good on screen, but to those who scream in pain when cars driven by people like him on those who have nowhere to stay except the footpaths is an excruciating curse. And it is those who poor people who sleep on pavements that more often than not sell onions in push-carts in the streets to the lower middle class of Mumbai. Some affected, afflicted man can inject poison into the vegetables he sells in a moment of pique in a get-even-terrorist-mood-mode and vanish. May be some 100 persons could drop dead. It is an extreme scenario, but, very, very possible. Is that what one wans? That is what terrorists do, thinking, their acts are correct against a corrupted system gone ape-shit. So, yes, Salman’s salmonella acts could affect normal, everyday lives of the common public including the prices of onions,” Babushka said dejectedly.

I saw the wife and children wiping the corners of their eyes and felt a lump in my own throat.

“Finally, the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi are the biggest danger to India but are in a bigger danger themselves. The persons who attacked parliament came disguised as cops in camouflaged – official looking cars, reached the heart of India’s democratic set-up and ratcheted it with bullets in 2001. Afzal Guru, some sort of a medical academic himself, aided and abetted it, ruled the Supreme Court and was hanged. Writing an opinion piece in a newspaper slamming the judgement is a bloody picnic. Gathering a crowd in JNU and shouting slogans to destroy the Union of India – is an entirely different matter. Let me ask a flippant question. Those who attacked the parliament needed a uniformed disguise and a set of camouflaged vehicles with red dome lights and all because the place is heavily guarded. But, Pakistani terrorists who enter India through Nepal or Bhutan or Maldives and/or their agents can infiltrate such a crowd and open fire in that very place called JNU – killing those very students that support their cause – and then blame the whole jamboree on the cops or the ruling party’s disguised agent provocateurs. Parties like the Congress and the left will keep asking ‘where is the visual of student leader ‘x’ and the proof of the participation of ‘y’. It will prove to be a soap opera of the cruellest kind,” Babushka said with sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“This is hypothetical to core,” I croaked.

“Is that so? Some of the future dead when bombs go off in varsity campuses could be children of onion sellers of Delhi who perhaps had hocked their wife’s jewels to give their wards a good education. Potential collateral-damage-victims could be onion sellers themselves – because the campuses have hostels where cooking is done. I know, I am stretching the onion analogy too far, but doesn’t it make sense?”

Babushka pontificated with an expression that seemed forlorn.

I was flummoxed as this was logical, yet, in some way illogically far-fetched.

“It is easy for you to say all this as you are the female version of a dog who has nothing to lose to say such things flippantly. Can you provide realistic solutions to all this then?”

I asked the question – often put to us journalists – by irritated members of the corrupted officialdom and the conceited political class.

“Some lawyer – representing some of the terrorist accused – like Tunda or Bhatkal could ask the court to rubbish the Headley rumble from the Bronx as silly hearsay. The BJP has already made its point against the detractors and can continue making it as orchestrated from Pakistan. Nikam could be kicked upstairs to the High Court or sent to the Rajya Sabha. The charge-sheet could be handed over to Lalit Modi. His refusal to accept it could result in his passport being impounded. He would then claim political asylum in UK and remain permanently out of India’s reach. That is the current situation anyway. Salman could compensate his victims handsomely and in a quiet understanding with the Mumbai cops – get them to withdraw their appeal in the Supreme Court as a quid pro quo – whose other parts need not be known to the public. The Delhi students – currently under arrest could be enlarged on bail, transferred to other central varsities – far away from Delhi – scattered into various campuses – and told in quietly – behave or else. Fear of death is more effectively useful to the society than the death of the perpetrator terrorist for whom it would be deliverance and martyrdom – the basic idea drilled into the warped minds of such jokers. Does that answer your question, Lazy?”

I was stumped.

I still wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.

“You are only a female dog who does not understand the compulsions of us human beings and are being judgmental. Anyway, who would take you seriously – as you are not even part of the human race?”

I had to shut Babushka up – as the whole thing logically illogical.

“That is the problem with you humans. Your individual vested interests prevent you from viewing the larger picture and equitable solutions. Circulate my solutions to those who lost heavily due to 26/11 or the 1993 bomb-blasts and you will know that my formula would smoothen ruffled feathers on all sides – including Pakistan! Salman’s victims would be happier people through the much needed relief money. The actor could end up saving a lot of dough by avoiding the courts and hefty fees to pricey lawyers. The actresses jilted by Salman would think of the whole thing as poetic justice. His latest re-acquisition – that Kat girl – would find the peace – an excuse to renew living in sin with him or better still – marry him. Once scattered – the worked up Delhi students probably in the pay of Pakistan – could pipe down in their isolated rooms in different, distant varsities. The ruling NDA could concentrate on good governance, if that is what it wants to do. The opposition would be bereft of a rallying point – suiting the designs of Amit Shah and PM Modi – hugely. Let me tell you what us animals would have done to those of our ilk if some intruders like Headley or Salman or Lalit or someone else queered our turf. We first bark ourselves hoarse, and, for good measure, bite the villain[s] and chase him/her away. That is what our police officials are supposed to do. But, they have no time for doing this as they are forced to stand guard outside the conspiring evil politicians and/or corrupt top bureaucrats – holding a stick which is no protection and AK 47s they cannot use in a lynch-happy crowd. End of the day – it is your irresponsible defence of the indefensible that spoils your society. We animals are far better than you thinking brutes,” Babushka said in a disgusted tone and walked out in protest out of her home, leaving a half-bowl of milk behind.


Now, someone has “found” that Lord Shiva was an ISLAMIC PROPHET! What do we call this, Hinduism’s expansion, the faith’s insult, broadening the influence of Islam, or simply clever mischief?

Post Script:

In my somewhat flippant blog, published some 36 hours ago, I cited what had then been a 2-day old fact that the United States of America had agreed to aid Pakistan to the tune of US$ 860 million citing Pakistan’s ISI boss’s imagined quote.

I had used info from one of the chest-thumping despatches published in Pakistan as can be found out from the excerpt given below.

Its link:


Our highly paid, so-called national media cited an MEA press statement saying the resident head US diplomatic honcho is being summoned during the weekend to voice India’s displeasure over the matter.

As a sample, here is a CNN-IBN report’s link:


Any student preparing for IFS [Indian Foreign Service] would know that funds for such “foreign policy” shenanigans within the overt parts of US Budget are earmarked months in advance. The President’s announcement lets the cat out of the bag only after everyone in the American establishment thinks that the coast is clear.

In other words, this info must be at least a month old. That bring us to an important question:

What are our external spying agency RAW’s brass plate appointees in the US [they are called “first secretaries” who authorize issuance of visas] then doing – as obviously India has woken up only now?

“A diplomat is someone who lies abroad” is an old adage – punning funnily on the job.

Juxtaposed to what has just become clear from the above one ought to alter the details of the quote and render it: “Indian diplomat is one who lies prone abroad – sometimes – sleeping – perhaps with the enemy.”

Despite Google blocking me, readers, as on February 14 2016 in WordPress have encouraged me. The latest figures:

India        714

United States   171

United Kingdom     45

Australia 21

United Arab Emirates     21

Singapore       15

France     14

Switzerland    8

Canada    7

Oman      6

Germany 6

Taiwan    4

South Africa   3

Norway   3

Qatar       2

Netherlands    2

Saudi Arabia   2

Kuwait    2

Malaysia 2

Japan       2

Ireland    1

Indonesia        1

New Zealand  1

Sweden   1

Turkey    1

Nigeria    1

Hong Kong SAR China   1

Timor-Leste    1

Italy 1

Martinique     1

Israel       1

Philippines     1

Poland     1

Pakistan  1

Thailand 1

Finland    1

Greece    1

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