IS Racism Really Hated?

Sane persons’ opinions do not matter to criminally minded callous politicians and government officials.

Yet, the exercise of attempting to play the snake-charmer’s musical instrument before our nation’s political buffaloes – based on a cross between the ‘feel-good-factor-of-a-better-future’ and the cynical ‘incorrigible-world-going-to-dogs’ – my own work – is being undergone.

Let me mention three little known facts at the outset: [a] snakes are deaf; [b] buffaloes aren’t deaf, seem to be unconcered over virtually every event around them, but, are known to enjoy good music as they have been found to secrete more milk when soothing music is played; [c] these dark skinned, peaceful animals have no political pecking order.

Racism is a universal phenomenon present in every nation in the world. It is criminal, shameless, reprehensible and abominable.

It is as prevalent in India as it is in the UK or USA or Australia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, China, Japan, wherever.

Political creatures pompously condemn the ‘other side’ when confronted by the media. Cutting across all party lines, a sizeable number of them shamelessly, preach, practice and propagate it.

As an Indian I unconditionally apologise to all my fellow citizens of the world from the dark African continent – currently in India. In my reckoning, those who abused them in Bengalooru and Hyderabad recently are comparable to rabies’ infested mangy monkeys. They should be dealt with as such.

As a brown-skinned, normal Indian I tender an unconditional apology to all my brothers and sisters from the North East of India whose lives have been horribly affected, offended and afflicted by those who clearly are traitors to India that is Bharat.

Whoever violently insults anyone on the basis of race and/or colour and/or language in any nation must be sent to prison with a stiff sentence of – say a decade – sans remission and/or parole.

And very unlike Lord Jesus Christ, I exclaim:


The pathetic, ostrich-like silly attempt to deny its presence in India by a few individuals from the central ruling National Democratic Alliance [NDA] disposition led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party, the Karnataka state’s Congress regime and the Bengaluru police commissioner’s shameless denial of the racist aspect of the violence that injured and outraged the modesty of an African young female student are highly condemnable events betraying a warped mind-set.

The sinister, Union Law Minister Sadanand Gowda, who called foreign students – ‘criminals’, in my opinion, should immediately be admitted into a lunatic asylum as an inpatient. But, politics being what it is, Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi cannot do that.

So, the PM must immediately snatch the Law portfolio from him, create a special ministry to manage public toilets nationwide, and put Gowda in charge of those.

If I were Modi, I would thereupon tweet thus:

Need cleaner India. Instead of Law Dept, Gowdaji given this highly important task.

I had encountered racism in London, long back.

In the second half of the 80’s I and my multilingual, senior, journalist friend, former producer in the BBC and cousin brother of the late Indira Gandhi – Pyare Shivpuri – were its victims in central London on a wintry evening.

[For a little more info on Pyare: ]

We were dining in an Asian restaurant in Charing Cross Road, chatting in Hindi/Urdu.

A white man seated in the next row uttered the following sentence in a slurred, drunken manner, in a thick, cockney accent: Speak in English while in England you Paki bastards!

Cursed with the most extreme sense of acidic, acerbic wit, but, also blessed with the ability to pronounce the ‘Queen’s English’ in its pristine, public-school, purity sans any accent, Pyare quipped: Before advising us on the use Britain’s lingua franca, get your curdled, contorted and frozen-marmalade-like accent ironed out you Pommie twit, nitwit!

In a jiffy, the enraged man landed a few blows on Pyare’s face, breaking his spectacles.

The Asian owner of the eatery did not lift a little finger.

Those days, my physique was comparable to a 6 footer bison.

I held the man in a vice-like grip and exclaimed, I can give you a bloody nose. But, I believe in the effectiveness of non-violence preached by India’s national father – Mahatma Gandhi. I will, however, prevent your violence instead.

As the stronger white man struggled to free himself, a white lady saw this and called the police from her mobile-phone [they had just been introduced then].

The white racist succeeded in wriggling out and escaped. The cops arrived in 2 minutes flat and rushed Pyare to a nearby hospital. An officer patiently waited till doctors said my friend’s eyes were safe. I was taken to the nearby police station to record my statement.

I admire your self-control. Obviously, you have been drinking. I can smell the liquor, an officer said as someone brought me piping hot coffee in a giant mug.

The best Speyside spirits do not rot the sanity of a public-spirited, spirituel journalist, I said.The officer smiled at my remark.

I apologise on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government for what happened to you sir! These are criminals who use racism as a tool. Perhaps, your friend’s wit proved to be his enemy. If terming English as the continental French-language was bad, pointing out the low-class accent rather tellingly, obviously proved to be worse. Yet, we will ensure this criminal’s reprehensible act results in a heavy punishment, the male, white Caucasian, English police officer in charge of the station said in a tone that depicted his genuine concern for the image of his country and the safety of those who were in its streets – citizens and/or tourists. He also taught me how to pronounce spirituel – the French way.

To cut a long story short, the white racist criminal was arrested a few hours later. A magistrate sentenced him to 3-years’ hard-labour in a few months. This was despite my having returned home to India from the trip. The white woman was the prosecution’s star-witness, I was informed.               

There are many in India, who still maintain that India learnt racism from the white-skinned foreign rulers.

During the colonial era, several of  England’s snob public establishments had boards that announced, Indians, dogs, not allowed.

Our police system was created to cow us Indians down before the might of the alien power. The rotten system continues in what one presumes is ‘free’ India.

Some facets of this reprehensible situation then is explained through the following blogs:

English officialdom, obviously, has evolved.

But of late, some rot seems to be setting and it is upsetting many in England – as is evident from the relevant BBC and Guardian outputs:

Racism, is still alive and well in UK!

I wrote a short story about it, based on real life incidents.

Its link:

A few glaring truths need to be told at this juncture.

Lord Krishna – the greatest incarnation of what one calls the Hindu pantheon, was dark-skinned says the Mahabharat.

Goddess Parvathi is believed to be dark-skinned, Siva Purana reveals.

Lord Shiva, the same book points out, is dark-skinned.

Draupadi, the common-wife of the 5 Pandavas – was dark skinned, adds the Mahabharat.

The man who shaped the Mauryan empire – Chanakya – was dark skinned, historical accounts aver.

King Solomon, the wise, was dark-skinned.

Mahatma Gandhi, our nation’s father was dark skinned.

Racism has no sanction in any religious text.

In modern-day India, nincompoop, gullible, sacrificial goat-humans believe highly paid film stars’ endorsed flogged hawked fairness creams that harm the skin! The companies that pay these pied-pipers are of foreign origin that also sell other cosmetics to remove the wrinkles and dark patches – caused by the fairness creams!


For over 2 weeks now, Google has blocked me.

Now, here is the reason generated from within:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure:

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [2a00:1450:400c:c0a::1b]. The error that the other server returned was:

550 5.2.1 The email account that you tried to reach is disabled. wk7si13307194wjb.244 – gsmtp

My Gmail account was blocked after I published the blog whose link is given hereunder:

My blogs and Gmail account were in existence for years.

A few lakhs of readers had accessed it.

Results of a relevant Google search of TSV Hari:

About 1,29,000 results (0.71 seconds)

Relevant excerpts from a related article:

Online intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection and management in India and online brand protection in India has already taken a nasty shape. Unfortunately, Indian judiciary, especially the lower judiciary, is systematically manipulated by big corporate houses in India. Lower judiciary is issuing cryptic orders without applying its mind.

This is an abuse of process of court and process of law and it should be stopped as soon as possible. Judges presiding at lower courts must be made well aware of cyber law and technical issues of Internet.

Industry players are also hiring crackers as brand protectors and reputation managers. None can doubt that a good review boosts the image of a brand of a company and a bad review can hurt its goodwill and brand. The companies are trying to suppress the bad and critical reviews by hiring the services of such crackers.

The modus operandi is very simple. The crackers have to make it sure that the critical online review is not available and accessible to the existing and prospective customers. Earlier this year, a cracker, promising his customers “reputation management” services, had embedded code into the website to prevent search engines from recognising certain postings. In some cases, website visitors were misdirected to a false message stating that the posting had been redacted.

Time has come for Supreme Court of India to make guidelines in this regard that can be followed by lower courts. Otherwise miscarriage of justice would keep on happening in India, especially at the lower courts.

Very significantly, the above article is put out through blogspot – the very medium that says all my blogs have been removed!

Well, the Google CEO – Sunder Pichai – believed to be somewhat dark-skinned – needs to don his thinking cap.


Author: haritsv

42 years' unblemished record of being an investigative journalist. Print quality journalist in 3 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi. Widely travelled, worldwide. Cantankerous and completely honest.

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